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Label : Thunder productions

E mail : thunder@nordnet.fr

Band E mail : yore@minfo.net

Home page at http://www.minfo.net/daysofyore/

The Mad God's wage

Interview :

1 What's new for Days of Yore?

We are actually setting up the last details for the distribution in Europe, which should begin within the few next weeks. We are also planning to gather at the same place, for we are actually living in three cities about 200 kilometers distant each other.

2 The album has been now released since a few weeks. What are reactions?

People are all overwhelmed by the presentation. Some even believe it is a new Nintendo game! What is wonderful is that people who are not listenning to heavy metal are buying our album just because they are seduced by the pictures and the concept story. It just reminds me of a time about 8 years ago, when I bought the Queensryche "Opera-tion Mindcrime" LP for similar reasons, even if I could not stand their music. A few months later, this album had become my favorite!

3 This album is available in different versions. Can you present them?

We try to push the full version: the CD with its 36 pages illustrated booklet companion in a luxury box. However, the bared CD is avail-able but has no lyrics and the booklet is also available but has no music!

4 Where can we buy it & at which price ?

In Europe, you can order it at Thunder productions web site at http:/home.nordnet.fr/~thunder or find it with distributors working with Thunder productions. But if you meet problems to get it check out the official Days of Yore web site at http://www.minfo.net/daysofyore/

5 In Europe ( & in France ), the album is distributed by Thunder productions. What do you wait from them? Why do you choose Thunder prods? I think that you were in touch with Noise?

Thunder is the first label that believed in our work and this is very important to us. We are very faithful to those nobles souls who have lent a helping hand as well as we doom the charlatans who make us lose our time. With Thunder Production, we aim for no- thing less than the conquest of Europe. Despite we have not sign- ed up with any label yet, Thunder is our favorite and by far. We just await some concrete manifestation of success before swearing alle- giance to them.

6 Now, your line up i scomplete. Can you talk about the new comers?

On the drums, the man who has more hair in his back than on his head, the skinny Jacques Bélanger. According to him, he has lost about 15 pounds since he has started learning the songs. Well, we tend to believe him for we often have to put a brake on his feverish- ness. Indeed, he actually plays the songs faster than did the machi- ne drum, way too fast! On the bass, the 1000 anectodes man, the cheerful character Bruno Côté, whose heartly laugh often suffice to trigger hilarity. Both have over 10 years of experience as musicians and have gathered more stage-acquaintance than any other Days of yore member.

( there's a new change in line up : Jerome returns to his first instrument , the guitar & a new singer , close to Ralf Scheepers, is now there)

You will be able now to go on stage. What's new for concert? Is there anyone that can bring you some help?

We are still polishing our instrumental accuracy to make the songs as studio-like as possible. Jérôme is learning the key- board tracks as well as some guitar riffs for we want to repro- duce the songs the most faithfully possible on stage, even if we have to cut down some guitar tracks. Really, we are not yet ready to do concerts for we have to do some media pro- motion before and it is what we are actually aiming for.

7 The sound of the album & its inner quality is really impressive. Can you talk of the different step of its realization ( booklet, pictures, studio, ...)?

The very first step, which was to rough out the concept story, was done while we were still playing in Deimos, our original band which was more devoted to death metal. Sylvain brought the idea of the realm of Syrakia, a kingdom plunged into turmoil. From that moment I started writing lyrics to three songs: "Gathe-ring clouds over Syrakia", "The hand of truth" and "Sword against fire", which were at this time, death metal songs. After the band had splited ways, we carried on with the concept of the young warrior who strives to succeed the labours of the gods to earn their favor and save his kingdom from doom. I wrote the lyrics, then we composed the songs until we met Nataly who started painting pictures for every chapter. These steps took about two years before being fulfilled and in June, we went in studio to re- cord the songs, unaware that we would have to wait till Novem-ber before mixing and mastering, a wait caused by the unavaila- bility of the engineer we were yearning to work with, the famous Pierre Rémillard, of Obliveon. We spent this time creating the booklet layout with professionnal firms before manufacturing the first CDs in December.

8 Your guitars are really complementary & it's very impressive. How do you explain it?

It is just the way we compose songs. We praise an orchestral approach, which consists to superimpose simple single arrange- ments to finally cover the harmonic field in its globality. This re-sults the most of the time in three or four guitar tracks which are supported by ensemble strings and a basic bass line.

9 Qualities on songs & melodic research & arrangements shows a very mature band. how do you explain this level of maturity? Can you give some advices to young bands?

We like to think that we just carry on the mystic road that has been set up for us by the pioneers of the genre. We actually consider our- selves as human sponges soaked with their knowledge, a knowledge they have earned over an entire carreer before passing it on to younger blood, just like scientists do. We just took what we appreciated from this and that artist and then mixed up the contents and added this exotic seasoning peculiar to us, this little something that opened new horizons and made our music, I believe, totally singular.

10 Jérôme , your singer has quite changed his way to sing? Can he explain what has changed & why?

Assimilating the theory is quite easy, but things become harder when it is time to practice what you preach. In fact, we are still young pupils that are way far from Yngwie Malmsteen's or Michael Kiske's state-of- the-art. I mean, our talents are still under construc- tion, for acquiring an artist's vision of music does not mean having earned his experience. Verily, despite he is 30 years old, Jérôme has spent the most of the 10 last years as a guitarist rather than a singer. His vocalist skills, that were unquestionnable during his youth, were buried by a decade of neglect and thus, took a while before emerging again. This talent was still frail when we recorded the "Imperilled Kingdom" demo and, added to a mechanical habit he has got of doing too much, it resulted in a vocal track that set our teeth on edge. Fortunately, time and practicing have wrought many changes. His nasal voice has become more hoarse and he is now on his way to retrieve his genuine tone, which should be very similar to Yngwie Malmsteen's original singer, the legendary Jeff Scott Sotto.

11 What are well known & unknown bands you appreciate ?

Well, Sylvain and I use to share similar tastes and our favorites are still old Helloween, old Iron Maiden, old Judas Priest, Yngwie Malmsteen and Believer, a Jesus death metal band that featured a soprano and the great violin player Scott Laird. Jérôme advocates a more classical attitute and listens to a lot of Bach, Pannini as well as Fates Warning and old Yngwie. Jacques is devoted to Slayer and old Kiss while Bruno prefers old Dream Theater. Look at all the "old" stuff we like and you will understand why we name ourselves Days of Yore. Amazing note: Sometimes I find myself listenning to Mariah Carey (of course, her older stuff). She is my favorite singer and I have bought all her albums. My deepest wish would be to hear her sing in duo with Michael Kiske. I do not stand a chance, do I?

12 A last word or something that you want to add?

In response to the treacherous betrayal done by numerous legen-dary bands against their deepest roots since the 90's, as most of them have turned to insipid hard rock or industrial, we have vowed to bring the 80's true metal mood back to life. If like us you have been waiting long for your favorite bands to come back in the good path, being deceived each time you bought one of their new relea- ses and wondering about the future of metal, YOU are our target audience. Let us heal the wounds of the last metal warrior, who is actually longing for death, and be the witnesses of his glorious re birth!

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