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Earthcorpse :

Created in 89, after the split of Insurrection, earthcorpse was a power trio & became in 1991 a 5 pice banc. In 92, they released a mini lp , showing a doomy & gloomy atmosphere. After a participation in the famous Shiver compil, the band signed a 2 albums deal with the label. The result is the release of "Born bleeding" a 6 tracks Cd for 45 minutes of excellent Doom metal. 

Earthcorpse succeeds to find a place between My dying bride & Cathedral. Their music blends the 2 best aspects of these 2 bands : the loudness & powerful of Cathedral & the sense of melody & stucture of My Dying Bride. Songs are very emotionnal , even if the voices is a pure death metal one. As this style may be very hard to listento, Earthcorpse works a lot on arrangements of the songs. One guitar plays the loud aspect & give the rythm & the second one does all the melodies. SO, it can sometimes remain a slow version of Paradise Lost's music. Melodies are very attractive & gives a real force to all songs. More, the qualityof the production allows them to have a very good sound & then to be competitive with the whole metal scene. For the rythmic parts, earthcorpse works a lot to diversify its riffs. It's not always power chords riffs & some riffs couls easily be used by power thrash band. So, it's definitly a good surprised that this UK band. A must have for doom metal fan!


Self production - Style: progressive metal - Album : Soft Orange

E mail :

Hungary possesses with Eclipses the most promising band of this country! The originality that they makes proof this group, its technical mastery and its potential make it as one of the most impressive one of this scene. Unclassifiable musically speaking, Eclipse distinguishes easily the mass by its irreproachable technique, that brings it sometimes to frequent an universe closer from Jazz music ( « Childhood's end)! This group that ranks among the best new p progressive bands, is so much disconcerting that it needs more than one deep listening to seizeall fineness. If I speak progressive music, it doesn't concern there bands like Symphony X, but rather progressive music as it's heard in bands like Pendragon, Wyzards, ...Eclipse makes me think of Voivoid (period « Nothingface ») especially for the vocal, because musically the group is far more melodic ( « Blue»), although it could propose far more aggressive songs as « Face Poker ». In any case, this group is truly one of the most interesting that has appeared these past few years in west Europe. The drummer and bassist arecertainly the best instrumentalists of their country . Their cohesion, their agreement ( « Plainsong ») allows them to enrich and to bring supplementary spaces for this so complexive music . More, with i a guitarist as inventive as precise, Eclipse possesses all necessary arguments to convince the most difficult amateurs of progressive music( these that say that they're really open-minded. In this case, Eclipse will be for them a rare discovery. It concerns there a unique group with a rare talent and Eclipsenecessitates a real support to expatriate and convince an increasingly large audience. When you get this album, it is well difficult to undo it.

EMPTY TREMOR : REad the interview!!

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Bio & review of their first album & review of the new promo tracks -

The Empty Tremor history begins in 1994. At first th band was called 'Noise Pollutioné & musicians was between 12 & 16 years old. They at first work on Metallica, Guns & Roses, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin's cover & then addd some of their ideas. In the early 95 the band changed their name to Empty Tremor introducing definitely some changes in line up. At the end of the Summer a Demo tape, the 1st version of APOCOLOKYNTOSYS was issued that met a great success but no deal came. So, in 1996, they worked again on their project, changed their singer. The second version of APOCOLOKYNTOSYS have been self produced by the band itself. Then, some labels contacted the group and to discuss about some possibility of deal. The deal was signed in August 96 with PICK UP RECORDS for italy and in the early 97 with the RISING SUN RECORDS for Germany and also FANDANGO Records in Japan is going to release the album (where a bonus track will been included). The result is the official release of Apocolokyntosis. 

The Italian scene is getting very well. After Time Machine, Eldritch, or Abel & Cain, Empty Tremor proposes its first album called "Apocolokyntosys". The fact, that they're signed with the famous record company called Rising sun, is also a proof of their talent. Empty Tremor evolves in the progressive metal scene. As soon as begins the album, it's evidence that Empty Tremor has got all qualities required to assert itself on the metal scene. For a first album the production is near from perfection. It sounds very clear. Empty Tremor is a 6 piece band, including as often in progressive metal a keyboard player that enriches songs with various surroundings. he is also the one that makes musical background during ballads.  Of course , the technical potential of each musicians is impressive. From guitarist to drummer , all members control his instruments perfectly. But good musicians not necessary means good composers. That's not the case for Empty Tremor. Instead of losing their spirit in building the most complexive song, they take care to enrich a musical basis. this allows to propose 8 songs very different from each other & easily recognisable. It's not the main case for several prog bands. Influences of the musicians seem to be various : classical music of course ( The message Keeper) , bands like Dream Theater ( like on the ballad Rules of Time) , progressive rock bands like Pendragon on "Running rusty rails" where arrangements are played with extreme subtleties, or metal bands like Angra like on the instrumental "Apocolokyntosis".

Then, it's musically very rich & full of amazing break parts & melodies but the powerful side of music has not been forgotten like on "Middle man" a fast song, or "the eyes of universe".  So, it's definitly a good surprise & not another band appearing on the scene. emotionnaly talking, Empty Tremor will satisfy all metal fans that have appreciated the last Angra album (Holy land). It's still very hard to define bands like empty Tremor, even if they are not numerous, because they've got tons of qualities & presentation looklikes more than a catalog . But be sure that you'll be satisfy in getting this album. It's rare to see a young band like this one (17 years old on the average) getting such a promising talent of composition & such a great musicianship recording a flawless first album like this one. Very impressive!!

Self production - Style : progmetal - Album : 1998 pre production promo

Empty Tremor is back! After an excellent and indispensable first album, the Italians musiciens of Empty Tremor work a lot on the successor of this debut & excellent album. Some titles have already been recorded and served as basis to the pre-production of the future album. Here, this is not less than 5 titles that are proposed but others are again to the study. Similarly, 1 of titles of this CD (it is true that this format offers a best support of listening) is again in an instrumental form, words and the chant will arrive later ( but this piece is already magnificent ! The bassistís play is prodigious !). It is necessary to notice immediately the great sound quality of this recording Exceeding by far the framework too reducing of the demotape, these titles could have satisfied a lot of bands so their sound quality is impressive. As compared to their first songs, the group has appreciably evolved. Indeed, Empty Tremor is always a band made of exceptional musicians and talented to the possible. The main progress is first of all to situate to the level of the chant ! Already on the first album, the singerr was breathtaking, but on these new songs, he has again progressed ! Thus, the register of Giovanni of Luigi is again greater. And it uses to wonder its vocal possibilities. The chant on « The future needs your name» is purely brilliant ! Combining both a deep & cordial chant with sharp climbings, Giovanni of Luigi is staggered from the beginning to the end, he is assuredly the best Italian singer of his generation and one of the first ones in the international scene. Then, Empty Tremor seems again more demanding on the level of inspiration that they give themselves to compose their new songs. Each arrangement, each break is thought at the perfection. The efficiency of the group is strengthened. Just as the cohesion between musicians that, at this level, remains incredible. The music remains always very progressive and melodic and the Dream Theaterís inspiration (influence) is completely assimilated. I believe even that the pupil has exceeded the master ! Never their songs have sounded so much captivating. AS the first listening to it, I have remained agape ! More melodic than most progressive group, Empty Tremor already asserts itself as a major band of the progressive scene ! The second album is going to be exceptional and referential ! Empty Tremor is now one of the best bands into the international prog scene and when you know that the average of age of the group does not exceed 19 years , itís sure that their margin of progression remains again very great ! When & where will they stop ?


Self production - Style : Heavy metal- Album : Eclectica

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This band from Russia is really surprising. Iíd sya itís a heavy metal band but wiht some progressive touches because of the richness of their music & the quality of their arrangements. Itís really astonishing to see them not signed yet. The guitar parts are really one of the best heard from this country. With some musical parts borrowed to classical music inside songs or with some intros like « Khovanshina » of classical composer Mussorgski, End Zone shows a high technical level & itís sure that these musicians are really better from the average russian & worldwide musicians. More over, their musicanship is impressive ; End Zone should be signed to assert itself on the metal scene because itís really a full quality band with probably one of the best album released in Russia in 1998 with Mental Home. Even, if End Zone plays heavy metal, they played on this album a surprising cover of Sepultura « Refuse/resist » where the band proves that they master completly their music & that theyíre able to play as brutal as melodic. More, they make some changes in this songs by adding arrangements. For example, they made the middle break parts with cellos or violin sounds. The singer makes an effort to be more aggressive too. So, it ends with a very good & original cover. With good work on guitars & keyboards, the band is strenghten with the help of an solid rythm section. « Eclectica » is the best word to define End Zone. They donít limited themselves to one sytle of music & they prefer to enrich their influences spheres to create the most original music they can. End Zone is really a very good surprise from Moscow & I really hope them to get deal as fast as possible to offer worldwide their incredible ideas & music !


Website : or

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Biography :

Enertia is a band coming from New York, USA. The band describes itself as Premier Progressive Power metal band. There's just one year that this 5 piece band exists. In mid 1996, they released "Law of the Three", their first CD. More than 1200 copies (they need to make a 2d pressing) were distributed without any help from managment or labels. But this album helps them to get good reviews & a good following. On mid 1997, Enertia released "Momentum. More than 500 copies have already been sold. The band's influences are metal acts just as Flotsam & Jetsam , Dream Theater, Armored Saint, Nevermore, ...

Review : First album - 2d album -

At first, as soon as the first song began, i can say that I'm literally convinced that Enertia has got an incredible potential. The sound owns a rare prerfection & the band can compete with the best one in this style of melodic power metal (with progressive touches). Musicians ownsan impressive technical level. Guitarist have a great fluidity in solis & rythmic parts are very powerful. Drummer & bassist are really complementary musicians. The singer also plays at a high level of quality & inspiration : in the same time, powerful & melodic. He's got a real charisma & the tone of his voice is very original. Musical area of Enertia is very innovative like the breal of "weight of the world" for example. Each songs has got its particularity that made it indispensable. It can come from guitarists ("& so you fall"), from bassist (" dear God", " weight of the world") , from the drummer ( break of "& so you fall"), from the singer, ...

Even if the band has got evident melodic quality & musicianship , Enertia saves its powerful. There's no dead time during this album. & more over , they made great arrangements in songs like in "six Weeks" which is a very contrasted song with the blend of clean & distorted guitars. The work on solis is exceptional, full of dexterity, fluidity & subtelty. This is something really difficult to do & it proves that Enertia controls its technical level & that there's not its prisoner like several prog metal bands.

To resume, Enertia releases a masterpiece that outdoes lots of underground & famous metal bands by its technical qualities, its ability to compose & musicianship. "Momentum" is definitly a must-have. Thier potential is incredible for such a young band. They bring a new dimension in heavy metal & they'll probably & soon become a major bands in metal area. A indispensable & breathtaking album!!!

I've already talked about the 2d album of Enertia 'Momentum' that is really one of the most impressive album released by an unsigned band in 1997. As i just get their first CD 'Law of the three' issued in 1996, i want to talk about this one too. 'Law of teh 3' is the first appearance on Cd of Enertia.There's no major difference between this first act & the second one. All that i've appreciated in their 2d album can still be found there : excellent production ( i wish all bands could have this one!), original riffs, creativity, brilliant singer ....On this album, Enertia remains me more Sacred Reich if they were playing in a more progressive way( & of course with a more melodic singer). My favorite song is without contest 'I know your demons' with its incredible riffs which definitly stays in mind. There's 5 tracks on this Cd but if you know 'Momentum' , i really invite you to get this one, you won't be disappointed at all. Enertia is definitly one of the most interesting US unsigned bands. 


Label : Osmose productions - Album : Bloodhem - Style Black metal

Label E mail : or

Created in 1991, the first album « Frost » was released in 1995, after a cult demo « Yggdrasill » in 92. Then, has followed in 1997 «the experimental album « Eld ». Then, they toured a lot to promote their name ( World domination tour with Immortal, Demoniac, ...) Enslaved has known recently some changes in line up & « Bloodhem » is the new album. In comparison with « Eld », thereís some changes in Enslaved. Itís like a come back to what they did before « Eld » but with enough experimentations to make it interesting & to not release a carbon copy of past albums. Enslaved is probably one of the best Viking metal band . Their music stays aggressive but the new guitar player brings his own touch by using more « heavy metal » riffs in music & some good leads parts like in « Nidingalaskt ». So, the sound is quite different from what Enslaved used to get before. « Urtical Gods » is a perfect example & itís one of the best songs of this album. It sounds like a black metal Kreator/Destructionís song. With such furious titles, Enslaved can assert « Bloodhem » as one of the best Black metal or better Viking metal release of the year. The use of various sing ( highly aggressive vocals, « opera » or gothic vocals, high tone ones, ...) allows Enslaved to reach a large range of climate. Itís now less difficult to enter & comprehend Enslaved Ďs world & finally « Bloodhem » gets all elements to become their most famous release to date !


Enthroned is a well known band in the underground & particularly black metal scene. The history of the band is quite tragic with the suicide of their drummer. The band has just released a new album for blackend records. A first one has been released by Evil Omen records. & it's this one i'll present. 

Through the vision of an excellent cover, the surprise continues! This belgian band is very good & proposes with this first album a quality standard which will surely become a cult reference in the black metal scene. The productions is at first totally professional ( the album was released by Andre Gielen in Hautregard studio where several major bands have already recorded their albums)& shows that for a young & little indie label, Evil omen records don't hesitate to give it all means to do a good job. that 's also why Osmose productions gives it a real suport! Musically speaking, Enthroned is a mature band, with a technical level that allows to play on various surroundings, from ultraspeed to majestic slow parts. The band also uses some keyboards parts to enrich their sound& their songs. This band evolves close to the leader of this scene & it's sure that they have the possibilities to assert themselves in the scene, because of their qualities : good level, good sense of composition ( a good mix of melodies & aggressivity) & a professional attitude. So, 'Prophecies of pagan fire' is definitly enjoyable for black metal fans. , it's sure that this album is already well known into this scne but for those that gives more & more ionterest in it, it's may be a good think to get this one. 

Eternity X :

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What a surprising band that this one. Eternity X owns qualitites that lots of well known bands would like to have. The band has got a solid experience & has already released several album. 5 at last. The last one is called "The Edge" . The 2 first one will be released in a C format on April 98. Musically talpking, Eternity X is a heavy metal band & it turns to be more a prog metal band, facing the last albums. The tape they sent to me is a sample of various songs coming from their 5 albums. It allows to have a good vision of their carrer & to appreciate the evolution of the band's style . It 's sure that now, Eternity X has find its own style; I'd say that they've build their style & sound through the help of various songs. The technical level of the musicians are far away from the average & really incredible. Guitarist are really excellent. It seems that U.S. guitarist have got a particular talent with this instrument. The rythm section keeps a certain discretion that give more a heavy metal color to songs  than a progressive one. Only guitars & the particular structure of songs can be linked to progressive music. More, the way they make a reference to classical music through their cover of Beethoven 5th symphony let also think that Eternity X is better a heavy metal band than a prog metal one. Anyway, the band progresses year by year & it's now a impressive machine of composition. It shows how Eternity X is skilled & original. I still ask myself how is it possible that this band is not as well known in Europe as bands like Symphony X or Mercury Rising. More over, Eternity X has got with their singer someone that can really bring them to another level of creativity. It must be easier to compose songs when you know that your singer can do all things that you want. It seems that he has got no boundaries & he also knows to put emotion in his vocal lines . He blends at the perfection techninity & emotion, that's not the same for ht emain prog-heavy metal band that are often overcome by their technical ability. In Europe, you can find their last Cd at Angular records, a german subdivision of Musea (See Brennus records for details).  

EVERGREY : Bio - review

If you draw a triangle and name the corners Pantera, Megadeth and Queensryche you will, in one way or another, end up with 180 degrees of pure metal. It takes a hell of a lot to make this work, Evergrey succeeds! This is a piece from a review Evergrey got on their first demo which later led to their contract with Dzynamite Records. Evergrey started up in the spring of 94 and was formed by the two guitarists who had been writing and playing together since 89 in various bands and other music related occupations. They hooked with a drummer, a bass player and a keyboard player - the band was complete! Influenced by everything in between classical music, poems and the occult they started writing and composing together and obviously it turned out quite well. They have been getting great response and one journalist even voted them the best demo of 95. During the summer and fall of 96 they will be recording their debut album which is set to be released in November. So keep your eyes open and have your ears ready to get a load of Evergrey.

Evergrey is a promising power metal band. This one could easily compete with Tad Morose. Created by skilled musicians, their music is based on melodies. The singer has got an original voice, sometimes close to Jeff Scott Soto, but in a more powerful way. A convincing track & a good way to wait for the album!!!


label : Adipocere records - Style Black metal- Album : The saga of the horned king - Dreamquest - Ancient Abbey

Band web site at : or

Web site :

E mail :

Evol comes from Italia. It's a 3 piece band that was created in 1993 : 2 men & one woman. The band evolves in the black metal sceene & describes itself as a pure atomospheric black metal act. One thing is sure with Evol it's that they compose in a very original way. Originality in the composition & in the tone that tend to medieval style ("the eve", i.e. ). For instance, Evol has released 2 demos " The Tale of the horned king" & " the dark dreamquest part 1" albums. This last one was released by maggot productions & is still available through Adipocere records. More over, Adipocere recordssigned the band & released 2 albums yet : The first one is called "Saga of the horned King" & the 2d one "Dreamquest". A new mCd & Cd is now scheduled, still with Adipocere records.

Saga of the horned King : Keyboards are an omnipresent instrument in Evol's music. & it's ot only an use for surroundings. Keyboards bring a large part of the melodies & are sometimes the basis of some songs. ("Through foggy pains..." or " the present age" ). There's also 2 singer in the band : the first one in a black metal style, the second one is a female singer ( so, female voice is not only an added voice, put there only for surroundings). These 2 voices are largerly used. When guitars & drums appear, it's often to emphasize & strenghthen melodies. Musically speaking, tempos are rather slow. Surroundings are dark & very sad & based on the repetition. Evol is like a black metal version of old Paradise Lost ( "Sorrow the witch") . For a first album, sound is quite good & arrangements are audacious ( "the return of the horned king"). It's a real anguish album with a rich music based on subtle arrangements.

Dreamquest : With this 2d album, Evol goes in the same way than the first one. But the band has made alot of progress, in thier technical level, in their ability of composition, in their sound, ...Evol is now a mature band & they become fearsome & handsome. It's still a blend of heavy songs with mediaval tone, but this time, tempos are rather rapid & sometimes speed ("flying with the night-gaunts" or "the black crystal of Astar". The whole album seems less dark. Structures of the songs are more complex & the band uses more original instruments & sound, even if keyboards are still omnipresent. Musically speaking, rythmics are more & more heavier & sometimes it can remain Metallica ( "dark stairs of R'lyeh"). Evol succeeds in enriching again its music with a great vocals work : use of various tone, gothic, death, opera, black, female, there's also a pure black metal voice singing!!...Evol still knows how to frighthened audience. Their universe is still fearsome. Evol takes again the basis of its music & continue to innovate & enrich them, to offer a new album that surpass the first one. It's sure that Evol is perhaps too much complex if you want to discover lack metal, but the band, created by skilled musicians is one of the best one & one the most original in that style. Note that there's also an hidden track on Dreamquest...

Evol is back with a mini CD, before a 3d CD (Portraits) that will soon be available. Created in 1993, Evol still pursues its way developped on 'the saga of the horned king' & their last & excellent album 'Dreamquest'. If at their beginning, Evol created keyboards songs among 'classical' ones,, they did differently for their second album which was blending more keyboards within songs. More, some of them were  built on keyboards parts instead of doing like several bands( that adds keys parts after creating songs). For this mini CD, Evol makes us wait with 5 tracks. The first one is 11 minutes long & based upon several movements like on classical music. There's 3 chapter. It's a classical made songs for Evol. But the most interesting one is surely the instrumental 'Phenomena' which is very attractive . The tittle track of this album is one of the most brutal song they composed . It starts very rapidly& then it takes a more reasonnable tempos. Still blending a black metal voice with a female spoken voice, Evol masters it more & more through the years. Now, the 3d album must establish them definitly!


Label : Woodcut records - style : black metal - album : Telocvovim

Label web site :

 Email :

Created in 1995 , teh band is strongly influenced bu all that's nihilism, fanatiscm & mysticism in black metal. On stage, the band has also a special attitude ( blood, self mutilation, scythes, corpsemasks, black candle, ...). Woodcut records singed them after a live performance! AFter a sold out demo 'promo 96 anno bastardi', this band from Finland released its first album. This album is releaased by Radioation records ( a subdivision of Nuclear Blast) in Europe too!

It's really difficult to classify Enochian Crescent because it's really not a common band on this album. Affiliated with the black metal scene, because of its vocals, lyrics & attitude, Enichain Crescent can also feature as one of the favorite band for people listening to other style. Instead of composing crushing songs at an ultra brutal rythm with viociferating vocals & absolutly no melodies, the band takes teh best points in heavy metal, death metal & black metal. 'Cresentian' for example strongly remains me Running Wild by the quality & melody of its guitar riffs. The main vocals are turned into black metal movement, but it's also the type of vocals used in early thrash scene with bands like Kreator & later Carcass. Sometimes there's a louder voice or a different one that allow to reach another horizon to their music. What's most impressive in this band is the high level of its guitarist. In the black metal wave, it's generally poor technical level one. There, it's an excellent one & not only for rythmics guitars ( which are never a one chord guitar part played during 5 minutes!) but for solis too. His potential is surely a reason to the quality of this album. Then, it cannot be always the same song played here like we used to hear.  On some other songs, the band can also remain band like Venom by its primitive brutality. Tehn, the band explores new dimensions in black metal scene. It's innovative again but in another direction from Throes of Dawn. This time again, Woodcut records releases a band with a high potential.


Selfproduction - Style Epic/power metal - Album : Kurt of Koppigen

E mail :

Excelsis comes from Switzerland & is a 5 piece band created in 1996. One year later, they released their first album called « Anduin the river ». This album gets amazing reviews worldwide (except France may be !)& lotof them are still asking why Excelsis is still unsigned yet !. So, in 1998, Excelsis releases its new CD called « Kurt of Koppigen » & before having a deal with a good record company, the band makes its promotion alone but with a rare efficience & wih a quality package ! Excelsis is the band you can put into Blind Guardian, Running Wild & other german power metal bands like Gamma Ray. Have a look at the cover of this album & you can imagine its contents. Be sure you wonít be disappointed by this quality music played by good musicians. The universe explored by the band comes right from the medieval period with its knights, witches, Dragon,...This album is a real good surprise because their music remains quite simple but the real effort has been made on arrangements & on lyrics. Thereís some amazing guitar parts enriched by flawless melodies like for « The Dragonslayer »with its excellent backing vocals in the middle of the song. The singer alternates between aggressive vocals line ( closed to Blind Guardian) & higher ones (like Kai Hansen). Sometimes the 2 voices are mixed together & it really gives a good feeling to the song. With numerous acoustic & atmospheric parts, Excelsis stays a pure power metal band. This band plays metal filled with a lot of diversity& it gives a unique combination. With their subtle concept album, Excelsis gives a real lesson of good power metal.

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