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Here's some of the latest productions of Displeased records by order of release:


Album : Message in blood : The early years - Style : Thrash metal

Whiplash : SCAGTONES@prodigy.net

Whiplash has become a cult band. Back to their roots with their latest album , the excellent "Thrashback", whiplash & Displeased records had the good idea to issue for the first time in CD what all metal fans trys to get from their favorite bands : demos & live! This album contains the 2 demos issued by Whiplash : Thunderstruck & Looking Death in your face & also 2 live recorded in 85 ni Dover, NJ & in the famous CBGB's at New York. . It's a real pleasure to ehar this so characteristic rythmic parts which are really inspried by the first Metallica's album ( strongly felt in their first demo) & by bands like Exodus. This album which is played about 80 minutes shows a pure & raw metal band. It's speed thrash as it was played & composed 15 years ago. It appears now like classical stuff, but at this time it was really extreme.


Sampler : III - Style : Various

Third issue for this sampler made by the famous Displeased records. Liek all smapler, the good & the "bad" bands are showed here. Some tracks are unreleased, some tracks are from albums to come & last ones are fro malbums already available. The good bands are the following ones : Consolation, Houtwiser, Nemnrionic for their brutal death with some grind touches, Altar & its techno thrash/death, Even song & its gothic music, Whiplash & Pestilence with demo songs. The good surprises are Manegarm with an excellent black metal track. It's really original & a great effort on composition has been made. It's quite the same for another black metal band : Vesperian sorrow which proposes a 8 minutes track. Last surprise is The Runtautcult which delivers a highly powerful grind death track; It's a very promising band. The other band ( Crytopsy, Unlord, Sadist & Ontario Blue) are not really convincing, probably due to the weaknesses of their sound & due to the fact that the other bands are really too strong!

Album : Path of the angles - Style : Atmospheric metal

Band E mail : medibird@elender.hu

Even song is a 6 piece band created in 97 in Hungary. They have been signed by Displeased records after only one demo called "Lost tales". So, this album is their first one. At first, most of bands coming form this side of Europe are not reputed for their quality sound because of poor studio. For Even song, it's a big surprise, 'cos the sound & production is very good. The style of the band has been infuenced by the Gothic scene. SO, songs soiund more atmospheric than metal. It's slow tempos full of various harmonies which are often guided by guitars parts. More, som eguitar riffs are very close to heavy metal ("Evensong").Vocals evolve in a death metal range. The few keyboards parts bring a bit more emphasis to song. That's quite the same for the female vocals. Her voice hasn't been put in front of the music & it's really better 'cos it shows that Even Song is not really a copy of The Gathering or Lacuna Coil, even if some songs are domnated by female vocals ("world within"). Even song renews with the 4 or 5 years ago Doom death atmospheric scene leaded by bands like Nightfall, ÖAfer some years of silence, this style of music is back & with quality album than this one, Even song can be assured to get a great amount of success.

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Album : Death but not buried - Style : Brutal death metal - Interview

The french band Mortuary has issued in 98 one of the most intense brutal death metal album to date. Houwitser trys thi syear to do as well or better than these "little frenchies". At first, Houwitser is a band formed by ex Sinister's members ( Drummer, guitarist & singer) + a bassist coming from Judgement Day. So, it's really not beginners in the death metal scene. If the production cannot be compared to Mortuary which is one of the most intense & aggressive one heard for ages, Houwitser sounds less heavy but gets a clearer sound which is also a good thing. The technical level of these guys is absolutly perfect for this kind of music. The drummer is very fast & precise, guitar parts are aggressive & sometimes quite technical ("I shape the suffering"). Vocals are as awful as possible. So, Houwitser has even released one of the most interessant & well done brutal death metal album for 99. It combines the heaviness of death with the brutality of grind & the technical level used in thrash metal. This album like Even Song's one is also a good CD rom where some of the most recent Displeased records are presented with musical exceprts. So, it's definitly a good way to discover some of the most brutal indie bands.

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Style : brutal death metal - Album : incomplete

Email : brionic@dds.nl - http ://people.a2000.nl/Vdoorns/Nembrionic

Displeased records find in Nembrionic an ultimate brutal band ! Strongly influenced by 80& 90ís extreme metal stuffs, Nembrionic took the ebst of these 2 period to create its infernal music. Nembrionic can remain bands like Immolation, Napalm Death, .or Slayer but with sometimes an atonishing melodic approach. These musicians have got a real sense of composition, Ďcos songs rea never boring because of a too much long aggressivity. The band alternates its riffs & rythms & then, it ends with something very listenable. More, the excellent production of this album blended with their good arrangements turns to make this album as something indispensable for all fans of brutal music & the little reference to Tom Arraya & Slayer in « Murtrered Streaking » proves that Nembrionic is a really recommendable band. & it become more & more obvious with the excellent « Hurricane », a Motorhead-Venom inspired song which features as one of their best track ! & donít forget to hear this album Ďtil its end Ďcos thereís a surprising song as ghostrack !


Style : brutal death metal - Album : Stahlplaat

Created more than 10years ago, « Stahlplaat » is the 3rd album of Consolidation. Having found the right production that belong to this style of music, Consolidation destroys all during43 minutes of this album. Itís intense , itís raw, itís rarely melodic (except for « Camel song » for example . This songs sounds really different from the other ones but its surrounding is really sultry), but itís really well made. With outstanding vocals, Consolidation makes us discover again this typical loud guitar sound often used in the 90ís by bands like Entombed & Obituary. Evolving in a brutal vein, Consolidation is decided to make it as brutal as possible but wthout forgotten to include arrangements & break parts. Thatís the reason why thsi album is so good. Itís not aggression for aggression , itís totally built & controlled, & then, itís more efficient. Sometimes close to the grindcore style, Consolidation is able to create more technical parts like in « cold blooded cold » & even . By this time, the band lets us more think of bands like Massacre or Morgoth. Those who like brutal music will be convinced & for the other one , the diversification of songs, their quality of play can maybe decide them to give more than one hear to this incredible aggressive album, one of the best made in brutal death.


Style : thrash-death metal - Album : Provoke - Interview

After a legendary demo (& god created satan to blame for his mistakes ) that has been sold to more than 1500 copies, several companies were interested to sign Altar. Itís finally Displeased records that get ehm. So, 2 years later in 1994 is released « Youth against Christ », followed by « Ego Art » that make them play to th efamous Eindhoven 20000 fans. « Provoke » is their 3rd album. This one will prabably make Altar become one of the most importnat thrash metal bands in Europe. If on ecomparison had to be made, iíd say that Altar is like a cross between Fight ( the project made by Rob Halford after his departure of Judas) & Sepultura ( for the vocals & some parts). But musically speaking, itís really raw & intense & with just enough melody. The band shows a high level of originality & with songs like « toute 666 », « silent force » , « wasted world » ( & its amazing riffs) & so on, the road to success is really opened for them. Guitars parts are excellent even in the solis that have been really well worked even in their sound diversity & itís a real demonstration of efficience & energy. « Provoke » is this kind of album that make you headbanging . More, thereís a cover on this album of Acceptís hymns « Fast as a shark ». Altar is slowly but surely building its way & album after album, this name become a symbol of quality & originality.

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