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1 Can you present Cowers ? What are the news coming from the band too ?

Cowers is born at the end of November 92 as a power trio (Franck : Guitar / vocal, JP : drums & I, Stev : bas). WE’ve released 2 Cd between feb 97 & Dec 97 ( 4 tracks & 2 tracks). Actually, I think we’ve found a new second guitar player : Yoni ! He’s only 18 years old (soon ninetee) He plays very very welml. I wish that he’ll stay in the band for the future. Cowers is searching for concerts actually.

2 After a miniCD, youcontinue with a selfproduced one that is only a 2 tracks CD. Is it a real choice or is it due to the fact taht in France, no record company do make a serious offer to you ?

No one label contact us...So, nevermind for th emoment cause we’re able to release our music ourselves & to do the promotion too (without help)

3 What are the main differences between your 2 miniCD ?

The new 2 Cd tracks is more aggressive & more produced that the first one ( cause we’ve a little experience of recording now). This is what we like for th efuture.

4 Tell us more about the recording, teh mix, ...

We’ve taken 5 days of studio for each CD. 4 days of record & one for the mix. WE record drums , bass rythm & lead guitar...vocals & arrangements... & patience.

5 Dave mustaine have so much appreciated your band thathe gave you the contact of his own management. You must be really pleased no ? When did you met him ?

We’ve met Dave Mustaine before the last Megadeth show in Paris (24/10/97) & we’ve talk about Cowers. SO, we’ve given to him one press book & one copy of ‘Searching for paradise’ 1 month later, we received a letter from Japan. It was a letter fr mDAve ‘God’ Mustaine. He said to us that it was a really good work & he sent us the adress of his management.

6 Your coming projects ?

We’d like to crete 1 first album (but with the help of a label...cause it’s very cost) quickly & we want to do a lot of concerts. We’re gonna plya at Verviers (Belgium near of Liege) with 4 others metal bands to promote the compil CD ‘Metal Sessions vol 1’ ( created by Booster prods) in his country.

7 Tell us how to find your CD & at which prices ?

We sell ‘Searching for pardise 40 FF or 8 $, the 2 C tracks 30 FF or 5 $ ordere to Steve Salins & to my adress

8 You sound very close to Megadeath but what are your other influences ?

We like as well Metallica, !iron Maiden, ‘Accident of birth’ frm Dickinson, Skid Row.

9 A last word ?

Thanks to you Laurent & thanks also for all people in th eworld who read the interview. We need your help, so support the underground, discover & like Cowers . We wish to see you at our shows very soon . C Ya

Steve Salins

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