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Ole Bang is someone that has been in the underground metal scene for ages. He made back cover photos on first Mercyful Fate's albums, ...

The following step to his implication into the metal scene is the participation in a record company . Ole created his own company called Diamond. Diamond records has for goal to work in the most professionalism way possible. You can hear the difference with the first releases !!!


Ilwill - EvilutionGutrix - Mushroom songs


Album : The blood of my race -Style : Death-core metal

E mail : Makina@servidor.unam.mx - http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Towers/4175

Makina comes from Mexico. This band is well known in its country. But wanted to get a worldwide recognition, they needed to sign with an international company. Thatís done with Diamond records, the now famous company leaded by Ole Bang. « the blood of my race » has been co-produced by Bill Gould & remastered by Andy La Rocque. I hope youíve already heard about these famous guys ! So, you can be sure that Makina is not a pop band. Bill Gould had already worked with the famous Brujeria. Makina is evolving in a quite similar direction but itís not as aggressive as Brujeria & a bit more melodic. Itís really less grind-hardcore. Makina plays primary death metal with some hardcore influences. The sound is massive & without any subtleties. Sometimes close to Sepultura, Makina knows how to create brutal hymns like « Terror ». They never forget to include enough melodies to make songs audible & good. Makina released one of the best brutal album of 1998. Maybe Makina can be compared to the Sepultura of North America.



style : power metal- album : Evilution - Band web site at : http://hem.passagen.se/illwill

Bio - review

"Our past in...King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Momento Mori and Whipped Cream is NOT important to mention here...!!!" mention the bio .It continues : "IllWill Powermetal from Sweden. Not just another new act, but skilful composers, and experienced musicians who finally unleash their raw power in this new formation. Andy la Rocque was started off in his music career in 1985 when he started to record with King Diamond, in the band of the same name. The thought of recording with this band, being a follow up of the legendary Mercyful Fate, immediately sounded appealing to Andy la Rocque. Overnight he became a permanent member of the band, and has remained so ever since, at large contributing with unique compositions and arrangements over the 7 albums recorded. Completing a 2 months tour of Europe in early 1990, the band went on writing songs. This time around Andy included drummer Snowy Shaw in the song writing, and also composed yet another amazing instrumental piece. While involved in a couple of projects during mid 90«s, Andy la Rocque also teamed up with Sharlee D«Angelo whom recently returned from a US tour, and together they decided on frontman Jonas Dahlström, to complete the line-up for "Illwill". The band rehearsed their newly composed songs in Sweden, and have recently recorded their first full length album. " All is said!!

This new release from Diamond records - the 2d one after Gutrix-( that also began under the name of Dzynamite records) is absolutly genius! 'Evilution' is more than a fantastic album. It's indispensable for every metal freaks worldwide. Illwill is composed of skilled mucisians that you surely know; Andy La rocque on guitars ( ex King Diamond ), Snowy Shaw on Drums ( ex King diamond, Memento Mori & in Mercyful Fate), Sharlee D'angelo on bass ( formerly in Mercyful Fate), yonas af Dahlstrom on vocals ( desert Plains). So, you see that it's a meeting of famous guys . There's no reason to doubt about their musical level & composition abilities. But illwill is also a very good surprise. It's not a clone of Mercyful Fate or King Diamond, even in some solis sounds like it was in first King Diamond records ( Eternal sleep).

Illwill's music is more modern & truly extreme. It's raw , wild, powerful & also in some proportions melodic. The production of tos album is overall impressive; A wall of guitars crush your head while a rumbling drums is bursting out. Andy La Rocque shows here the extent of his talent. Andy is more than a excellent guitar hero. He's also a fine composer & some of his rythm parts could easily compete with those played by Pantera. Snowy Shaw, on his own, remains us that he is an incredible drummer. His double bass drums on some songs are fantastic like on 'Whether with or without', a track also composed by Snowy himself that proves that he's not only a fine drummer but also a brilliant composer. Musically talking, Illwill blends thepowerful of bands like Pantera, Fight with some melodies that could have appeared in some Judas Priest album. The singer is quite exceptional. He's able to give various tones to his voice. Then, sometimes it let you think that rob Halford is one of his most important influences ( Six Sec six)& then you discover in another song, that he is also able to have some violent vocals, like Udo Dirkscheider of Accept or UDO or to take a more melodic voice near from Bruce Dickinson. Yonas is not a clone of these singer but his abilities are so exceptionnal that he can give to each song a vocal tone & particularity.

This results to an album full of richness. It's violent, aggressive, sometimes melodic & never boring. It's typically the kind of album that can unite again all metal fans. All the best points in metal can be found there. illwill is at the cross of brutality & sublety. It's indispenble, totally awesome & more than highlty recommendable. I think it's a mistake to unaware this masterpiece.

GUTRIX : Bio - review

Gutrix is a 4 piece heavy-rock band formed by two members of Mercyful Fate, guitarist Hank Shermann and drummer Bjarne T. Holm. After finishing their US-tour with Mercyful Fate in February 1995, they teamed up with bass player Claus Weiergang and vocalist Richard Plougmann, to form the new band Gutrix. Shermann, Holm and Weiergang had already been playing together in the band Zozer Mez, who released an album in 1991, also featuring guitarist Michael Denner from Mercyful Fate. Gutrix's music encompasses light and shade, climax and emotion, heavy and metal, which is delivered explosively on stage. Their roots are digging in the 70's gold era, and the songs are clearly influenced by the most heavy bands from that period.

This is a truly masterpiece released by Gutrix. The kind of album that you still play ten or twenty years after its release. The reason for that is simple. The band created & united all elements that belong to metal music. The first track of the albul is very powerful & aggressive & you think that you'll listen to a good heavy metal album played by talentuous & famous musicians. & it's even better than that! It's true that "Mushroom songs" is a heavy metal album, but it's also more than that. in fact, Gutrix could have named this Cd : "Back to the roots" or "the essentials". Hank Shermann remains us that his influences come from the 70's with bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, & Judas Priest. More over, the sound & production also smells the 70's ( but don't be afraid, it's powerful enough , hear "Out of control") . 2 covers are played on the album : "move over" from Janis Joplin & "Exciter" of Judas played live in a club. All musicians in the band works for the quality of the whole tracks. Hank proves or remains us that he's not only an excellent heavy metal guitarist playing in Mercyful Fate . He's really different from what we used to listen to with him. That's why this Cd is impressive. As i said, some songs will strongly remains Judas Priest ( "out of control" or "Hell to pay" ) but some others are more atmospheric with cool surroundings ( "crazy" or "bolivian mountains" , "The mushroom songs" with a good participation of Andy La Rocque). The singer has got a really original tone in his voice . He brings a special color to the songs. So, even if influences are piece of evidence, it's sure that this album is a quality work & more, it sounds very original & different from the common bands . "Mushroom songs" is a convincing & captivating album . I really take pleasure in discovering again the origin of metal music played with the technology & technical level of the 90's. I hope that a second CD is scheduled 'cos Gutrix proves that it's still possible to write excellent metal songs full of melody, feeling & power. Really indispensable!!


Album : Mind no mind - style : heavy metal

Be careful, this album is a masterpiece of classic heavy metal. Imagine a band that succeeds to take the best of bands like Judas Priest , Pretty Maids ,Queensryche, ...Keegan is a project guided by Jeff Keegan, guitar player & singer of this incredible band. Coming from Sweden, Keegan owns this melodic sense that Scandinavian people gets blended with teh ability to create this so excellent heavy metal riffs. So far away from demonstration even if Jeff Keegan is a really good guitar player, the band goes to the essential. Playing powerful music with solid melodies without falling into sweet songs like many prog bands. Thatís why this kind of album are so refreshing. Thatís explain the success that can have Keegan. Tired of hearing the same prog melodies & songs, Keegan like Hammerfall with more subtleties renews with a pure heavy metal. A must have for all metal fans.

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