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Contact :Eric Barthold , Uppsalav.9 , 857 31 Sundsvall , Sweden

Label : Heathendoom music

1 Can you present the band & describe your music ?

Darlands are Ariel (guitar), Robert Bergius (bass) , Uno Helmersson (organ) & me Erik Brthold. At this time, we have no drummer. A friend of ours, Paul has helped us out on our recording sessions. He plays on our mCD "Chronicles" as well on our latest fullenght album which will be released in nov/dec this year. He's been travelling in Europe lately & says he hasn't time to become a permanent member.

The music we play these days is a sort of heavy gothic rock. The new stuff sounds a bit different from the mCD. Check it out!

2 You made a mCD for Heathendoom. Why a mCD & not a full length album ?

Since both Darklands & Heathendoom were pretty small they wanted to see how it would go with a release. Fortunately they thought it went well 'cause this year we signed for a fullenghter. It was recorded in August. 

3 Heathendoom is a young label with few productions but itís often good bands evolving in melodic & slow metal music, with a very original sound & a very good production. Tell us about conditions that Heathendoom offered to you. Tell us also about the recording of « Chronicles ».

Our budget for "Chronicles" wasn't big at all. So it was recorded very quickly in a studio called "The Kitchen Studio" in our hometown.

4 Type O negative, My dying Bride, what do these bands represent for you. ? Are they part of your influences ? Which other bands influenced you ?

They are both good bands. The songs on "Chronicles" sound a bit like their music. The songs on the new album don't do that, I think. It's more of a rock feeling now, but still heavy. These bands are not big influences for us. Bands that maybe have influenced us are Stillborn, The Doors , Sisters of Mercy among others. I don't know really. Ariel who writes the most music listens much to classical music. Robert is into rock. I like everything from jazz to metal.

5 Darklandsí surroundings are very gloomy, sad. What do your lyrics talk about ?

Love, pasion, anguih , alienation, decadence...

6 What is the situation of the metal sceene in your country & what are your relations with bands? What is your position in this sceene ?

The metal sceene is pretty big but it's definitely not the most popular music genre. Releationship between the bands in Sundsvall is really good. We often go out with with friends from other bands to drink beer.

7 What are your projects now ?

Me & my other band, Left Hand Solution, will start to write new material for our next album. Ariel & Robert recently started up a rock band. I don't know if they've come up with a name yet.

8 What really means the term underground for you ? Do you think that youíre still in the underground & that youíll do your best to escape from it ?

I think it's great that it exists. I think it's good that there's people out ther not only listening to the music you hear on TV everyday. I guess Darklands is an underground band & we're not trying to escape from. Of course, we would like if the main stream would become the music we play, which probably never will happen, but you always find a very genuine support in the underground.

Review : Created in 1992, Darklands splitted up in the same year. But re starting with a new line up, they made 2 tracks on a compil tape in 1994. Then, in april of the same year, a demo tape is released : « Diablerie » which was very appreciated in the underground area. In 1995, a new demo tape is recorded but never released because Darklands sign with the famous label Heathendomm music (See labels page for details). So, is released « Chronicles », their debut mCD in 1996. The band is presented as playing a dark emotional gothic & romantism metal. My own opinion about Darklandsí music is that theyíre playing a kind of doom metal near from the band My Dying Bride but in a gothic version ! ! ; For a debut mCD, the production is very good . The sound of Darklands is very original. The band makes lots of arrangements with the help of violin (thatís certainly why the referecee with My dying Bride exists), acoustic guitar parts ,...The singer has got a clear but loud voice. Guitars sound also loud but as a difference with mainly bands, it still sounds clear & clean. The masterpiece of this 3 tracks CD is certainly the song « Dead but dreaming ». It shows the maturity of Darklands & its delicacy. For a first trial itís surely a good one.

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