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Interview :

1 Present Days of Yore :

Days of yore is now composed of three persons : Jerôme Parent on vocals, my brother Martin Giguere & me (sylvain) on guitars. Martin also programs drum machine & symphonic arrangements on Keyboard. For the bass guitar, I think i'm doing it quite good!!

2 Define your style of music & your main influences :

Our style is inspired for a large part by metal from the 85's-88's, when bands like Helloween & Iron Maiden made their best albums (Keeper of the 7th keys part I & Seventh son of a seventh son). Kai Hansen ( ex -Helloween , now in Gamma Ray) is surely the musician who influenced our way to make music. Our other influences are Rob Halford & Judas Priest, Believer, Kreator, Manowar, Yngwie Malmsteen & many others...With an actual & modern sound & more aggressivity, we're trying to reborn this "forgotten" musical era.

3 Your songs show a band who associate brutality, melody & technical parts. How many time did it take to create a new song?

Our way to proceed in the making of our songs is very special. As you said, we associate brutality, melody & technical parts together, but all is planned before!! When we're making a music for one song, we search for fidelity with the lyrics. So, we write lyrics before music. Inspiration comes rapidly, because in this way of proceed, words plonge us in the atmosphere that the song must have. It's easier for Martin to write music after he made his own lyrics. On my own, I must spend more time on a same song to improve it!

4 "Imperilled Kingdom" (your demo tape) has got a powerful & clear song. How many time did you spend in studio for the recording & the mix. There's only 3 tracks on the tape. Is it just because you prefer quality than quantity?

In fact, we would have appreciate to record more than 3 tracks, but we have no time enough to do it. We make our demo in 18 hours (recording & mixing). More hours would have been welcomed.

5 Why did you use a rythm machine as drummer on your demo?

Since our band is created, we have always done it like that. It's moer useful. It allows us to bring more changes & to make a music more " tight". 

6 Do you think you'll use the same for the recording of your first album (release in mid 1997)

Of course! But now, we're also looking for a drummer & a bass player for gigs.

7 How is the situation for a band like Days of Yore in your country?

We're not already well known here in Canade. In fact, we think it will be easier in Europe because Heavy metal area is bigger there.

8 Have you got already contacts with labels for the release & the marketing of your album?

Yes, we are in touch with NOISE records. They want to know more about our next & first album.

Review :"Imperilled Kingdom" is just a fantastic tape. The cover & art work is magnificient, the sound is very good : clear & powerful. They used a rythm machine as drummer. There's only three tracks but this tape is made as pre-production of their first album. Musically, this band plays thrash metal with furious guitar parts strengthened by solid solis & harmonies. The singer add his own touch with powerful high vocals as Kai hansen made in the two first Helloween recordings. Days of Yore is a real discovery & proves that metal is not dead. To combine violence & melody (as they do) is not easy, because it needs to be good musicians. One thing is sure, the album is awaited. If you like heavy metal & melodic thrash metal, you cannot pass trough this demo tape. See complete presentation

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