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1 Damn nation is not a young band. Can you resume your carreer?

Hi Laurent ! We're not a young band for sure ! I'm since 10 fuckin' years in the worldwide death-metal underground and I'm in Damn Nation since now 2 years . They've started back in 1992 and we have released three demos from now on but, to sum up the thing, we released our "rehearsal promotape '96" on late December '95, it has been recorded during a rehearsal session, but mixed through a 16 tracks table in order to have a better sound . There are 5 tracks + one outro on it . Then, we released our "Live ?" live tape with 8 tracks, killer sound ! The last one to date is the "A Hated Life" tape Ep that is in fact much more a gift to our fans as this is our first studio recording, with two brand new tracks to be released on various compilation Cds (through AGONY Recs, V.M.I., Deadsun Recs, etc ...) . We plan to record a two or three tracks Mcd for next year . May be we'll release also a live-in-the-studio full lenght album on Deadsun Recs, I don't know for now on ... I don't talk about line-up changes and stuff 'cause that interests no-one except us, but now the line-up is stable for more than one year and is :

Daz : Vocals

Yvan : Guitars

Joss : Guitars

Franck : Drums

Er...It seems I forgot to tell you we're playing brutal death/grind !

2 You've just recorded a demo tape for now. Do you wait for a label to record a Cd or a mCD?

In fact this last demo is now 6 months old and we're not 100 happy with it, we find it too much slow if you know what I mean, not as much hateful as we wanted it to be ... As I already told you, we have plans for a full-lenght Cd on Deadsun and a Mcd, may be on Agony Recs ?

3 If yes, Who are you incontact with?

Seems I'm answering question before you ask them ! So, Deadsun & Agony are interested ...

4 You're coming from france & from the north of France, where there's lots of bands. What is your opinion about this sceene your relation with bands?

We're in touch with the really great Kraal, the brutal Disgust, the dead Krhomadeath and the friendly Spasmophilius, no one else, except may be Messiah . If we take "north" in a larger meaning, we are in touch with Sufficide, our brothers in gore !

5 What are your favorite bands underground or not?

There are too much of them to list them all here ! Shredded Corpse is cool, Sargatanas is also, of 'course the astonishing Suffocation, old Carcass, Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Cannibal Corpse, Krabathor and so on ... Many grindcore bands also, the great Depression, Blood, Impetigo, Agathocles and tons of other ones ...

6 What are your lyrics talking about?

Mainly about topics I'm not able to explain in an understandable way ... It's like God is watching the Earth and worries about the sin he commited with creating the human race ... I now try to write social-oriented lyrics as I think that's important to carry view to other people through lyrics, even if you can't comprehend them on stage or through listening, at least you can read them in our booklets !

7 Daz, you're singing in Damn nation but you're also part of Agony Records & you're also writing in Agony e-mag' & Suffer! news letter. Isn'it hard to do all that things together? What is the goal of Agony Records ?

The goal of AGONY Records is to become France's early Earache mixed with Repulse, Wild Rag, early Nuclear Blast and Relapse and Morbid Recs ! We want to be a true "death metal" label and want to become more and more brutal ! Of 'course, rehearsing, playing gigs, writing and stuff is hard, but we have great goals in life and when you want something to happen, if you don't want to put 1.000.000 % of you in it, you'll never success in anything ! You can also mention that I have a day job and that I'm going to sleep at 4:00 AM each day in order to do all those other things ! I would like to take the opportunity of this interview to thank my patient(est) wife, Emilie .

8 How many concert did you do? Did you played in another country ?

In fact, we have tons of troubles to find gigs to play at, whenever we only ask for the road costs, mainly 'cause we play a too much brutal music ! We played about only 5 shows in 5 years ! We played with D.A.B., Vibrion, Dementia, Scatophagus, Sufficide, Parricide, Explicit Noise, Kraal, Messiah (f) and tons of others we forgot !

9 What are your projects with Damn nation?

We would like to play as long as we live and to be as brutal as life can be with people !

10 In the metal scene, there's a trend with hardcore bands or Black metal ones. What do you think of these styles & of these trends?

I think the black metal trend is dead, Black metal is on the way to find itself legends, and its own audience, the trend is decreasing, hopefully black metal will forever live, as death metal, each extreme style has to survive ! Man needs extremes ! Hardcore is just the root of grindcore, that's Ok to me, as man needs extremes, the weak needs trend to follow ! I can promise you the next trend will be the re-birth (let talk like the mainstream press) of death metal ! Look around you, each band that wimped out some years ago are coming back with killer albums (Cannibal Corpse in a minor way, Dismember, etc ...) .

Review :...(See complete presentation of the band) On the last demo tape, the 2 studio tracks are slower than the rest of Damn nation stuff. Thus, it allows them to be more "audible" 'cos the recording needs are really hard. These two tracks shows some brutal death & grind music, alternating with slow & very loud parts. The live tracks are ( on my own opinion) really representative of Damn nation : ultra speed, very brutal without compromission. I'm sure that as soon as the band will have good studio conditions they'll assert themselves in the metal sceene as one of the most brutal & un compromissive band....
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