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1 Hello David, how are you? You've got a new album out. Can you present it?

DTC:Acoustic Visions was just something that happened. I had been playing a lot of acoustic guitar and was coming up with a lot of good ideas. I would go up into my home studio and lay that track down then and there. The process just repeated itself until there was an albums worth of material.

2 'Acoustic visions' is really different from all of your past albums. How does this idea come to you? Why don't you have done it before?

DTC:Another reason was that on most of my past instrumental albums there was always an acoustic track. I would always get comments about how great and unusual the acoustic tracks were. I know that I write different sounding materials on different instruments. The time just happened to be right to put it all together. Fortunately I am part of a record company so I didn't have to worry about trying to make it a commercial success. Music the way it should be. Music for music's sake and not music for money's sake.

3 In this album, there's various surroundings : from spanish themes to classical music. Is there any composer that had some influences in the creation of theses songs?

DTC:Not really anyone in particular. I tried not to listen to anything remotely similar in stylings so as not to be subconsciously influenced in some way or another. I like to think my stuff is original and almost free of outside influences. It is impossible to be totally removed from everything. However usually every Sunday morning I listen to Mozart for a few hours to relax.

4 Do you know Alexandre La Goya & what do you think of this guitarist?

DTC:I don't believe I am familiar with him or his music.

5 I think that only you could be able to have the idea to record & release such a different & surprising album. How do you explain the fact that all guitarists (except a few like you) prefer to always do the same thing?

DTC:Usually people get in bands and certain things are expected of them. Their record companies and managers are telling them to do this and that. Plus I am kind of a jack of all trades and can play quite a range of styles of music. I am not very happy if I have to do the same thing over and over again. I usually play a song the best the first time thru and not after repeated playings!

6 The process of recording of this album was really simple : one man, one guitar & a DAT. But for the creation of this song, was it as simple & as easier as the recording?

DTC:Usually when you do a recording you can go back and correct your mistakes but doing the one man direct to DAT everything was recorded as it was played including a few little nuances to make the recording fully live. Therefore it was more difficult to record this cd than band cds.

7 I know that you're never out of project. Have you already some ideas of your next albums? DTC:I have written the next Chastain album's music, Kate is currently putting lyrics and melodies to it. In the meantime I am also finishing up another project with a group called SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN. I play guitar and do the vocals. It would be best described as Heavy Early Sounding Blues Rock. It is totally rocking!! Hopefully that will be finished in the next month or so.

8 Your musical background has been completed by classical music & musicians. Do we have one day the chance to see you record a metal version of some classical themes?

DTC:I have always wanted to do something like Yngwie just did with a symphony orchestra but unfortunately have not had the funds to do such a project. I'll probably get into classical symphonic composition soon once I get the chance to learn the new computer program I have to do so. There are only so many hours a day and I use them all up pretty quick.

9 You're the owner of Leviathan records. What 'll be the next releases of the company?

DTC:Our next US release is from band called KenZiner and their cd called "Timescape." It is a great band with great songs and great musicians and vocals. It has recently been released in Europe. You can check more info on the band at http://home.att.net/~leviathanrecords/KenZiner.html I produced the cd and wrote the lyrics and melodies. The guitarist in the band Jarno Keskinen is a great composer. In 99 we plan rereleases of the first 2 CJSS cds on one cd, a rerelease of my Within The Heat cd and maybe the new Chastain release. I also envision "Instrumental Variations 2000" in the year 2000.

10 Is there any thing that you want to add or a question I could have forgotten to ask you?

DTC:Not really, keep up the great work and spread the word.

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