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ECLIPSE records :

Address- Eclipse Records Corporation 23 Ward Avenue Butler, NJ 07405 U.S.A.

Website address-

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Staff- Christopher Poland - President / A&R Pat Hamel - Network Admin. / A&R Nicole Rene' - Publicity Jeff Daniels - Publicity

Eclipse Releases are distributed through Valley Records Distributors (DNA). Stores, distributors may place orders by calling 1-800-845-8444 Eclipse releases are available for sale through our website, mail-order, and by calling 1-800-ASK-TOWER for phone sales through Tower Records.

History, Releases,

ECLIPSE Records Corporation (ERC) is a growing indipendent label based in northern New Jersey , near from New York City. Created in early 1996 by Christopher Poland, the aim was to promote at first a few local bands. But it quickly grew into a small corporation.

Then, , ERC joined the Association for Independent Music (formerly known as NAIRD). Through making contacts in AFIM as well as lots of hard work, ECLIPSE landed a commercial distribution deal with VALLEY RECORD DISTRIBUTORS (DNA) for its releases.

CIPHER and MONSTER is the 2 new artist that saw their album released in mid - 1997 by ECLIPSE. Other ECLIPSE releases include various compilation CD's such as "OUTER LIMITS" featuring bands with members of Non-Fiction, MOD, HADES and 16-VOLT, as well as a track produced by Bobby "Biltz" Ellsworth well known for his contribution to the cult US band s OVERKILL.

ERC is also working on distributing selected releases through a mail-order catalog as well as website sales. That's why, ERC's team grows up regularly & wih the help of some passionned, they find new great unsigned artists.

Releases :



Album : Bleed - Style : Thrash-death metal

Recorded in 1996, this 4 tracks CD is a pure pleasure for all odl Thrash metal fans. Blending its music with some old thrash metal influences " Nailed Shut ") as well as some more "modern" sonorities, Disarray is a mid tempos metal band. To describe them, it'll easier to imagine a blend of Testament / Exodus with Obituary. The sound is really heavy with loud backing vocals as it used to be in the thrash metal bands of the 80's. With some innovative parts, this music doesn't seem old-fashioned no more. Vocals parts are typical of the 80's. It remains old Metallica, Forbidden. It's more evident with the high quality guitar solos on some tracks. It sounds like Kirk Hammett at his beginning. The best track is undisputably " Bleed ", which strongly remains Metallica ( " & justice for all ") with a killer riff & vocal parts. It's very efficient & it's sure that with a full length album, Disarray can make a real surprise in the underground metal scene.

Album : A lesson in respect - Style : power Death metal - Interview

 This is the debut album of Disarray for Eclipse records. After som eyears in the true underground US metal scene, Disaray finaaly gets its chance ! Created in 1993, Disarray never stops growing & growing, getting more & more audience. Their debut CD "Widespread human disaster" has been sold to more than 8000 copies worldwide. It was followed by a single "Bleed" still availabel through Eclipse records & a live single "Spreading teh death plague" issued in 1997. This growing sucess is also due to an intensive live appearance (Milwaukee festival in 1998, ). Since their beginning, the bans has shared the stage with numerous famous metal acts such as Napalm Death, Crowbar, Anthrax, Obituary, Madball, Exodus, Gwar, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet under, .So, this new album was strongly awaited by a lot of fans ( mor ethan 5 000 downloadings of the Mp3 of "Piss" one of the track of this new album ! ). It contains 13 tracks, including one cover. Disarray's influences comes from th ethrash metal wave but now, the band has enriched it & has included more & newer influences. Disarray called itself an Aggro metal band. It's a combination between old school thrash metal & new school hardcore. It gets the precision & the sound of thrash metal with the energy & attitude of Hardcore. All of this explains why it doesn't sound crap. It gives a fresh side to this music. Disarray gets this high energy that can be found in old Sepultura but with the current sounding. Music is slower but louder. " A lesson in respect" can be described as a modern thrash metal attack. The last track of this album is a surprising cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd : "free bird" . Is it still southern rock ? Disarray really chooses well the tittle of its album. The band deserves a real respect.



'Outer limits' is a compilation Cd. The aim was to show 18 undeground metal bands from USA, playing in different style. A good way to discover the richness of this scene.

It's always hard to present a compilation because of the variety of bands included in it. Some are excellent, some are 'just good', & some won't attract for mainly reason. This one proposes 18 different bands. on the average, this Cd is quite good. The main bands evolves in a power metal ( thrash ) vein. The particularity is that we can discover artists that are well known. For exmaple, Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth has produced the track of Dirt Church, Tickle is composed of ex MOD & Non fiction members, All time low 'singer is the one of Watchtower, the famous technical metal band of the 90's. , ....Some bands are really attractive : Dirt Church with their melodic power thrash with a fantastic break parts, Dying breed with their Bay area influenced power thrash, Tickle with their impressive melodic sense that gives an European touch to their music. As the main band evolves in the same style,it's always some little elements that take our attention : a riffs, a singer, ...Disarray for example will strongly remain Testament ( old period)with a good singer & clear sound. Chronic Breakjob will surprise because of its fusion touch. All time low will bring a more atmospheric feeling with a very good song that could have featured in an Anthrax album like stomp 442. Monster will bring a climate close to what Mordred offered in the 80's. Cipher, that has signed with Eclipse, propose an excellent heavy thrash metal track with a really good singer ( see the presentation of the album!) . freakseed pproposesa return inot the 80's heavy metal. But HMR will be more efficient fo those who prefers hardcore touches. 18 bands that prove the vitality of the Us scene. Outer limits presents some bands that will surely be the coming reference in metal , if a good company gives them the means to exploit their talent.


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Created in 96, Cipher 's goal was to create the most original, beautiful & ferocious music. All members come from a different musical background wich explains the variety of their influences & the richness of their composition. It goes from classic rock to the darkest metal as they said.

A revelation that this first album of Cipher. 'Kingdom of the blind' is a truly masterpiece of heavy thrash metal. Showing that they're influenced by Black Sabbath, Cipher is better the response to Anthrax's last albums (Stomp 442 & 'Sound of a white noise'). Leaded by an excellent singer which owns a voice close to John Bush, & sometimes Bruce Dickinson, Cipher has got a very heavy sound. May be the heaviest I heard for a heavy metal CD. It 's so heavy that t could be have done for a death metal production. however, this huge sound allows them to make us feel the darkness of emotions they wanted to share with us. For all of those who think that last Anthrax 's CD was too much cold for them , this one will easily satisfy them. it's really powerful, melodic & attractive. Some break parts shows another dimension of this band, more melancholic & gloomier. Musically close to perfection, Cipher is composed of excellent musicians that totally masters their instruments & give the best to enrich songs & not to prove they're better than the others. To resume, Cipher is surely the name of a band that means the tomorrow of heavy metal.

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