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Contact : Ronald A. Kulakowski - Dominion Records , P.O. Box 70 Skillman, NJ 08558 USA

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Dominion is a young label created in 1994. Dominion meets success & become rapidly a growing & international recognised record company. The goal of Dominion is let by the passion of its manager to promote & produce works of art. So, you already know that Dominion is not another label releasing extreme bands & music. The label is proud to have bands that all come from heavy metal. Dominion proves in that way that if the asis come from this style, all bands can play it differently, including various influences & elements. That's also why Dominion is not releasing different bands with the same music. All bands are really different from the others. Here's a reason why, Dominion has got few releases by now, but if you read the review of these bands you'll see that it's always quality & original bands with a very good production. Dominion is a small independant label but like Heathendoom for example, they're able to compete with the best & reputed labels worldwide. 

One another thing to know is that their products are only available in CD. Each ones cost 15 $, including international shipping, except the band Tanelorn , Undertow & the compilation Tomorrow the world available for 10$. That's really interested prices. 

Read the interview of Ronald, the manager!!!

Releases :

& also Undertow , Tomorrow the world ,


Savior Servant is a heavy metal band coming from New York, USA. The band wants its music to reflect the gamut of emotions that define humanity. So, this 4 piece band compose diferent songs that can sound darkly depressive or hopeful. They've just released their first selftittled album for Dominion records. Through a good production, the band starts with a powerful metal songs, "trippin" that is near from power thrash. At this time, the band remains me Anthrax ( with Sound of a white noise) or Fight. It's probably due to the way to play rythmic parts & because of their good singer. He's got a great & loud voice that can sometimes take tones like John Bush or James Hettfield or Dave Mustaine on songs like "trippin" or "alleytown". He really knows how to use his voice to bring the best vocals line to a song. But his voice is really better 'cos he uses different tones giving a various surroundings to each songs. He can simulteanously bring powerful  like on "In my head" or he can whisper on "Wimstis", he can take a loud voice (close to Alice in Chains) on" Monastery " & he can sing with a voice full of emotion & feeling on the magnificient song like "Stillborn" with fantastic acoustic guitar parts. Musically speaking the whole album is really solid & homogenous. Each musicians make a good work & give his best on each songs. So, they succeed in creating various ambient & climate on songs. Their Heavy metal is really captivating from the beginning to the end, including power metal songs, slow & gloomy songs or ballad.

Savior Servant proposes a definitly various heavy metal album, inspired by the american metal bands. These competent musicians give us a refreshing album . Surely a good departure & a band to follow!


This band is coming from Denver, USA. All members in the band studied music. So, its obvious (when you hear them), that they work in a professional way . So, they all have a brilliant technical level. & for a band that wants to evolve in the progressive metal style, it's really an advantage. "Introspect" is their third album but the first for Dominion records. The Quiet Room is surely growing in the international sceene. They described themselves as blending the powerful of metal & the solid emotional expression that some progressive bands losts.More over, the excellent production & sound bring a lot to appreciate them. But, a good sound doesn't mean that the band was inspired. It's not the case for them.

The Quiet Room succeeds in playing an original blend of metal music. The influences of the band seems to be European metal bands. To give you an idea of what they sound, imagine that they remain Queensryche ("Operation Mindcrime "or "Empire" period) which have find again inspiration & powerful . If your favorite bands are Symphony X or Eldritch, The Quiet Room evolves in the same way . But be careful, because it's really not a copy but a real personal work.

Songs are sometimes powerful, sometimes they bring emotion & sometimes they blend these 2 aspects like in "Altered past". All arrangements show the subtlety & the musical genius of this band. Each song is complex, but always coherent & not only demonstrative. That's a reason why The Quiet Room is so impressive. Songs are never a collection of riffs. So, it's more united & it has more power. The singer is one of the most talentuous one i've heard coming from USA. He proves that heavy metal singing is not old fashioned & that it's the best way to say his emotion on music. He owns a real charisma like in "Drowning", which remains strongly Queensryche. Guitars are very complementary & incisive like in "Experimental". Guitarists own a rare technical level & ability to show & build melody & feelings like in "Second time around". The drummer & bassist bring cohesion & a superior level of subtlety to the band. & finally keyboards are not omnipresent but always used to strenghten songs like in "Suspended seconds".

To resume, if Dream Theater is referencee in progressive metal , The Quiet Room develops his own style ( sometimes close to them in "Undetermined") , that is more compact & so, with an immediate effect. It's sure that if originality is one of the qualities of this band, their extreme ability to compose offers audience to listen to one of the best progressive metal band worldwide. It's obvious that The Quiet Room can compete with the best progressive metal bands on earth. More over, as soon as begin the first track of the album, you're convinced that you're listening to one of the best progressive metal album ever released & truly the best one in 1997.  "Introspect" is definitly impressive & indispensable for metal fans. Read the interview!!!.


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Mercury Rising is a five piece band based on Baltimore (USA). The band was created in 1991. The main difficulty was to strenghthen the line up (line up was completed on ly in 1992). The band 's philosophy is no boundaries, no limits, no excuses. they give them the means to became a professional & major band for the coming years. Mercury Rising has released yet a demo & one track on an international comilation CD. Mercury Rising describes itself as a unique blend of power, new age & progressive influences. They craft an intense form of artistic metal filled with melodic integrity. "Upon deaf ears" is their first album released through Dominion records in 1994 . As a proof of their incredible talent, Noise distributes in Europe this first album later.

"Upon deaf ears" : After a short intro, that can let think that Mercury Rising is another prog metal band coming frooom USA, the following tracks proves that Mercury Rising is more an heavy-speed metal band, influenced by the major european bands such as Judas Priest, Helloween, Gamma Ray, ...Of course, their metal is enriched by more technical parts, as in the main prog metal bands, but the main album is easier to be listened to. It's sure that a good heavy speed metal album also demands a serious technical level & Mercury Rising has got it.

Mercury rising sounds like the best metal bands & for a first album , the band reveals an amazing potential & qualities that only belong to experimented & brilliant musicians. Such a degree of maturity & quality for a young band in impresive. The cohesion between musicians is excellent. They all play at a rare level of competence. The 5 guys all work in the same direction. Of course (but in the 80's it was rarely the case), the singer is excellent. In this style of metal, it's one of the most important thing for a band ( & it surely explain the lack of interest for the 80's metal bands). He's got a powerful & clear voice that can sometimes remains a blend of Lizzy borden & Queensryche.

Songs evolve in a multi dimensional way. They're all different from each other & there's no failure on them. All arrangements are subtle & always bring something more to songs. Guitarists are excellent & have nothing to learn from the best ones in this style. They complement each other & sound very powerful ( i.e. "light to grow") This time again, production is excellent (i'd say like always with Dominion records' releases), powerful & clear at the same time, very dynamic & original. Facing such qualities, it's very hard to describe bands & music. I really think that the best way to appreciate it is to get it as soon as possible.

To resume, Mercury rising has got an incredible personality for such a young band. they have got indeniable qualities & originality. It's evidence to say that this band is able to compete with the best metal bands worldwide. they also can bring together again fans of heavy metal & prog metal. With "Upon deaf ears", Mercury rising proposes a very refreshing & inventive album & renews heavy metal. The band is now working on their second album, still with Dominion records & still distributed in Europe by Noise records.

New album : Building RomeMercury Rising - Building RomeAlbums of the month July August 1998: MERCURY RISING

Now the band is back with a second production ; 'Building Rome', still released in Europe through Noise prods & in USA by Dominion records. This time, in comparison with their first & excellent album, Mercury Rising has really evolved. Its metal was more classical in 94 that it is now. They really worked a lot to renew their style & find its own personality. This ends with certainly one of the best heavy metal - prog influenced album of the 1998 year. All of those who discovered the band through their first album were convinced Mercury rising was incredible but it's really the less to say when you hear 'Building Rome'. The musical complexity linked to the richness of their inspiration proves that Mercury Rising is now the deserving successor of Queensryche & the subtleties of songs is the perfect counterpoint to the powerful riffs created by the 2 skilled guitarists Mike Evans & Judd Rizzo. It's really impossible to put in the high lights one or another track of this album. The vocals work is really brilliant. Even if the 'Lizzy borden' similarity can still be found, Clarence Osborne has worked a lot to enrich its abilities. He features now as one of the best & most original singer of the USA.  The only word to add about this new album of Mercury Rising is that it's absolutly indispensable for all heavy metal fans . & prog metal fans will find all they want to hear too. 

UNDERTOWUndertow wants to bring a fresh idea of how music should be heard & seen. The band is described as having a modern alternative approach with a unique blend of influences. 


"The other side" is the debut mCD of Tanelorn, a metal band signed on Dominion records. For a beginning, it's surely a good departure. It's in fact, really difficult to say in which style of metal this band evolves. It could be easier to say that it's a prog metal band but Tanelorn is really different from all prog metal band. At first, the band prefers to create more simple structured songs. But it's als true that for some parts, Tanelorn shows impressive technical qualities, that belongs to prog metal bands. But, Tanelorn is also able to create powerful parts, sometimes near from thrash metal. so, it's really an unclassifiable band that this one. It's a proof of originality. Songs are often based on good a simple melodies, that are immediatly recognizable. The tittle track of the mCD is surely the best one proposed by Tanelorn. It's a more atmospheric song that can remain Judas Priest (on its beginning). The chant on this one is very well worked & inspired. The singer shows that he's got a deep charisma. It's also asong based on melodies made by guitars. By certain side, the singer remains me Bruce Dickinson, by the loud & powerful aspect of his voice & by the emphasis brought on vocals line. Guitarists blend melodies & powerful & one of their best quality is to play some simple leads for some songs. It's really a non sense to always play hyper technical leads played at a high speed. The guitarist knows that. On "Brain fed", the band shows that they also know how to play aggressive music & this song can remain Metallica at his beginning. The particularity of Tanelorn is to always counterbalance the powerful parts with soft ones. the whole give a contrasted mCD that is listened to with a real pleasure. On my own, i really regret that there's only 5 tracks on it. With such qualities & intelligence, the first album will surely assert Tanelorn on the whole metal sceene, because this band is able to please a very large audience.

TOMORROW THE WORLD : This compilation shows diverse collection of heavy metal artist like Mercury Rising , Olier Magnum , Ziad, ....

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