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1 Your previous album surprised a lot when it has been issued. Is it the reason why this new one sounds more classical ?
1.)  That really depends on waht you meen by classical. The way we see it, is much more innovative than classical. I can agree with you on a couple of tracks like Urtical gods and Brisinghamen but the rest of the material speaks in a very  differnet language. Ofcourse there is the classical elements in all of our songs but that is called : Influences ... ! ! What we do is to take the best ideas froms the pas of the musichistory in general and combine that certain feeling and vibe with the sound of Enslaved. We may very well concider our music as Viking-metal of today 1998 without beeing taken for something of o retrospective band. Might as well face it, we’re the Zeppelin of the ninetiess.. ! (ha-ha)

2 I saw you touring for « Eld », with Bewitched & Dellamorte. Can you tell us more about this tour ?
2.)  That was really great for Enslaved. By travelling with so many bands (Dark tranquillity - Bewitched - Demoniac - Swordmaster - Dellamorte) were we able to play in front of different kinds of audiences every night, apart from the old fans ofcourse. This helped to make a lot of new people join in on what were doing and giving us the prove of beeing one of our heads all of the time (drunk bastards), so I guess we’ve got ourselfs a strong reputation on the matter of pure fuckin’stupidity as well but than again.... Hey tahts the drinkin’culture in Scandinavia and we really don’t fuckin’care ! ! .

3 In the new album, There’s a new guitar player. What does he bring more to Enslaved’s music ?
3.)  Well, what I have brought into Enslaved is Basicly a totally new way of thinking ‘bout the music and you know, the guitarsolos. Since having played all kinds of metal during the eighties and some porg-pop things before I joined Enslaved in march 97, you may blame me a bit of what you referred to as « classical » in question one. I’ve always been into melodies and harmonies and with the combination of Ivars special way of delivering the sound and vision in the songs ans my taste of good leads, we mainly have the Evolved guitarsound of Enslaved. I’ve also contributed on the album with two songs (Nidingaslakt and Brisinghamen) which is in our opinion th e perfect contrast to Grutle and Ivars way of making music.

4 what are the lyrics dealing with  in « Bloodhem » ?
4.)  The lyrics on Blodhemn has a mission of showing the aspects of chaos, the energy and creativity in everyone and everything. The process of birth towards death and the life inbetween.
On Blodhemn were providing a certain degree of higher thinkin’xhere we are concertrating on destroying the aspects of why we are acting behaving in the way mankind do. Blohemn circles around the creation of trhoughts and knowledge (Ginnongo-gap) and the never ending fight between the inner and oter conciousness in attempt to inherit the third eye which will provide the right understanding for it all. It is also a matter of a vice/versa micro/macro universe, where the macro’s inside of your mind (The horizon) and the micro’s out (You can’t see any further than your eyes allows you to see, but if you close your eyes and float inwards you will find the real cosmos, your individuality and who you reeally are).

5 When will you tour & which band would you like to play with you ?
5.)  We are still waiting for the right offers in order to get on the road again. We have had some offers lately that we simply could’nt cope with ‘cause of the money. (Morbid Angel, etc...), so we will have to just wait and see what’s coming up. Hopefullyy we’re back on the road sometime during springtime 99. First of all are we going to play some shows in USA around march or april and than we will definitely head out for Europe. It’s hard to tell which bands we would like to tour with simpty ‘cause we wille have to make the right choice in order to do the best out of it. If we could choose what bands to tour with it would’ve been the likes of Motorhead and Manowar which would have turned us on in order to kick all of the audiences asses so much they would’nt been able to shit for weeks (ha-ha). Don’t get me wrong when I’talking ‘bout the moneything. What I mean is that we’ve all have got horing jobs besides of Enslaved so we can pay the rent, and we need to make enough while touring so that we don’t haveto be kicked out on the streets when we’re coming back home to Norway.

6 There’s not a lot of very famous black metal bands. There’s Marduk, Immortal  & you. What do you think when a band tells you or tell to mags that Enslaved is one of their most important influences ? & How do you explain that Enslaved become rapidly one of the most known bands worldwide ?
6.)  First of all, how ‘bout Mayhem-Darkthrone-Satyricom-Dissection-Dimmu Borgir, you know quite wellknown bands I would say (Just kidding). Well, if new bands tells that Enslaved are an important influence to their music, then it’s really good thing for us, but please find your own thing and don’t bloody rip us off. I’m only saying this for the future of your band ‘cause the world has got enough madness wtih one Enslaved. I think that success have to be justified by hard work and if Enslaved is going « big time » in the future that’s actually fine by me, ‘cause that will only prove that we’ve deserved it...

7 A lot of black metal bands are more carbon copy of what already exists. Have you already heard some bands that were cloning Enslaved ? & what do you think about them ?
7.)  I have yet to hear an Enslaved clone, bit I guess if will appear sooner later. I’s always like that when it comes to music. I remember myself back in 84 when Iron Maiden were the biggest act in the world, playing in a band called Killers (ofcourse) and ripping Maidens material completely. That’s just the way things are working but on the other hand, we never got a record deal ! ! ! !

Influences are really about using the same sort or riffing and beats but then you’ll have to add your oown touch an feeling to it in order to come up with something new interresting, just like Enslaved

8 A last word ?
8.)At the end of this interview I will only say this : A big hail to all fans (new and old ones). Stay fuckin’ eavy, check out our new album Blodhemn and STILL RISE WITH THE ARMY OF THE NORTH STAR ! !

Best regardss from R. Kronheim 98.

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