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CRYPTIC TALES: Piotr Kopko, Jaroslaw Maciuszek, Mateusz Bernardyn, Maciej Motyka

1 What are our influences?

Some time ago we were under a very strong influence of the Swedish Death-Metal Stage, that’s why you can still hear the reflections of that years in our songs. Besides you can hear the 70’s heavy rock when listening to “The Tales” . When we create a music we try to put some flavour of mysticism and drama into it and the form that we employ in order to achieve that goal is metal music. Obviously, we didn’t invent heavy metal but this music is the closest to us and by means of that we get across our message to people best. I know, you would like to hear some band names. However, I am not able to give a definite answer to your question and would prefer to leave the judgement to the people who met with our music.

2 It seems that the polish scene is quite hard for bands. It's been a long way to record a good album & to be recognized. how do you explain your success facing the other polish bands?

Yes, that’s true. In our cause the way to the very first album release was not easy. However,not all bands in the country meet such problems. There are a few Polish groups that are both recognised and respected in Europe, take as an example the band VADER. As for us, we had to wait for our first album for quite long but thanks to that our record is distinguish and mature.

3 Tell us how to get your album? Where is it distributed?

Our album was produced by a small, unknown German company called AWAKEN Prod. If you want to find out more about that you’d better ask in Germany. Another company that distributes our record is NUCLEAR BLAST. Besides SHIVER Rec. deals with the distribution in Belgium and Holland. I don’t know where else you can get our album because AWAKEN Prod. is still developing its distributive system.

4 Do you search some distributors to help you & in which countries?

Of course, although with these issues deals AWAKEN Prod.

5 In your bio, the band is described at doom death band. I find that it's more slow heavy thrash , with sometimes a death voice. Is there any difference for you between the 2 definition?

It is rather written in our biography, that CRYPTIC TALES music refers to death-doom metal traditions. But we don’t refer to our music as death-doom. There is also written, that when composing music we base on heavy-rock standards. Nevertheless there is no place for trash metal in our music . We don’t want to confine our music to rigid rules. I mean we are mainly interested in writing a majestical and spiritual music. When we create that we sometimes use heavy rock or death metal elements. These days both definitions are very wide and have more in common then differences.

6 What's your ambition with this album?

With our music we want to get to the greater number of people. Thanks to the AWAKEN Production we reach significantly greater number of people than before, although still being part of the underground scene. Up to now all our numbers were released merely on cassettes and just in Poland. At the moment we can seriously start thinking about the future of our band.

7 Will you tour : when where?

We already took part in a little tour around Germany playing together with the Swedish COERCION and the German bands PURGATOPY and IMPENDING DOOM. Now we are planing a few concerts in Poland with the German band NIGHT IN GALES. The AWAKEN Production has scheduled for us a tour around Belgium, Holland and Germany where we’ll be playing together with NOMICON and OPERA IX. Besides that we also play single concerts and take part in various music festivals both in Poland and in Germany. The exact schedule can be found on our Web page.

8 Tell us about the recording sessions & conditions for "The tales"?

We were recording “The Tales” in a pretty good studio - SPAART Studio in Poland. We paid the whole session with our own money that’s why we had to be quick. However we had a good support and excellent work conditions. The recording session were divided into three parts - all together it took around 4 months.

9 This album has (for me) to be listened to like a concept album. Why all songs are linked together & what is the concept behind the album?

Yes, you are right. Actually “The Tales” is a conceptual album. Quite a few numbers are somehow combined and by that we created and built up the drama of the album. What we wanted to achieve was to let people know that they are listening to an exceptional record. Do notice, that while finishing almost every number prepares you for the subsequent one, thus making a musical puzzle “The Tales”. Thanks to that the album is more interesting and you can listen to it many times.

10 Can you tell us more about the polish scne & its bands? What are your favorite ones?

In Poland there are quite a few good bands and our stage begin to be noticed in Europe. In addition, there are also many fanzins and magazines on metal music. This kind of music is really very popular in our country. My favourite bands are: VADER, CHRIST AGONY, AION, CORRUPTION, SACRUM, NEOLITHIC.

11 Tell us more about Your coming projects ? Do you have already begin to work about the next album & can you tell us more in case?

Yes, we are already preparing a new album and we are going to record it in autumn. Its producer is also going to be AWAKEN Prod. It’s going to be quite hard and mystical music. Moreover, it will be definitely more dynamic than “The Tales”.


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