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Contact : Osmose Productions - BP 57 / 62990 Beaurainville - FRANCE / Tel : (33) 3 21 81 03 74 / Fax: (33) 3 21 86 32 60

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Behemoth of Demoniac.

1 You're back with a new album & a new line -up. Can you introduce us to the new members & explain the reason of the split ?

1. There was no split with members, just additions. We needed another guitarist because Heimdall is always too drunk to play, a new drummer cos we left our original in New Zealand with a heroin problem and shit attitude. The new line up is
Herman the Hong Kong SHRED express, Matej is Slovenian the kick fuck and Diccen is the bassist from VOD (Voice of Destruction) in South Africa. He is fucking cool! It's been 3 years since last album, actually 3 and a half and it all evolved with new members and the new sound it's just how it came out.

2 I saw you on the world domination tour ( remember the interview backstage in Lille ? ). What do you think about this tour?

2. That tour sucked, sound we got was just a fucking stupid joke as well as being drunk as fuck and unable to reproduce the songs live. People don't know how hard it is to play live. But the true fans always know how much our albums mean to them.
We can play very well when we want to; we needed more practice and confidence and less alcohol and drugs. But our fans know from hearing our CDs that we are TRUE FUCKING METAL, not posers like most bands on labels who think they're special. FUCK OFF. This scene is full of pretentious posing fags. Demoniac is a real band and people like that!
Hey dude! Yeah I remember you! Howís it going, Cool! Get fucking drunk and bang your head.

3 Demoniac has changed since its first album. How do you define your style ?

3. The music on our 1st album is now over 7 years old so over 3 albums and 6 people in and out of Demoniac, the sound and music is always going to change. Our style is many forms of Metal based around Traditional attitudes of 80's British Metal, I
guess Maiden, Saxon with thrash, power, black and death/speed influences.
Demoniacís style - Twin guitar assault with fast thrashing drums and raw vocals. Thunder and Lightning!

4 Your music is maybe one of the most refreshing one nowadays. Is it a reaction facing the extreme metal scene which often sounds alike ?

4. No, weíve always done what we wanted anyway and never actually followed trends. The scene right now is fucking boring and repetitious same old shit. Bands have forgotten that to be the leader you must be creative and lead the way, not give us an exact copy of Dark Throne or Cannibal Corpse. I personally donít care what the magazines think, labels, people, bands. Just do what we fucking want to do. Demoniac is used to criticisms and I promise we truly donít care cos we know we are proud of our music Ė PURE METAL!
We hate musical fascists and always remember, no one can damage Demoniac ever, cos simply itís our way or no way. Who care!?

5 Tell us more about the recording of your album? Does it take you a lot of time to get such an excellent result?

5. Recorded with Mags in Yorkshire (North of England). We stayed quite sober actually except afterwards, we stayed up every night doing drugs and vodka, getting sluts to fuck over the guitar stands. We recorded it in only 9 days. Fuck that!

6 What do you think about bands spending 6 months & sometimes years to record their album?

6. Some bands spend too long recording and lose the real magic of the songs. We like to keep song after 2 or 3 takes cos its more real. But some bands just waste money cos theyíre faggots. You only need a couple weeks unless you want a perfect record, which we donít!

7 What are your projects for 1999?

7. Not much really, we were going to tour in September, but its not happening. No one wants to play with us haha, or it isnít right for us to play with certain bands. In December weíre playing a festival in Cape town, South Africa so thatíll be cool.
We donít care about album sales, cos the people into Demoniac are loyal and the best, that is enough for us!

8 Some says that musically speaking, Demoniac compete with the best metal acts such as Judas & maiden, especially for guitar work. Are they one of your major influences ?

8. They are influences in the true style, but our inspiration comes from the power and integrity of innovative metal bands like Sabbath, WASP, Sodom, old Metallica, Maiden. All of us are really into different stuff. I donít really like any new bands at all except one of two.

9 You recelnly got problems with the lyrics of "Myths of Metal". Can you explain us & explain the meaning of this tittle ?

9. I guess in Germany they donít like people who say Seig Heil or Hitler, fair enough but I think they take it too seriously. Itís obvious weíre no Nazi band. I mean in extreme music you should have rights to say what you want or its censorship. The Germans sell stuff about raping Mary and Jesus and sodomizing corpses so whatís the difference. We had to apologise to them but realistically itís all over hyped a bit and bands like Motorhead say Seig heil before Iron Fist, whatís going on?
I donít care about the war either do most people. Hitler is only part of history now and nothing to be worried about anymore. They could laugh at it and give all the blame and responsibility to Demoniac. Everyone else no one cares at all. HAIL VICTORIOUS! FUCK THEM!

10 Demoniac turns to be more & more meldic except for vocals parts. Why ? Are you fed up with black metal ?

10. I guess weíve always been into Metal with melodies in and it seems to be our natural progression while still maintaining our harsh vocals. Itís not like we ever think ĎBlack Metalí, we always done things our own way and never ever cared what supposed to be right or not right. Iíve no time for small narrow-minded people. The Listeners of black metal can criticise as usual but we donít even play the music and they donít understand cos they are the trendy followers! Not us!

11 A last word?
11. Thanks very much for your interview and time. Hail to the True French Brigade!

A few facts about Demoniac:
Demoniacís members are now is living in London England and feature an incredible international line up:
Behemoth - Vocals (from New Zealand)
Heimdall - Guitars (from New Zealand)
Herman Li - Guitars (from Hong Kong)
Matej Setinc - Drums (from Slovenia)
Diccen - Bass (ex-Voice of Destruction from South Africa)

*New album 'The Fire and the Wind' is release by Franceís no1 metal label Osmose Productions
*The Fire and the Wind is banned in Germany.
*Original album cover designed by the band got banned before the release of the promos, but is now available to download from their web site:
*Demoniac is the first band from New Zealand to release a black metal album worldwide.
*Demoniac IS the biggest metal band to ever come out of New Zealand!

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