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1 What's the story of your band & can you introduce us with each members?

1) I put DISARRAY together in the summer of 1993. We basically spent the first two years writing songs and playing local gigs. In early 1995, after several line-up swaps, we recorded and released our first EP "Widespread Human Disaster." This CD did extremely well in the underground and got the ball rolling for the band. In 1996 we released our 2nd CD "Bleed" and did a lot of touring here in America. This CD also received enormous amounts of press and helped establish DISARRAY as a solid force in the metal underground. After more line-up problems we released a 4 song live single in 1997 called "Spreading The Death Plague." During this year we did a full U.S. tour and built a large national fanbase. Eclipse Records signed the band in the summer of 1998 and we began recording our 3rd studio CD "A Lesson In Respect." This album has just been released in America and is doing excellent. The recording line-up for this CD is myself (Chuck Bonnett) on guitars / vocals, Joe Dotson on bass, and Tony Moseley on drums. Tony has since been replaced by our original drummer Shane Harmon.

2 What are your influences?

2) As far as musical influences go, we are big time into old thrash metal, new school hardcore, and groove oriented death metal. Favorite bands include Jungle Rot, Malevolent Creation, Pro-Pain, Testament, Anthrax, old Metallica, Internal Bleeding, Hatebreed, old Machine Head, Sepultura, Overkill, etc. As for other inspirations, we are influenced by the negative attitudes of people in our area. People don't take us seriously and it becomes a fuel for our aggression.

3 How do you define your style ?

3) I would say DISARRAY is a thrash based metal band with lots of hardcore breakdown parts and a lot of groove. The vocals are usually raspy shouts with death metal back up vocals. We try to have our songs be catchy and very heavy.

4 The new US metal scene is very influneced by Korn but you not really. How do you explain it ?

4) People in America are sheep. They follow trends and jump on every band wagon that comes around. I personally can't stand that Korn movement. We just shut all of the music world out and concentrate on what we want to sound like, and that's brutal pit oriented mosh music. In the next few years the Korn trend will be gone and all these copycat bands will have no integrity. They will all change their style to fit what is popular at the time.

5 Tell us more about the recording of your CD?

5) Our new record was a long process in the making. We did 5 songs to shop around and after we secured our deal with Eclipse we went back and recorded the other 8. The production could have been a lot better but we did the best that we could with the money that we had. We financed the recording ourselves.

6 Your style have been created on  classical thrash metal basis but you achieve to refresh it. What are your secret ?

6) We all grew up on thrash metal. That is the basis of the band. However, we all listen to other types of death metal and hardcore now so we just write what we feel at the time. There really is no secret. We have so many influences that our songs all have their own personality and rarely sound the same.

7 On your album, you thanks a lot of person but really not the one that think that now Disarray is cool because it's a signed band. Can you precise us your thoughts about this ?

7) We get a lot of negative remarks from people in our area because we are not the local "hometown hero" band. We refuse to kiss the local promoter's ass and we concentrate on the underground rather that just our town. Now that our band is being more well known there are a lot of jealous people in our area. People that have talked shit about us for years try to be our best friends because we now have connections. People in Tennessee are fake and we choose to not associate with them.

8 You're signed on one of the most famous US indie company, Eclipse records.  What does it bring more to a band like Disarray ?

 8) Eclipse is a very strong indie label and they help us out greatly. First off, they have the funds to promote the album properly and get it on the radio and in stores. Chris Poland (label president) has many friends in the music business and has hooked us up with tours, magazine interviews, radio support, tons of reviews, etc. It is just a lot easier having a label working to establish DISARRAY in addition to the work that the band puts in. I have nothing but good things to say about Eclipse Records.

9 What are your lyrics talking about ?. I suppose it's not love story !

9) We hate happy music and pretty themes. The world is a harsh place and we choose to write about the dark end of things. We talk about war, religious scam artists, murder, rape, child neglect, back stabbers, etc. Basically anything negative. We don't try to glorify any of these things. We just try to get the listener pissed off enough to stand their ground and not take shit off of anyone. That's what we're about.

10 A last word?

10) Thank you Laurent for all your support!!!! Everyone please buy our new album. For more information checkout the Eclipse Records web site at Look for DISARRAY on tour this fall in the U.S. and Canada with Broken Hope, Kataklysm, and Internal Bleeding. Support the underground and keep things heavy!!!!!!!!!

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