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1 - Can you tell us more about your band?

Well I guess we are a bunch of average guys. Most of us go to school or work or whatever. In telling someone about my band I would have to include the fact that our bass player Adam was in a car accident and is now paralyzed. For those of you who have heard about this tragedy and think that we have broken up, I would just like to say that we h e not and will continue on with a fill in bass player until a time (hopefully) when Adam can rejoin with us.

2- What are your most important influences?

That is always a hard question for me to answer. I guess everything that we ever listened to influences us in some way. We are all just really into good music, what ever the genre. I just really enjoy emotionally based music. Personally my favorite band is Radio Head. I'm also really into Sting and then there is like all the heavy stuff too.

3 - Can you present & tell us all about your album " Under the running board "?

Under the running board was written as basically a demo of new songs. We used it to try and get signed to a more established label. Relapse asked to release it as a mini cd. They put the thing out and its been really cool. We are really happy with it.

4 - How do you define your style? I describe it a Grind jazz. DO you agree with me?

Well I think that Grind jazz is a very interesting description. I don't know how to describe it. I guess what we try to do is create different ways of expressing extreme music. We are hookers in that way. We will use any riff that sounds out of the ordinary hahah. Some times throwing some jazz influenced note choice in the mix is the best way to get omeone who is not used to hearing those types of note combinations to wake up and listen to what you are doing. Especially when there are so many bands out there playing this general noisy heavy type of music.

5 - Do you have already schedule some tours to promote this album?

We plan on touring this winter for a few weeks and then most of the summer hopefully.

6 - The most common thing to say about you is that you're unique! How does this idea to blend grind core with jazz or technical parts come to you?

Its kind of just what we know. While we are punk rockers who love living day to day driving around in a van from show to show, most importantly we are musicians first. Although we are not the best musicians in the world, we do take pride in our craft which is something that is becoming lost in the mix of bands out there. I by no means think that a song has to be technical to be good. Some of our best parts in my opinion are just real heavy and simple. I just think that there are to many kids out there jumping into bands for the wrong reasons. They say "oh lets be in a band that would be cool. You ask yo mom for a bass and I will use my brothers drums." Come on!

7 - Can you tell us more about your lyrics? What are they talking about?

I guess the best way to describe our lyrics as a whole, is that they tell a story. They do not necessarily advocate anything. Lyrically we don't try and force too much down anyone's throats. We find it much more effective to just take a graphic scene and tell that portion of the tale in as much detail as possible. The rest of the narrative is up to the listener to decipher.

8 -Do yo think that The dillinger Escape plan is so far, the most extreme band on earth? If yes why & if no, who is the most extreme one?

I would say yes because we usually write our songs while sky diving. Sometimes I ride my skate board up a huge ramp and in mid air I write a song...hahaha!

9- What's your opinion about bands blending metal & techno?

I am not into it personally but I think there is room for everything in music. I do like electronics in songs sometimes though. As long as it is done tastefully.

10 -Do you use some samples during the recording of your album ( & especially for the drums) & why?

We have put in some samples just to create more atmosphere in the song. As far as instrumentally, we have not used any samples on drums or anything like that. They are all acoustic. We like to be able to play live in a similar fashion to the recording.

11- A last word?

I would just like to say thank you for your interest in the Dillinger escape plan and also for your support. Its people like you who have been keeping the scene going, taking advantage of mediums such as zines and websites to tell people about the music you like. Thanks for that.


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