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EMPTY TREMOR Fan club: The Eyes Of The Universe-The Official Empty Tremor Fan Club : Arash and Arman Ashouriha Elisabethstr. 97 47799 Krefeld Germany

email: Find there some good samples of the APOCOLOKYNTOSYS album that can be heard before ordering ou CD in the following site:

 1 YOu're a band composed with young musicians; How old are you? How do dyou explain the maturity that you have as composers & musicians?

We think that the main reason that could explain the maturity you found in our music is the great inspiration and passion that we put in all the aspect that are connected to making music, setup adjustements, intrument tecniques, armony and melody structures. We all spent a great amount of time since we were really young (10/12y) in discovering what was alrady been done in the musical world. We listened and tried to transcribe almost everything we found in our little country music stores... That we quicly reconized what was our preferences regarding styles of music we would have played, rock and metal and finaly prog metal. When we recorded apocolokyntosys we were 12/14/15/16/17/24.

2 After your demo tape, you've been signed on Rising Sun, a famous label. Did you have other proposals, Why did you choose Rising Sun?

We had some other proposal but Rising Sun was really the best one in terms of distribution and professinality. We just had a look it what bands rising sun ws doing at the moment and we soon understanded the power of that label...

3 For young musicians you've got an impressive & over the average technical level & sense of composition. HOw many time did you all study your instruments?

We have rehersal session olmost everyday, 2/3 hour at least. We also love the research of our personal instrument edicating a good amount of time also to personal tecnical and musical studies.

4 What are your projects for 1998.

We are definitely working at new material in this period, we have a lot of new idea and we hope that at the end of the year we'll be able to start the production of the new album. We are really anxious of listening to our new material with a good production sound, we think that a lot more maturity in arrangements will came out in this second experience.

5 What are your influences?

Mainly bands like Rush, Yes, Dream Theater, but also classical music, al the Mike Varney productions of the 85/88 years, a great period of research in terms of composition and sound engineering. 6 1997 seems to be a good year for heavy metal bands & progressive metal ones. What were for you the best albums released this past year ? We really think that ARKHE', DGM, BLACK JESTER, from italy has come out with some really good albums, also the Falling into infinity has got a lot of good music in, even if a lot is gone from I&W period...

7 How do you explain the increase of progressive music & the return of heavy metal in the scene?

We want to think that prog music is going up cause people musical colture in growing and they just want to hear also quality and research in music, not only trend.

8 The italian scene was very extreme in th e80's but they were no major bands. In the 90's, it seems that this scen grows & grows with bands like Time Machine, Eldritch. What do you think about these bands, the italian scene & bands & your place in it?

We think that italy scene has growed very much in these years and we hope that one little place in this sceene will be for also us to pay all the passion we put in our project. All the bands you talked about are really good and we are in good contact with 'em. We hope only that in the future there will be more space for playing live, cause in italy is really difficult do find gigs to perform live.

9 Tell us abou the recording of the album (studio, how many days, ...)

It tooks about 1 month to record the album, we had a reat time, really. We recorded the album in a local studio (FEAR STUDIO) where we have a friend of us GABRIELE RAVAGLIA that has growed with us and he is the main responsable of the sound production.

10 What are on your own opinion, the main problems that meet young bands ?

The main problem is promotion, it's so difficult to let out know the we exist. Also one of the main problems is the high cost of instruments and musical equipment that for a young band is really hard.

11 A last word?

We thank really you and all the other people in the net that will give precious help to make our music to be heard. It's your great sites and zines that gives the possibilities to young band to be heard anyway bypassing businnes choice.

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