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DSTT management c/o Fred Dezeque / 13/2 rue Fragonard / 62000 Arras - France / Fax 33 (0)3 21 73 74 94

1 What's your main influences?

There's no typical band that inspired us. We listen to lots of differents things & continue to have evolution on what we're listening to. Julien prefers classical metal as Metallica, Led zep, ...), Igor prefers rock, Tristan & I listen to vrious styles from techno to black, gothic, ...

2 What's your projects?

Like all bands, touring, festivals, ...We 're going to search for a record company & zines for promotion of "third" (the last demo)

3 In using a violin player, don't you afraid to be compared to My dying Bride or Celestial Season?

It's real that the comparison is often made. It's a real problem. We've aslo been compared to Skyclad, & i have never listened to their music. My dying bride are precursors of doom death with violin, which make their music original. But we've nothing to see with this band. Our way to use violin is different, more atmospheric & experimental.

4 What do you think of french sceene & bands? 

Like everywxhere, there's good verse evil. To be serious, there's some trying to be honest & others thinking that they're in a star system & wanting to make money. I listen to all the french sceene' cos i make a newsletter, distribution, ...France has got for me good bands like Belenos, Mpheral, Asyndess, Forbidden site, ... & good labels as Thunder, Holy, Osmose, ...(See some of them in labels page)But we're lacking of audience & people who organise gigs. They must move!!

5 Will you continue to record you demo on a 8 tracks studio or will you plan to use a 16 or 24 tracks for the future?

The next recording will be more serious. We 'll try to go to a real 24 tracks studio to make something professional. For our demos, the first one (first exutory) we had problem in the mix, for "Intrinsic trip" with time i think it would have been better even if i love it & for "Third" it's a new line up & we're very happy together so it reflect this situation & our evolution.

Review: playing doom death metal with gothic influences, DSTT recorded a first demo in 1996 called (first exultory)e. In the end of 1996, a new demo is recorded. This one is called"intrinsic trip". The band has now solved line up problems & define their own style. DSTT plays a gothic doom. So in april 1997, "Third " is out . As My dying bride ( & since their beginning), DSTT add a violin in the band, which brings the gothic influences in their doom. They also try to diversifiate voices. A real work was made to put differents atmopheres in the parts of songs. Then, DTT songs are quite long & with lots of melodic arrangements (by violin & also by guitar solis). DTT has good melodies ideas but is still waiting for a better production to assert itself
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