Contact : Kaly prods, 5 rue de líéglise, 51 140 Montigny/Vesle - France


1 Can you present the band & its music ?

Alexandre Darken has been created in july of 1994 by myself (guitar) & Alfonso Jose (drums). Dave Blanchard (guitar), Silem ( singer) et Camille Preuvot came later.

2 After only one demo, youíve already released a first album. Can you present it ?

Our self produced demo tape get a real good support from fanzines & some mags in Europe & even in some countries such as USA ? South América, Japan . Kaly prods was pleased with our demo& allowed us to record an album in very good conditions

3 Musically & technically speaking, the band is really good, especially for the guitars that are played in a complementary way, each one playingdifferently parts from the other ones. How do you compose your songs ?

The work on composition come more from feelings or things lived or not in life than by an analysis of our music. I find this Ďmethodí more honnest for the music.

4 What are your influences ?

We have not or no more influences precisely. We listen to a lot of music, from heavy metal to underground techno, death , black ( the good ones), doom & symphonic music, jazz & contemporain music. .

5 What are your hopes with this album ?

To make Darken well known as far as possible. We believe into ĎArcane XIIIí & think that itís a good product.

6 Whatís your opinion about the french scene ? Your favorite bands, underground or not ?

I think the french metal scene must still evolve. It need more originality. In metal are interesting bands like Sup, Your Shapeless beauty, My dying Bride, Samael, Fear Factory, Cradle of Fiflth (good musicians)

7 After a demo, youíre signed on Kaly prods, a new label. Can you tell us more about Kaly prods & this sign ? Donít you get other serious proposals from France or worldwide ?

The sing on Kaly prods was really good. They get a good mentality & it should evolve with this help. Our demo tape had also interested underground companies like Black Mark.

8 How do you define your style ?

Our style is meant by our 6 letters : DARKEN. It can be to pass out of Life(light)/Death(Dark). We only know death through life. Darken is interested in life, to some of its elements, even if it depends on oniric lyrics.

9 You develop different ways of singing but still in a extreme dimension. Why donít you use a mre melodic voice ? Is it to keep a certain way of aggressivity that you could lost with a melodic singer ?

Silem : I donít use a melodic voice because melody bored me. Metal is not made to be nice listen to the 2 only melodic clear voice in ĎArcane XIIIí that enforce this rule. I find them powerful because they express teh weakenn, the inner return facing teh growling vocals . If i have to sing, it should be an experience made for the opening of a new dimension.

10 Tell us how to get your album & at which price ?

Alexandre : Darken ĎArcane XIIIí is availble at Kaly prods, 5 rue de líéglise, 51 140 Montigny/Vesle - France for 88 FF (18$) postpaid.

11 A last word ?

Thanks for the interview Laurent & never ends ! See ya

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