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Contact : Rey Jean François / 1 rue de l'hopital / 22300 Lannion - France

Tel / Fax : 33 3 96 46 47 23

DAB is now a well known band in the underground sceene. Can you talk about the evolution of the band?

DAB is today well known, that's true, ha ha!!... To be serious, we're really happy about that. During the tour with Sinister, we've met some great DAB fans & tehy were pretty cool, especially in Austria!! When a fan is singing your song & shouting your name all the time, that's strange & make us happy!! About the evolution, do you mean the size of the band? If it's that, it makes me happy, uh!because we can play a lot more, meet a lot of people, also good bands like Sinister or Vader, that's just great!!

Your style has quite changed on ythis new CD. Can you explain this changes?

That's true! The style is a bit dofferent just because our private lifes & our minds are also diferent. We 're older today, we were a bit fed up of playing only fast & brutal death, we wanted to create strange atmospheres, write mystical lyrics, experimental & indus parts also. We've met incredible people during the last 2 ears, we 've had hard lives experiences in our private lives, so all of that have made the band different, but still full of rage!! Jst in a different way. 

How did you make to go to a new & ambitious label like Thunder productions that really produces its band when you were signed by a very underground label (danger records)?

Well, I don't know, ha h... Thunder prods has offered us to sign & we've said ok, even we had 5 other offers. We've choosed him just because we were a bit afraid about the foreign labels ( we've been ripped off by Danger recs) so to record in France, to have the headquarter in France was easier for us. Also, we have signd because of the good distribution & the good promotion made by this young label. FOr us, it hasn't been a problem, really. For example, we had 10 days to records the CD, but it was finihed in 5, so they were happy uh!!We've had the chance to work with Alain Masson , who is a fantastic sound engineer, so it was really a great time!!

A real effort has been made on the production of this album. Now, what do you think of your fist album "Stormbringers"? Are you still satisfied about it?

tWhen i think about "Stormbringers", i'm broken in 2 parts. First, i'm still proud of it because I remembe the 1st day i've sen it, i've said to myself "you can die now, you've put out a CD", ha, ha ... really, I was so happy to have the music engraved for eternity, uh!Today, i'm sad because i think that with a good & honnest distro+promotion, this Cd 'd have got more success, Danger was a sucker!!

You recently tour with Sinister. How was it? Was it the first tour for the band?

The our with Sinister was fuckin' great!!I won't come back on to the problems between Sinister & Thunder prods ($) & i 'll talk about the music, ok? This tour was fuckin' great my friend. Sinister have been really nice with us & they support us like Hell, believe me!!They've invited us in Canada for the next big tour+USA, so that's just marvelous for us, they're our friends now!!It was not our first tour, but the fifth one. Yes, before we've already played 4 european tours, yeah!

Jean François is very active in the underground sceene : fanzines, distribution, label, compilation CD..; Isnt'it too hard to make all these things together? Don't you afraid to commit mistakes & to do too much things in the same time?

You're wright. I'll soon (after the next issue) stop the mag, stop the label for some months 'cos DAB is growing & i'm not often at home. My wife will learn how to run a label+mage with me (computers...) & she'll start it after by herself.

What are your main projects?

A tour with Sinister in Canada. a tour in central america in feb 98, a tour in Australia by may/june 98 & the 3d CD. 

What are your influences? 

Ministry-Morbid Angel-Steve Vai-Mike Oldfield-Deed os flesh-Massacra (old)-Cannibal corpse-& sinister for th eprofessionalism, we've learned a lot with them; as they're really great professionnalls!!!

Review :...The time where DAB was a « french copy » of Entombed is over. DAB works a lot to create its own style. If itís still death metal, they try to add progressive parts in their musiclike in « Incest » or « spiritual quest », not to impress someone but just to make a more intelligent music. & this album, called « Beyond the mirror » is a real success. Lots of things has changed. The voice is clearer but still brutal. Then, itís more easy to follow lyrics. The singer sings like a damned. He makes a great work in the songs called « Clone 2057 », alternating loud & shrill voice. He feels very angry. The sound is this time very good, powerful & clear, so more audible than before. All these elements make music more audible. So, DAB can be appreciated at its real value. They really succeed in evolving. The band is more original. They now build their aggressivity & brutality in songs instead of being always brutal as it was for the first album. So, DAB plays a kind a progressive brutal music. This musical evolution leads musicians to play at a better technical level (drums parts on « You burn my life » for example). But sometimes, like on the beginning on « Incest », the band plays in the same way as before. DAB controls now its aggressivity & brutality & becomes now unstoppable. One last thing, a great effort has been made on the cover & booklet. This album is also available at my distribution list!!

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