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> 1 This days has finally come, you decided to release both CJSS'  albums. Is it to satisfy teh demand of your fans ?
*Yes, people still ask about that band all the time. I do interviews with magazines all over the world and evidently people don't know the band only put out 2 Cds and both of them were in 1986. Everyone talks as if the band is still together.

> 2  For those that haven't heard about CJSS in the 80's , can you remain them about the band  ?
CJSS stands for the names of the band members. Chastain, Jinkens, Skimmerhorn and Sharp. The members of the band include myself of guitar and vocals, Russell Jinkens on lead vocals, Mike Skimmerhorn on bass and vocals and Les Sharp on drums. The band originally started in 1984 and played shows thru 1992. We never officially broke up, I just moved on to other projects. For more info on the group check out http://www.leviathanrecords.com/cjss.htm

> 3 When you hear these albums now, is there some little things you'd have like to change ?
*The songs are great. I would just like to have had more money and spent a little more time on mixing. We did digitally remaster the Cd in 1999 so it does sound much better than the original recordings.
> 4 This issue is coupled with a reuinion gig. Can you tell us more  about this reunion & this gig ?
*We are doing a couple of reunion shows more to celebrate the new 2*4*1 release than to reform the band. Of course you never know what the future will hold. It is more just to have a good time!!

> 5 Is CJSS really back & can we expect a new album ?
*We will have to see but for now it is just planned for a one time event.

> 6 A lot of 80's bands & 70's one  are back with thier original line up : Kiss, Maiden, Annihilator, ... How do you explain this ?
*The tide has returned for more of the traditional sounding bands. I think people have decided that melody is once again important.

> 7 I know you 're never out of ideas & projects. So what can we expect from you as new recordings ? & about Leviathan records. What are the  coming releases ?
I have a new release coming out this month in Europe, the band is ZANISTER and our first cd is Symphonica Millennia. Check it out at http://www.leviathanrecords.com/zanister.htm
It is more of a traditional sounding metal band like Priest/Maiden/early Chastain. The group also features guitarist Michael Harris. The singer is excellent. The band definitely smokes!!
I also recorded a  heavy metal blues Cd. The name of the band is Southern Gentlemen and the title of the Cd is Exotic Dancer Blues. I also handle lead vocals. It is kind of like ZZ TOP/Robin Trower gone metal. I really enjoy playing that style. That should hit the streets in 2000 sometime.

> 8 Some says that music is like a cycle. All things turn back. Do you  think that it's time for Heavy metal to to start a new cycle ?
*I believe it is returning to the glory days of traditional metal where vocals and musicianship really matter.

> 9  A last word?
*Take care and I hope to return to France again in the not too distant future!!

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