Contact Management : - Band : Dementia

Label : Kaly prods - 5, rue de l'Eglise -51140 Montigny sur Vesle - France ( previously released on Thunder productions)


click on the cover upside to read the first interview made for promotion of their first album!

1 - You're back with a new album, can you present it?

-I- This album is called "Answer", we recorded it at Numérock studio with Alain Masson and make the mix at Contact 23 studio with B. Donini (Sup, Loudblast,...) The Greater part is a concept about the Nature with a capital "N". We talk as well as human nature as florale or animal nature, except 2 songs: "Victims of creation" is about the suicide of 2 friends of members of the band and "Kuruksetra" is a story about an historic fight in India.

2 -The metaporphosis between the first & 2d album is really surprising. How do you analyse your progression/evolution?

-II- We have work very hard in a first time, but the new singer and the new lead guitarist brought their touchs. We have all differents influences and we try to work them at the maximum. So the differences and the work to include them in our music is one of the explanation of our progression.

3 -Teh cover is magnificient.CaAn you describe it & tell us who made it? Is there any concept behind this cover?

-III- Dave Morel made the cover of "Answer" with some informations we gave him. The front represents in a first idea The ascendy of the Human on the mother Nature and in the second idea, at the opposite, the mother's Nature ascendy on the Human. And the back of the CD represents the desolation, the result, if we let the human make it or the Nature make her vengeance.

4 - All songs are linked together. Why?

-IV- We would make it like an atmosphere, it's like the calm before the storm. And we wanted to avoid the concept of ten titles.

5 - Have you radically change your influences between your 2 albums? Is your new album the result of the research of a more personal & more finished music?

-V- It's before all, the search of personal music, but like we said before we have differents influences and we try to mix them as well as possible.

6 - In your music, we can find as well some elements that belong to classical heavy metal than some that belong to black metal or even progressive music. SO, how can we define Dementia? Can we talk about progressive extreme metal?

-VI- It's difficult to describe the band, we play some Dementia and that's all, we have no category. We don't like the word "progressive" because it can confuse the persons who have not listen our music. We play Metal.

7 -Thunder productions stops all activities now. Ho wdo you explain this? What do you feel abotu this departure & what is th efuture for Dementia?

-VII- We have not to explain why Thunder Prod. stopped, but we are desappointed for the Boss: we had mutual confiance. We're trusting in the future. We know well Dave Morel from Kali prod. and there's confiance between us too. The work with him is excellent and there's is a good promotion.

  8 -Your coming projects? ( concerts, promo, ...)

-VIII- We Actually search shows for november-december and maybe we'll make a tour in 99.

9Have you already som eides for the next album? Do you think that there will be as much difference between your 2d & third album than for the2d one & the first one?

-IX- We have effectively some ideas for the music but it's free, there's no construction, we let play and we hear to take the best. It will be certainly in the continuity of Answer, we have one objective: the progression of our technics again.

 10 Tell us how to get your album? 

-X- Anwser will be avaible in november 98 under an new cover design. You'll can find it at "Between Death and Life" mail order (5, rue de l'Eglise -51140 Montigny sur Vesle - France) and at every good record-dealer.

11 A last word ?

-XI- We hope see full people at our shows to share emotions and we thank all persons who support us and thank you for your interview.