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Contact : KEVIN MOSER at HEYPOSE@worldnet.att.net

Web site :http:www.pcisys.net/~davinci

1 What's your influences?

We range from Motley Crue, Mother Love Bone, The Beatles, Faith No More and Even Elvis

2 Explain us your history?

We've had the same lineup since we formed in 95, We've opened for Enuff Z'Nuff, Sugartooth, and Psycodrama. We're now preparing to record with Juan Croucier in October!

3 Do you think that the revival in heavy metal & the return of band like Motley Crue Kiss, ... will help you to burst out?

We don't feel it could hurt! Also I think people are ready for music with a personality again! Time to grunge off!

4 You're planning a first LP with the help of Juan Croucier of Ratt. Explain us more?

We got hooked up with Juan from some friends of ours and the times worked out so we'll record in October and hopefully we'll release the album on our own or with the aid of a label.

5 Have you some contacts with labels? If yes, wich ones?

Yes but We can't discuss those options at this moment. There are so many ties around them that hopefully one of the options work out.

6 What is the underground sceene in your country? What are your fave bands & your relations with them?

The underground scene is getting better and hopefully sells will start to reflect that. As for favorite bands the only one that we've had any relationship with is ENUFF Z'NUFF! We opened for them and I still have conversations with Chip Z'Nuff. He's honestly one of the coolest big names I've ever meet! Also those guys were kick ass live!

Review :... Da vinci's Cradle is on the top to become a famous band in a few months or years. They play heavy rock & remains me strongly Motley Crue. But it's close to the first LP of Motley Crue. The singer has got the same way of singing. This demo tape is as refreshing as "Too fast for love" was in the eighties. After this promising demo tape, Da vinci's cradle is planning the recording of their first album with Juan Croucier of Ratt as producer & engineer. Have i something to add to persuade you that this band will be one of the most important in the coming years.
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