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Be Careful : This company failed in bankrupt! Dzynamite records doesn't live anymore!

History :

Dzynamite tried to work in a really different way than the common labels. At first, Dzynamite took its time to sign bands & as you'll see there's some impressive & others where you'll find confirmed talentuous musicians. This record company worked in a very professional way & closer to major companies than from underground ones by its attitude.  But due to some financial problems, Dzynamite fall in bankrupt! End of th estory.....

The company , created by Tobjôrn (Toby) Jôrgenssen had got also a genuine idea. Dzynamite 's CD's were often CD rom where you find biography of all the bands signed on the label & for some, you'll also have the possibility to listen to the whole production of Dzynamite. Then, you'll hear that there's the next major bands for the forth coming years....

I'll talk of some bands signed on Dzynamite through the promo sampler, released in 1996. This sampler was released to show that Dzynamite was to be taken for a serious way. That's why some presentation will be shorter than others. Sorry!!

As the company felt into bankrupt some bands have gone out of Dzynamite like Gutrix & Illwill ( now on Diamond records). Explode is no longer with them, Evergrey is released on Gothenburg Noiseworks... ( )


Dzynamite Releases : NME WITHIN ; ORIGINAL SIN ; KEEGAN .


LISA GIVES HEAD : Bio - review

Lisa Gives Head's new album is "A Closer Look At The Ground" . This is trash metal at the best, mixed with the anger and frenzy of hardcore punk. LGH are based in Malmš, Sweden even though two of the band members have their origin in the deep forests of Finland. Their destructive way of living are focused in the lyrics, but the aggression seems almost cultivated through the intelligent way the band combine word and music. Listening to "A Closer Look At The Ground" feels like being run over by a steamroller, this is trademark of the "new" Lisa Gives Head. ". The birth of Lisa Gives Head back in 1989. The band members came from legendary punk bands Puke and Black Uniforms. In the beginning this was reflected in the music by their desire to play as fast as possible. They toured Scandinavia twice with the American hardcore band Accused, they supported bands like Pitchshifter and they played at Sweden's top open-air event, the Hultsfred Festival. Rapidly, their name means excellent llive act. By 1994, they release their debut album "Give The Iron". At this time the band had slowed down the tempo a tiny, tiny bit compared to their earlier hardcore style. "A Closer Look At The Ground" was recorded at Sunlight Studio by Tomas Skogsberg (with bands like Entombed, Refused and Dismember & ùainly others).

It's true that this band is a killer aggressive one. It's a kind of power metal -hardcore. They're really in that trend & have the power to burst out in the metal sceene & to take the place of the major acts of this sceene, even if its difficult ot have a definitly opinion on only one track. a good blend between aggressivity & powerful with some melodies. 

EVERGREY : Bio - review

If you draw a triangle and name the corners Pantera, Megadeth and Queensryche you will, in one way or another, end up with 180 degrees of pure metal. It takes a hell of a lot to make this work, Evergrey succeeds! This is a piece from a review Evergrey got on their first demo which later led to their contract with Dzynamite Records. Evergrey started up in the spring of 94 and was formed by the two guitarists who had been writing and playing together since 89 in various bands and other music related occupations. They hooked with a drummer, a bass player and a keyboard player - the band was complete! Influenced by everything in between classical music, poems and the occult they started writing and composing together and obviously it turned out quite well. They have been getting great response and one journalist even voted them the best demo of 95. During the summer and fall of 96 they will be recording their debut album which is set to be released in November. So keep your eyes open and have your ears ready to get a load of Evergrey.

Evergrey is a promising power metal band. This one could easily compete with Tad Morose. Created by skilled musicians, their music is based on melodies. The singer has got an original voice, sometimes close to Jeff Scott Soto, but in a more powerful way. A convincing track & a good way to wait for the album!!!

IN THE COLONNADES : Bio - review

There's no doubt that In The Colonnades have long been one of Swedens's most controversial bands. Not to mention one of the heaviest and best. Since the formation of the band and the launch of their self-tilted debut, containing the thundering masterpiece "Kill The Sun", ITC has built a reputation as truly unique manifestation of northern power.On their latest attack; "Rest And Recreation" ITC has joined forces with power producer Tomas Skogsberg (Entombed, Dismember etc) and the result is... Well, sometimes words just ain't enough.Empires, fashions and TV-sitcoms may come and go, but one thing remains perpetual: In The Colonnades.

A very different bands in Dzynammite productions. (like Lisa give Head, in fact). It's less melodic than the others bands. Sound is very loud. It sounds like a death-hardcore band. It's brutal . But the advantage with In the colonnades is that it's a band with a goo dsound & a band which creates songs with a good structure. It's never a collection of riffs played at a ultra speed tempo. It's better slow or mid ones, especially to strenghen the power of the music. Guitars are also more simple & so are louder too.  

KEEGAN : Bio - review

The man behind the group KEEGAN is Jeff Keegan. The band started up in Sweden in October 1992 with the recording of Keegan«s first CD, titled "Agony in Despair". That album was released in November 1993. Jeff played all instruments except for the drums, which were handled by Anders Johansson, internationally well known from his work with Yngwie Malmsteen and Blue Murder. That recording became sort of a solo project and also a platform to develop the band for the future. The music had influences from groups like Queensryche and Metallica but still with its own sound and ideas. Jeff now decided to put together a complete band before commencing recording of the next album. After many auditions the band was finally completed during the summer 1994. While completing the band, new songs had been written, and in October 1994 the band started to record the new album "Mind no Mind", in the Roasting House Record Studio in Malmš, Sweden. Recordings and mixing was completed in the end of 1995. The album contains 10 songs with an aggressive and heavy sound with a lot of details and complexity. The band has recently started with live performances as support act for the bands like Helloween and Bruce Dickinson/Skunkworks. Beside this the band is now composing songs for the third recording, which is scheduled to take place during the first half of 97.

It's good to see that heavy speed metal is not dead. Keegan plays it at its best. If Keegan said in the bio that Metallica & Queensryche had influenced them, i'd add Judas Priest &Helloween-Gamma Ray. It's very dynamic. There's good arrangements in music & good melodies. The whole is attracting & refreshing. There's now a revival in heavy metal ( listen to Dominion records 's production, for example) & Keegan is in a good place to see its name growing in that sceene. Keregan is now signed on Diamond records

NME WITHIN : Bio - review

On 1994, Jonas Anderson recorded backing vocals on Rat Salads album, The Golden Playground, at Skylight Studio, Eskilstuna, and secured a solo-deal with Dolphin Records. This turned out to be a major mistake... but a chance to do a record. He teamed with other guys & so, Nme Within came up and the band was formed. They recorded the Nme Within's CD-debut, Son Of A Gun, but it wasn't actually released until the beginning of '95, together with Rat Salad's, The Golden Playground, on the same displeasing label. Nme Within almost immediately told Dolphin Music Production to go fuck themselves after lack of interest in promoting the CD and the search for a new deal was up. There is actually record companies out there who doesn't want to make money! On 1995, a tour started with Morgana Lefay, Colorblind and Nme Within & with a new line up they recorded "In Bloom" for the Tribute Records album A Tribute To Nirvana . On 1996, a record deal with Dzynamite Records was set. So they recorded the first full-length album (with working title Science Krisifikktion) . Some guests appears on vocals : HŒkan Hemlin of Swedish "mega-folk-band" Nordman , Transport League, Iron Shitsnakes and former B-thong vocalist, Tony Jelencovic.

With Nme Within, we enter the kingdom of an excellent & indispensable power thrash metal. This band is incredible . It's surely the best one in that style. On the begining track of the Cd "Retaliation", the band let the impression of an hardcore influenced bands. But it's not reallu the case. In fact, Nme Within is a perfect blend of all a band need to unite all those who listen to metal music. there's some influences of Metallica, Pantera, Fight, Annihilator, ...The production is near from perfection : a rare powerful blended with a clearness & original arrangements (utopian konnection). Wrks made by guitars is impressive by their precision. On some songs, it can easily remain what Jeff Waters propose on his last album "Remains". But "Science Krucifiktion" was released before. In comparison with several power tharsh bands, Nme Within owns an incredible singer, that is able to scream, to sing & even do the same in the same time. It's one of the best singer in all styles of metal, in the same time melodic & aggressive, with a clear & high voice or with a loud one. It allows the band to create an original blend. On some songs, Nme Within evolves in the same direction than did Death Angel : all brutality & aggressivity is always counterbalance by a melodic part. It strenghten the force of the whole CD. More over, all tracks are linked together. It's really difficult ot describe such an original band. there's nothing disturing in this album, no weakness or failure, like if it was the perfect album. I think that some bands can fear Nme Within 'cos this band is going to burst out & to assert itself on the scene.  The only mistake should be to ignore this album. 

ORIGINAL SIN : Bio - review

It started with the beginning of human time and has been brought forward through the ages known as ORIGINAL SIN. So as this evolution developed, so in time, did the band Original Sin.This formation took place in Los Angeles in the early part of 1990, as Edgar "Paul" Allen turned his years of experience as a drummer transforming into a vocalist/frontman, and with the help of Andy Haller, who has been written up twice in Guitar Magazine, and he also performed on the multi-platinum album for Doctor Dre and Snoop Doogi Dogg, and Tim Miller who teaches Rock/Metal bass theory for 10 years at M.I.T. in Hollywood. ORIGINAL SIN grew into one of the hottest,well-known bands to hit the Sunset Strip club scene in Hollywood, playing shows with bands like Rhino Bucket and Bang Tango.

Paul moved to Sweden in May of 1995, after signing a production deal for ORIGINAL SIN, but that never turned into what was expected, and , for the time being, the rest of the band stayed in America. However, Paul remained in Sweden to continue with ORIGINAL SIN, and while looking for people to play with, hooked up with members of Espinoza, featuring Peter Espinoza (former guitarist of Nasty Idols fame). Immediately things started to happen! Just about every major newspaper and magazine gave positive response to the new line-up of the band with interviews and live show reviews! The band supported Yngwie Malmsteen, with the help of EMA TELSTAR, throughout his Scandinavian tour 1995, plus performing in over 25 shows of their own. During the first half of 1996, Peter decided to leave the band and pursue other interests. It was inevitable that ORIGINAL SIN was to now be brought back to life, and Paul and Andy, utilising a couple of local Swedish musicians, finished recording their songs at Berno Studios, for their upcoming new CD, tentatively being titled "Temptation", capturing their unique style of metal tunes, containing heavy riffs, with sometimes underlying religious overtones in melodic lyrics, meshing with monstrous guitar leads. The CD is to be completed et the end of 1996 for early 1997 release. Already major interest has started to flourish, and again with the help of EMA TELSTAR, the band is planning a support tour to promote this incredible debut album by ORIGINAL SIN.

"Temptation is the ultimate album that Black Sabbath could have released! The perfect following of an album like "Heaven & hell" or "Mob rules". But Original Sin is not really a copyof Black Sabbath. They use their large influences to continue in the same direction. Original Sin has got various influences & carateristics ( "Bad Child" ) , even if the common points between the 2 bands are pice of evidence ( loud bass play , drums parts, ...) . So, it's a real heavy band. Musically speaking, musicians are quite excellent especially the lead guitarist & singer. Bass & Drums complement each other & gives songs a good cohesion. They also bring a lot of subtelties in their game that enrich songs a lot ("Temptation", Flight to Jupiter" , or "No way out") . As i said before, the singer is impressive & has got a voice which is the ideal compromise between Ozzy & Dio : powerful, clear & melodic. Teh band has got a real musician ship in counterbalancing loud parts with melodies. As a tribute to Black Sabbath, the band makes a cover of "Symptom of the universe" . There's also a fantastic instrumental songs called "Flight to Jupiter", which allows the band to prove that they're not prisoners fr mtheir influences ( also on "heart of steel"). Even, if Original Sin is composed of skilled & technically superior musicians, the band succeeds in keeping a musical cohesion & coherence in songs,  during the whole album. SO, "Temptation" is a real rebirth for the heavy metal sceene, because of its incredible potential & efficience. As Gutrix or Nme Within, Temptation is also a Cd rom where you'll find bio from other Dzynamite production & a video where you'll discover the band during the recording session of "Temptation "in studio. Great idea!

SWEDISH EROTICA : bio -review

Swedish Erotica is a institutional band that brings you the best of Swedish metal, and as you can tell of their name they are very exotic for our Japanese fellows. They have released a few albums and broke recently up with their former record company. Dzynamite will now continue the honourable job spread their albums throughout the world.

I wonder why so much people talks about the death of heavy metal. Swedish Erotica is not really a newcomers on the sceene & their experience helps them to propose this time again a masterpiece in heavy metal. In comparison with Original Sin, Swedish Erotica evolves in a more melodic tone that let burst out some "rock" influences like in BMR for example. Lke always, the production is phenomenal & nothing allows to make a difference between this band & a major acts that had tons of media exposure. 

TIMELESS HALL : Bio - review

TIMELESS HALL is a Scandinavian/American band comprised of two Danes, one Norwegian and an American. Since their inception in early 1993, TIMELESS HALL has written and recorded one full-length compact disc. To support their recording endeavours, the band has toured Denmark intensively on the club circuit, opening for such acts as MANOWAR, JONI BISHOP and MERCYFUL FATE, just to name a few. TIMELESS HALL recently completed the recordings of a 3 track single, to be followed by a full length album. TIMELESS HALL«s style can be described as classically styled, progressive and melodic hard-rock, songs for the barbarian or the bard in us all! All members of Timeless Hall have studied classically for their chosen instrument(s).

It seems that the grunge wve is definitly dead & that heavy rock bands make a good come back. Timeless hall as Naked Rain, evolves in a style that was very important in the end of the 80's with bands like Ratt, Motley Crue , White Lion, ....To play this kind of music needs a good technical level & a perfect production, 2 elements that you'll find in this band.

XPLODE : Bio - review

formed in 1996 Feauturing Michael Uppman / Lead vocals - Ex. Y.Malmsteen, Critical Mass (US), Paradise, Sex Shooters, Playground, Autocrash Anders Arstrand / Guitar, Vocals - Ex. Playground, Mötley Jovi, Red Nex Jan Walles / Bass, Vocals - Ex. Playground, Mötley Jovi Conny Bevelius / Drums, Vocals - Ex. Sex shooters, Blizzard of Hits.

Xplode has not recorded an album yet but on the promo sampler released by Dzynamite, there's one track ( a demo version) that gives a good opinion about the band. For a demo , the sound is pretty good ( & better than for some albums i've ever heard). Musically talking, Xplode plays heavy metal at a mid tempos. It seems that they blend various influences & elements from Heavy metal. That's certainly why this band is unclassifiable. With only one track in a demo version, X plode shoiws an interesteing potential. 


I've no informations about this band, so i'll only describe it through the music. Naked Rain comes from Denmark. They play some heavy rock at a high level of quality. There's like a revival of this sceene since the decrease of the grunge wave & Naked Rain is indisputably one the best band in that style. Musically talking,the band remains me White Lion, Talisman or Harem Scarem. Naked Rain proposes a good blend between originality & quality. At first, the production is quite perfect & that's an important point for that style of music. Then, the sound is really powerful & gives a good dynamism to songs. Teh bass guitar is very loud & present & sometimes there's some keyboards apparition . this one has got a tone close to the 70's & add a rock touch to songs. Created by excellent musicians, Naked Rain makes a great work on melodies. They've got a real musicianship & melody sense. But they don't forget also the powerful of heavy metal like on "Alibi" for example. More over, the band innovates in that style, in the way to structure their songs, which are better than the average ( "No mans land"). Of course, there's some ballads like on "One step behind" The singer has got a very warm voice. He's got a real personality; So, it's never an "sterilize" music. Like I said beforen on some songs, Naked Rain shows that their main influences come from the 70's & so "Misled Man" for example is more a rock song. So, there's a lot of groove & feeling in the music ( "No alibi" )& it's very pleasant to listen to this band.  Each songs concel its own brainwave that made songs unique & indispensable. So, "Brothers & sister"s is an excellent album of heavy rock full of subtleties & feeling; A total successs!

FLOW : bio - review

"Influences are farreaching" said their guitarist : from jazz to film music...John, the guitarist is in the metal sceene since the 80's. He studied music to be able to express what he wants musically. But one of the goal of the band is better to to be a united band than to be 5 excellent individuals. That's their feeling

On the promo sampler, released by Dzynamite, Flow propose one track in a demo version. But it's really an incredible one. Flow will suit to all fans of prog & technical metal like Dream Theater & Shadow Gallery. It's a perfect blend bvetween these 2 bands : powerful, melodies, subleties, surroundings, ...These musicians have impressive technical level, that can certainly allows them to play in jazz bands .  in this 8 minutes tracks, the band shows all their potential. All the qualities that belong to good prog metal bands. The full album is awaited!

BEYOND : bio - review

Beyond was created in 1991 in Gothenburg, Sweden. After a tour in the swedish club sceene & a demo, the band is finally signed by Dzynamite. 

The track on the sampler is also a demo version. Beyond sounds more like a classical band in th edzynamite productions. They play a heavy-thrash metal, certainly influenced by bands of the bay area like Metallica, Anthrax. But it sounds more modern. There's a good work on guitars & it's very dynamic. A band to follow!

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