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> 1 Can you resume the story of Dies Irae?

Dies Irae was born in the early days of November 1995. The first year contains only doom/death songs, a very weak idea on lyrics and music. The second half of 1996 meant to us the appearance on the national broadcasted media: the Romanian Television and the National Radio Station. There were also many reviews and interviews on our first demos in the main and only rock magazine in Romania (HMM) and in the national daily newspapers. 1997: the first official Dies Irae material, a 25' split LP with God, a band from Iasi, Romania. The 25' contained 5 strong death/black/doom metal tracks. This first material is "A Perennial Spleen"-1997, Eurostar Rec. 25' (Sorin Stoian-guitars, Radu Iordache-vocals, Victor Stoica-drums, Ioachim Stroe-bass/vocals). The label was so occupied in publishing popular Romanian music and soon they forgot the promotion. We did that too, by playing as many concerts through the country as we could, making useful contacts and appearing on the rock shows on radio & TV. 1998: This year was so full of gigs in Bucharest and throughout the country. We did finish and released the second official material: "Gargoyles"-1998, Bestial Records 45', 10 tracks (Sorin Stoian-guitars, Marian Stoenica-guitars, Radu Iordache-vocals, Victor Stoica- drums, Ioachim Stroe-bass/vocals) This is the black metal album of Dies Irae. Elements of death metal are poured with anger on every song, at the limit of total breakdown. I consider it now very out of style, and this after only 7 months. The new songs we are now playing are so directly killing. We are now at the 30th concert in 3 years, that only because Romania has a few metal concerts every year. Our city of home, Bucharest, the capital of Romania, has no metal club. There are no metal concerts in Bucharest. The last one was a year ago.

> 2 You're coming from Romania. Can you tell us more about this scene? What are the best bands?

The metal scene of Romania is a very frail arena of bands trying to survive through the exorbitant prices of instruments and to the free concerts (nobody pays you to sing metal here). The best bands are in my opinion: DIES IRAE, NEGURA BUNGET, ABIGAIL.

> 3 How do you call your style & explain us in what you're different from other bands in your style?

Our style now may not be defined as a specific type of black metal. There is only metal, pure double pedal drums, heavy guitars with no solos, loud and crunchy vocals. We are different here in Romania. We are the fastest band and the most agressive one. We apply to our cover ideas and to our lyrics some more commercial stuff than the others does. At least I guess we do.

> 4 From which bands do you think you're the closest one?

No one.

> 5 What are your projects now?

Recording an EP in the next year. I mean we do not want to rush, we just want it out as the best material so far. Maybe 5 or 6 songs.

> 6 You're signed on Bestial records. What did they offer you more than other companies?

The guaranty of promotion and the good work in everything. Their exclusive concern on extreme metal genres.

> 7 What are your lyrics talking about?

The first 2 materials, albums, take it however you like it, were talking 'bout philosophy, unexplained dilemmas of life and this kind of themes. I was writing the lyrics in the beginning. After sometime, the bass player helped me with it. We are now changing perspectives, taking this important subject to some other spheres of interest. You will see that on our next EP.

> 8 What are your coming projects?

There are many projects we never accomplished. We are now trying to improve the web site, hope you've seen it already.

> 9 A last word?

Forever carry on!


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