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1 Can you tell more about your history?

Formerly Lieven, the bassplayer and I were in a band called Caldron, we started out around 1992. After some line-up changes, Mario joined the band and filled in the place of the drummer that had been with us for four years. When the other guitarist Olivier decided to quit in December 1995, we figured out this wasn't Caldron anymore. That band played all sorts of Metal, from Deep Puple to Metallica and Morbid Angel. Mostly because everyone of us wrote the songs themselves and wanted his influence in the band .If you're in a band for 5 years playing old metal, you want something new. So in 1996 we started off as a totally new band : DELETE, with a new style of music, new songs, really something new. That's how Delete started.

2 It's hard to define your music : Can I simply present it as Hard rock?

I think not. When I think of Hard Rock, that's music like Rainbow, Savatage, Van Halen,... That sort of bands. I see ourselves as something totally different. It's Hard, and It Rocks, but I don't think it's Hard Rock.

What's your own definition of your style?

That's a question that've already had several times. I think nowadays there isn't a real style anymore in metal. Most bands have that much influences, so you can say it's this or that, but someone else wouldn't agree. I think the simplest way is 'metal'. I know the Demo doesn't sound as most (old) "metal" bands, but it's metal with a new, younger look.

3 Tell us about the recording of Angry?

As a beginnning band you can't get any gigs without a demo, here in Belgium. So we went to the "Heaven Eleven" studio, where we had recorded the Caldron demos and decided to put four songs on it. But we wanted the other songs that we had also on tape, for ourselves, so we recorded those also. When we went back to mix the demo, we decided that all songs were good enough to put on it. We mixed them all and put them all on the tape, so you now have 8 songs for the price of 4 otherwise.

4 Tell us how to find it, which price, ..?

The demo can be bought through e-mail or personally: e-mail: personal address: Delete c/o Alain Carels proosdijstraat 95 8020 Oostkamp Belgium

The demo costs 200 Belgian Francs or 6 US Dollars. But for that price we also mail it back to you. Maybe in a few weeks we'll have our stickers and personalized guitar picks, so we'll throw one in too.

5 On "Killing Machine", it's you Alain that sing. why? Is it something that you'll do again on your next album?

"Killing Machine" is the only song we still play from the time with Caldron. It was written as a Death Metal song, with really low grunt vocals, which I did. Now, we've changed the tempo a little, and I'm not into that kind of vocals anymore. I think it's better than the old version. Yes, in fact we already have about 7-8 new songs, and on one of them I do vocals again. It's not something I want to do a lot, because I want to focus on the guitar, but it's fun now and then.

6 What are your lyrics talking about?

Our lyrics are just things that can happen. They are not autobioghraphic or so, it's mostly about things we come up with. Some are serious, others aren't. E.g. Lady Vacuum is about a girl who gives a blowjob, Killing Machine is about a soldier who has returned from a war. Lieven (bass and vocals) and I write the lyrics and we each have different backgrounds, so we write about different things.

7What is the situation for you in your country & for metal in general?

We're from Belgium, and everybody should know that Belgium's best and biggest metal band Channel Zero split up this summer, after their tour with Body Count. We mostly play somewhere between Ostend and Ghent, but we want to play further too, but to do that you have to play more, and that's the problem in Belgium. Most kids don't go to concerts anymore, in Belgium there's a very big techno scene. There are some big festivals, but they rather put on the international groups than a chance for the smaller Belgian bands. In the media all attention goes to the Flemish singers (( they really suck), if you don't know what I mean, it's a bit like the German Schlager scene). And a band that sells more records, like Channel Zero did, doesn't get any attention at all. Over here it's really difficult to get a gig. So if you sign bands to play a gig, around Belgium, just let us know.

What do you need & search to let your name continue to grow?

Play more live shows. That's the only thing we want to achieve in 1998 : to play a lot of gigs. There are some plans and even some dates already fixed, so let's hope.

8 What are your influences?

My personal influences are: old Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Machine Head, Korn, Deftones, Anthrax,.... Lieven is more into seventies rock, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, but also, Couting Crows or Metallica, his biggest bass influence is probably funk. And Mario, he's only 18 years old, likes the newer stuff: Korn, Deftones, Coal Chamber, ...

9 What is the most important element for you in songs : melody, powerful, dynamism, ..What sort of goal do you give to yourself when you compose?

I don't look for anything in a song, I just want to make a song I like. If you listen to a song you recorded in rehearsal, you want it to be a song that you would go out and buy yourself. Some songs, we've been working on for months, because they just needed something, and when you find that something, you feel great, because the song you just wrote is good. Most of our recent songs are very powerful, heavier than the demo, but it all depends on the situation you're in when you write it.

10 May be a last word :

Delete rules.

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