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Contact : Cameleon production / Steve William / 57 rue Saint André des arts - 75006 Paris - France

tel : 33 1 44 07 22 82

1 Clipper is a band that has a few appearance in media. But your album is may be one of the best release in a hard rock -with blues influences- style. How do you explain that?

"Clipper" is 15 years of musical passion that end with the meet of Karny (singer), Farid & Fredo. It's the union with this 3 guys & with my songs that allow us to make this CD

With a so perfect rythmic section ( Ex Trust), it should have been a real pleasure to record this album? How did Farid & Fred join the band ?

We meet each other in the same studio. I was recordingthe album with friends (Alain & Patrick) & when they listened to , Farid & Fred aked me to play on it.

What are your ingfluences & define your style?

Influences : Hendryx, Jeff Beck, Led Zeppelin, CTA, the 70's

Style : Composer of melodic songs with the power of rock. 

Your singer plays in a american way. His voice is also a good one for this style. Why do you choose this kind of style?

A english friend (a writer) works with Karny (singer) the english lyrics & the pronunciation. Karny has got the same musical feeling as mine & his voice is pretty good for my songs. The friendship makes the whole thing.

Now, what do you think of this first album, its qualities & faults?

15 years of doubts, with no help, because i must say that it's my first album, my first studio experience & my first production. & all was not easy!!

But it was also a lot of passion, with the help of the all guys who works on the album.

A lack of money to make 2 or 3 more songs

What are your next project : new album, touring?

A new album with more money & with the same guys. 

Film track, ad soundtrack are my next projects.

 What are the french bands (not only in the underground) that you prefer?

Magma, Killdozer, Trust, Face to Face, Money Lisa, ...

My main regret is that in France, medias, companies boycott or do not make promotion (even the distribution) of french bands (it's the audience that can judge & not their personal opinion). So french bands are not really wellknown even if sometimes, somes can go out of France & have the recognition of french & foreign audience.

Review : After a disconcerting intro with saxophone, you think that thereís a mistake. But soon, it starts & you cannot stop this CD. Clipper plays hard rock near from its roots. The only difference is that the voice & melody lines are closer to american hard rock bands than Europpean one. The drums & bass are played by Farid Medjane & Fred Guillemet, ex TRUST members. So itís really on the top, very dynamic & without any failure. Guitarist has got this typical sound of Fender guitars. Heís got a great feeling & remains lots of guitar heroes of the 70ís. But sometimes, Clipper breaks new ground in this style : like a slap bass on « Girl come back ». The band seems to have a great pleasure in the making of this album. Thereís good arrangements made on guitars like in « When the chip are down ». For a hard rock band, Clipper trys to make quite long songs (all longer than 4,3 minutes). With this band, you can get back to the roots & see that thereís not only AC/DC on earth. The band is also signed by Brennus records.
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