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Contact : Hozotte Lionel / 184 bisrue du plessis bouchard / 95130 Franconville - France Tel 33 1 30 72 09 08

What are your influences ?

Weíve many influences in the band ; Thrash Bay area : Violence, old Testament, Death angel, ...but too Motorhead, Gangreen, Suicidal tendencies, Machine head, Nuclear assault, SOD, MOD, slayer & many others

What does your bandís name means ? Why did you choose it & add « SOS » later?

We call now Doomsday « SOS » because we know others bands in Switzerland & Spain who have the same name ; & our last demotape (94) called « Scum of Society » & we decide to put « SOS » to Doomsday & thereís a play on words with Doomsday « SOS » ; Ironie ..... ! !

Why did you choose belgium for your recording ? Is it because of the rate quality/price ? French offers was not good ?

Because we know the work of A Gielen with others bands like Channel Zero, Hoax, ... & the good result in Hautregard studio. With this first CD, we wanted quality & learn with a professionnal guy. The price : We donít know the price in France & we donít know a competent producer here & itís the most important for a band who have no experience in studio.

With such a visit card, you must have contacts with labels, distributors. Which ones?

Of course, for the label, we have a good contact with Thunder records (See on labels page). But we look for a label to go out of France but itís very hard for a french band to have a deal with Massacre, Nuclear Blast or Roadrunner, ...With « Conditioned ! » we have distributors like : Holy records, Dolphins records, Lard records (japan & Belgium), Whiplash rec. (Italy), FNACís Paris (France) & many independants (Rockíníroll voltage, Le pot díétain, ...) shops.

10 days of live recording for 9 songs & a total time about 30 minutes. Do you think about « Reign in Blood » during the recording ?

No...the songs are short...Itís like this, we donít take our watch when we play & when we write, but perhaps for people who buy the CD itís short & for our next album, we think thereís more music for fans...

Tell us about the recording time in studio

Oh, it was short to do 9 songs with only 10 days. Weíre not rich...we have played « live » all the time & after we have double the guitars & do the singing & solis. We do 5 or 6 hours by day for live , itís tired... For the mix : 3 days... again too short.

On your own opinion, what is the main quality & main fault of this album ?

On it, thereís few effecets, is it a real choice or a lack of time ? Quality : We donít know exactly : powerful, energetic... & some good songs ? The bad is the mix. Sure, we donít like it. With more time, sure th eresult would have been better...But weíre happy with it...It sounds pure & raw & we Ďve learned mny things with André & Lionel.

What are your projects for now & for the future ?

Weíre on Metal XIII compilation (XIII bis records) for june 97. We play on June in Paris for the festival Night of Thrash & play with Gwar on 21/06/97 at Paris & tour with Art sonic (See inin the french band's page or read their interview) for oct/nov. 97 & we write for the next album & have new songs & hope have a deal with a competent label. Thanks very much Laurent & stay brutal. WAKE UP IN FRONT OF THE DOOMSDAY

review : After hearing this album it's evidence that this band is influenced by Bay area bands like Exoduxs, Forbidden & Violence. This music is really energetic. The singer sings like a damned & remains me Paul Baloff (in the first Exodus). songs link up at a speed & crazy cadence but all are really different from each others. On the average, Doomsday "SOS" 's songs are short. They try to not stretch songs in lenghth. So they don't loose their powerful & energy. With this band & this album, it's like a re -discovery of original thrash metal. Doomsday "SOS" proves this time that a controlled aggressivity is more efficient than noise.
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