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Contact : Didier Bauer / 2 rés. Ch. Kroeflé / Rue des fleurs / 68300 Saint Louis - FRANCE Tel : 03 89 70 12 02

1 When i heard your first album "In doctrine...nation", i feel you have new influences. What are they & what was the old ones? 

No! I think we've got the same influences than before : thrash /heavy & power. But we can see that our style has been changed. We like now the music when it's more groovy & powerful. 

2 Downright Malice is a band that have been existed since lot of time with a line up that is always the same. How do you explain that & what's your analysis about the numerous split of bands? 

Maybe it's because we're just friends who're taking good time with our music. I don't care what'sgoing on inside the others formations but generally, the split comes when the members play to be the best musician of the world (I must see that the dream is far...) We're just trying to be & stay the best friends... & then, that's the reason why we play in fun. 

3 Tell us about the recording of your album (recording session & mix)? 

We were about 15 days in the studio to record the 8 songs. Then we needed 5 days for the mix & one for the mastering in Paris. For the 12 colors pages which makes the booklet, we needed 5 months for its conception. All that work was a race in time. But at the end, we were & are satisfied & that was our aim. 

4 With such a good visit card, you must have some contacts with record companies, distributors?

Yes, of course. Our work helped us to be worlwide known. But if I must make a list of all distributors, it 'll be too long. I can remember me that we are distributed in France, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, USA & other more.

5 I find that your sound has changed (that's normall for a band), that it was louder, less high & with a different mix in comparison with your last demo "Criminally insane". Is it the result of new influences? 

No. I'm just playing with another material. For "Criminaly insane", we recorded just one rythmical guitar & for the CD, I recorded 2. The vocal sare more aggressive, but we try to make it in "Criminally insane". You know every time, we play, our sounds coming more powerfull. Now, we 've new songs which are more aggressive than these on the CD. Just wait to listen to!

6 The sound of the drums is very particular, special. Cymbals are recessed. Do you use samples for drums' sound to obtain this special sound?

Oh... Are you a musician??? Yes, we took samples on the drum. Nicky played all drums parts in 2 days & the sound was sampled on the mix. 

7 On your mind, what is the main quality of your album & its main fault?

 Quality : Powerfull & self produced!

Defect : It contains only 8 songs!

8 The band makes a great work in the mix. What do voices say on the right & left on the song "Sniper"? 

It's a reporter who' talking about ethnic conflicts in Sarajevo. We recorded it on MTV & mixed it in this song. We just wanted to sensitize the public who try to forget that people die just 800 kms far from their home. 

9 Didier (guitarist) works a lot his solis. These ones are important elements in the band. Is it a thing that makes a difference between Downright Malice & the others bands?

No. I know a lot of underground bands which hav good solo players. But i appreciate that you like mines! Really!

10 Didier also invests himself in the underground sceene in dfferent projects such as fanzine "Neurotoc zine" What's your opinion about french sceene, the place of Downright Malice, your relations with other bands, & our best bands in diffrent styles?

With Neurotoc'zine, our fanzine, we've got the chance to discover a lot of good (& bad) bands. The french sceene contains good formations, but we need more clubs & concerts organisators. For the bands, I like Diphtery (RIP), Awake, Y Front, ... & lot of others!!!!!

review : "In doctrine...nation" shows a band who put new influences in the songs. DM is now close to power metal band but always with their thrash influences. This mix is really original. Tempos are faster than before. Sound is louder & production is this time without weakness. "In doctrine...nation is absolutly not a demo pressed on CD. It's really an impressive work. The singer also changes his way to sing. Music is more powerful. Since this CD, DM has already played with bands like The almighty, Sacred reich, Trust, no return, ...Now, the band ha got a big visit card which proves that they work in the good direction.
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