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1 Can you talk about the band history?

Delusion was formed in 1997 , as simply a side-project I had envisioned for several years. As guitarist and songwriter for Desolate Angel for ten years , playing heavy thrash and grindcore , I had wrote a handful of songs that were more progressive and didn't fit the "Desolate Angel" sound. When that band finished touring for the Starship Records release , No Apology , in 1996 , it was apparent that the band would not go on. I applied my attention to forming Delusion at that point. After teaming with Doug Readmond (percussion) from 20 On The Hype and Keith Menser (bassist/keys) from Iced Earth , Mystic-Force , it became clear that this was more than a side-project. It was at this time that I was approached by Siegen Records to release a debut album and began my search for a singer that eventually led us to Clarence Osborne from Mercury Rising. Before getting past the first track , Mercury Rising's label called for a new album and Clarence left the band. It was a long , hard search for the perfect voice for Delusion , but in Spring of '98 I found Walt Downey from Surreal. He's a great singer.

2 'the tragedy of regrets' is the name of your coming album. Can you talk about its recording, its release?

The album is near release , plagued with the break of finding a new singer , production problems , etc , but will be worth every minute it took to make. Done in a professional 24 track ADAT studio I actually engineered all the tracks in the studio which will eventually be mixed by up-and-coming mixing engineer Drew Mazurek ( Wrathchild , Souls At Zero , Gwar , Click , etc.) Drew is the best and that is why I only work with him on my projects ! Some of the material on the album is very close at heart based upon some experiences I am going through as I have fought to be a dad to my eight-year old daughter. She appears in the cover art and in the first music video we will release for "I'll Fly" , which has a mystical theme. I am very excited and anxiously awaiting it's release ! So far the demo samplers and our online web site have gotten good reviews. The web site was even chosen by Timecast Media Guide as one of the best Real Media sites.

3 At your beginning , the Mercury Rising's vocalist played with you. What do you think about his work on the 2 Mercury Rising album & was there some differences in his vocals participation when he was with you?

Clarence is a great guy ! I was anticipating his vocals and was sad when he departed. I did get to work on one track with him before he left and I would have to say the singing style was different than with Mercury .... These Delusion songs are quite unique and more rock oriented. They are not in the same category as the style of Mercury Rising. I do however think things worked out for the best as Walt Downey is an incredible singer. This is undiscovered talent here , and it was a privilege to work in the studio with Walt. He certainly pushed my limits on the background vocals ! I can't wait for the world to hear him.

4 you're signed on Siegen Records. What did they offer you more than other record companies

Good question ! Actually they were the first and only. I never went looking for a deal ! Keith Menser's band Mystic-Force is released through Siegen and it was word of mouth that generated their interest in us. They have been releasing some really good material lately and will be the force to get Delusion out internationally.

5 What are your influences & how do you describe your style?

I like alot of things ! I just played trash and grindcore for ten years , so I like bands such as Slayer , Megadeth , Machine Head , Pantera. I also like Progressive Metal such as Dream Theatre , Queensryche , Iron Maiden , all the way to the classics of Zeppelin , Rush , Sabbath , etc.

6 Dream Theater is described as a progressive metal band. Bnads like Marrillion are more progressive rock band. What do you think of theses 2 bands & are you closer to DT or to Marillion? What difference do you make between the 2 way of making progressive music

I think everyone has their own thing. Some like it heavy , some like it mild. Both bands are great in their own respects. There are so many emerging variations to progressive rock and progressive metal that it hard to tell the difference in many cases. I have a strange philosophy anyway ! There is alot of music I don't like , like such as rap or country music. Take Garth Brooks for instance. I can't stand his music , but I can appreciate him as a musician because he did things his way and was successful doing it !

7 Your projects & goal for the 2-5 coming years?

Record music , have fun , and hope everyone digs what we do ! I have been offered a deal to put out another Desolate Angel album as well. So that will be coming next year , and maybe another Delusion album as well !

8 A last word about something i forget to ask you ?

Visit our web site for further updates http://www.websnet.com/delusion You can see a low-quality version of the music video there online. I'm looking forward to taking more about Delusion once the album is released. Until then ....

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