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Contact label : Thunder productions / Jean Hervé Crépot / 10 rue d'Auvergne - Appt8 / 51200 Epernay

Web site :

Tel/fax : 33 3 26 55 15 66

1 Dementia come in the underground sceene with a promising album. CAn you tell us the story of the band?

1.Formed in 1992, Dementia continues the tradition of speed-trash as performed by "Kreator". In 1994, Eddy Bauré stepped in as the new bassist and Bastien Legras took over on guitar. That same year, Dementia released their first professional recording entitled "World of Hate", which demonstrated the qualities of the group and the agressiveness of its music. With the addition of Laurent Flamant in 1996, Dementia continued to compose music, adding keyboards on certain tracks. Thunder Productions was so impressed with the atmosphere of death-trash present in Dementia's music that it offered the group the chance to record an album entitled "In Core of the Dark Ages". After the sudden departure of the lead singer and guitarist, Hervé Thevenin, his position was filled by Loïc Lépicier (Strings) and Loïc Chevalier (Vocals). Benefiting from the varied backgrounds of its six members, Dementia achieved such an intensity and power in its music that "In the Core of Darkness" received critical acclaim from radio and m

2 How do you define your style? What are your influences?

2. Dementia is a mix of influences which makes its originality. In the next album, the listners will hear few seconds of funk, some jazz, rock or classical music... and it's really a part of our music. When somebody listens to music with one of members of the band, it can be Al Dimeola, Helloween, Within Temptation, Infernal Torment, or Vivaldi. So we try to make our music coherent with all those different influences... But don't be afraid, Dementia still plays METAL.

3 What is your opinion about the french & international underground sceene

3.World Wide Scene is in a total change. We can see Heavy-Metal's coming back, Death-Metal's evolution, And the effervescence of Doom an Black-Metal... Clearly, There is a lot of change since a few years with some bands who choose to compose an intelligent musix. About French scene, I think that its credibility is still until is value. For example, Sup wich is original, powerfull and imprissive in concert is not very famous out of France. There are good groups in France, that's sure, but the chances to be known out of our frontiers are rare in spite of that, I think we can hope.(... With labels like Thunder Productions)

4 What sort of material do you use?

4.The equipment we use is Classical : Ibanez & Jackson Guitars, Marshall Amplifiers, Zoom & Digitech Effect Processors, Ibanez Bass With Pavey Amplifier, Roland and Korg Keyboards, Ludwig Drum with Sabian and Zyldjan Cymbals, and Shure & AKG Microphones.

5 What are your projects : tour, new album, ...

5.The next album will be recorded in February '98 in the Numérock Studio, and Mixed at Caraïbe Studio. There will be 10 songs. We Think we'll tour in Europe Soon.

6 You often develops your songs with long leads & breaks parts but witout falling in the technical demonstration. Will you evolve in a more progressive way in the future?

6.We can't tell it to you, People will say what they think, We compose songs in the most natural way : Our music result of pulsions, of instincts that our souls produce. But , It is sure that it will be suprising, Crazier !

7 You play a very worked music but with a death mùetal voice. Why this choice? Is it to convince the deathmetal fans? Is it bcause you 'ven't find a "better" singer?

7.The singing is Death-Metal on the album, simply Because the members of the group like it. From now on, There is Black-Metal, Death-Metal, Clear voices with Many Variations in Comparison with the emotions

Review : Dementia could appear like a more classical band in Thunder productions But if you think so, it’s only because you’ ve not listen to this album enough ! ! Dementia has got surprising qualities that makes this album very attractive. At first, for a death thrash band, Dementia included a real keyboards player in the line up. The music remains me Loudblast (guitars on « Virtual sensation », « When 2 demons have pleasure ») or some geram bandslike Kreator. But in fact, the band is nearer from Nocturnus because of the technical level of the songs. Dementia is a band who trys to build song with numerous breaks sometimes melodic ones with long solis. But, it’s not a reason to add riffs behind riffs. Its not the way that they proceed. Songs are really coherent, complex & technical (like « The dance of the wise spirits ») This is a rare quality for a young band in this style of music. Dementia is progressive in its way of making songs like in « Tormented souls » where the drums & guitars complete themselves in a style near from another french band called Kalisia. Dementia succeeds where other technical or progressive death metal band failed. This is certainly due to their ability of compose ocherent songs. The technical level of musicians help to compose & not to prove that they’re good. Dementia is a real hope in the french sceene. The next album will surely confirm their position ! See the distribution list...
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