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1 Can you present Cryptic, its influences, its style, ...

Cryptic is a death metal band, first and foremost, but we play with not just brutality, but melody and interesting hooks too. We call this style "Ancient Metal", due mainly to our lyrics and our personal beliefs. I like lots of bands like Morbid Angel, Nocturnus, Cryptopsy, Mayhem, Mercyless, Cannibal Corpse, Emperor, etc., but also some older bands like Judas Priest, Scorpions, Metallica (not the albums Load and Reload), and especially Iron Maiden. I also love classical artists like Tschicovski, Bach, and Mozart. Aaron listens to lots of blues, Metallica, and Pantera, whereas Jake Frisby, our drummer, listens to all sorts of weird stuff I don't even know.

2 you recorded a demo 'Angel of Cancer', can you tell us more about this recordings?

This tape was recorded in our hometown, Fish Creek, which is a very small town in Wisconsin. I wrote all the lyrics and about 60% of the music, whereas Aaron wrote basically the rest, with a little input from Mike Fellner, who has since left the band.. It was produced by Don Haight, who is a musical genious, and he gave a us a great deal on the price (only $500 for the entire recording), and a decent sound. Jake wasn't in the band when we recorded this, so we had to use a drum machine (oh shit), which actually didn't sound horrible. We didn't get to release the tape professionally, mainly because we don't have much money or a record company, however, we will hopefully find a record company and record a CD this summer, which will be very much like "Angel Of Cancer", but much better recorded and more brutal.

3 Even if the band is brutal, there's some melodies or some parts that allows to make songs audible. Is it something you worked a lot or is it natural?

It came naturally because I really like melodic music as well, which you probobly guessed if you read my influences. I think its important to mix brutal and melodic in with eachother, because then you have a good balence of both, and it makes the songs more powerful. Emotions are important things in music, and it shows in the great works of bands like Mercyless.

Our new songs have even more of this beautiful parts with even a few clean vocal parts, keyboards, and really slow down-tuned parts, but we will never stop using the death metal vocals and drums, or even lighten up on them.

4 What were reactions of zines or radios with this tape?

Not many have heard the tape yet, but we're working on sending lots of them out. So far we've gotten good reviews from a couple well known bands, and great people like you (Laurent) and my friend Pawel who lives in Poland and runs pages for Vader, Mercyful Fate, etc. I guess the reactions have been great. The only complaints I've heard are about the quality of the sound and the vocals, and if someone won't like my band because they can't handle my vocals, they shouldn't listen to this type of music.

5 Do you get some contacts with record companies? Or do you search for one?

We're searching for a contract right now. I'd like to get a contract with European labels like Thunder Productions, for example, because I would love to play in Europe (especially France and Poland!). As for American companies, Moribund is an excellent label also, with great bands and a pure metal message. We won't go looking for a major label, because they only want to make money off bands and destroy our precious metal scene. I don't really care about making money with my music. If I can make an album and possibly play in Europe, that would be great!

6 Nate, I know you lived a few years later in France. What are your favorite bands of this scene?

First of all, FRENCH BANDS ARE AWESOME!!! Let's see...I love Mercyless, > even though I only have "Colored Funeral" and Misanthrope is great also. I tried to get a CD from a band called Apoplexy from Stasbourg, but the drummer, Stephane Perrier, never answered my letter. Basically all French bands are great, I think.

7 What are the main differences between the french scene & the Us one?

The U.S. is a very large country, so its very far to go and play concerts. Lots of people here really only like stuff with grooves, like Korn and Pantera, or big bands like Metallica. Luckily, our underground scene is quite excellent, with bands who support metal totally. The French scene seems very healthy, and close together because France is a smaller country, and there is great variety just like we have here. French people seem to like metal a lot more, and appreciate musical integrity.

8 What are the coming projects of Cryptic?

I hope that we'll get a record deal soon, and then we'll record our first > real album (which is ready to be recorded), called "Corpus Hypocrisy". After that, I want to tour a little bit, hopefully Europe, and then record a second album, for which I have three or so songs ready. This may take some time, because we all have jobs and great girlfriends, but once we get our record deal, we'll record "Corpus Hypocrisy" immediatly.

9 Tell us how to get your demo, ar which prices, where is it available, ..

Just send me a blank tape and I'll make a copy for you. My adress is:

Nate Jacobs, 3841 Gibraltar Road, Fish Creek, WI, 54212, USA.

As I said, we never got a professional copy made because we don't have much money, and the sound is not awesome.

10 What kind of lyrics do you write for Cryptic? is there near from Cannibal Corpse one?

We have a few songs that are kind of like Cannibal Corpse. These are songs like "Mirror Of Anguish" and a new song called "Demon's Hill". Most of our lyrics are about Sumerian mythology and being pissed off at the stupidity of some people.

11 What's your opinion about the death metal scene. It decreases a lot there's 4-5 years & it seems to rise again? What will be the major death metal bands in USA ( & in France)?

I think the death metal scene is just wonderful. The decreases happen because some bands die off or become inacessable, just like human life, which is just a natural thing, but as long as there are good bands who are creative, the scene will NEVER die. I think the good future bands will be Prophecy (USA), Melissa (Russia), Mercyless, Dementia, Cryptopsy, Angelcorpse, and lots of others! Maybe even Cryptic!

12 A last word?

I would like to thank everyone who supports metal, and especially those who support the mighty underground scene. A big hail out to my fellow band mates, my lovely girlfriend Allison, and those who have helped Cryptic from the begining. A mes copains a la France...JE REVIENDRAI!!! Merci Laurent pour tout!

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