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-Answers by Tino

>1 What's the story of E.O.U.

Initially, the band was named Enraptured. This incarnation of the band went through many line-up changes and played quite a few shows in the Memphis area before its demise in 1993. Requiem was then formed from former Enraptured members Tino LoSicco and Jason Smith, along with Danny Murphy and Justin Jones. A demo was released in November of 1993 entitled As the Image Slowly Fades… with a last minute change in bass players (John Henderson replaced Murphy).

After another line-up change and a major shift in writing, original members Tino LoSicco and Jason Smith officially named the band Epoch of Unlight in 1994. Randy Robertson was added as a replacement guitarist for departing member Justin Jones. Three months later, bassist John Henderson was replaced with Pierce Totty. Pierce had played in the band's Enraptured days until he parted ways to play with Incineration. With this line-up, the band recorded its first demo Beyond the Pale in the summer of 1994.

After the recording of the full-length album in July 1998, Pierce (bass) and Randy (guitar & higher pitched vocals) quit the band. Basically Pierce quit because he got married recently and his wife had a kid. He couldn't handle both the responsibilities of playing in band and raising a family. His departure came as no surprise to us because of waning interest he had shown in previous months. His brother Joe (twin actually) has now taken his place.

Randy had actually informed us that he wanted to leave the band earlier in the summer, but that he would stay until a replacement had been found for him. (Unfortunately, the replacement that we found wound up quitting due to lack of time and effort as well). Randy's departure from the band was due to personal reasons in his life which were affecting his playing and devotion to the music.

So at this point the band consists of Jason Smith (guitar and vocals), Joe Totty (bass), and myself (Tino LoSicco-drums). We are still taking auditons for Randy's spot. Its just a slow process due to the lack of muscians available in the area. (And of course absolutely NO one wants to come to Memphis).

>2 What are your influences?

My bias as a drummer will probably show, but I listen to just about anything with Gene Hogland behind the drum set. All the guys in the band listen to a wide variety of music, however. (Stratavarious, Overkill, Dimmu Borgir, Dissection, Iron Maiden, In Flames, etc) I have been wearing out my copy of the new Death album. I think the everyone in the band would agree that Bal Sagoth is an incredible band and deserve as much attention as they can get. I try to recommend them to everyone.

>3 How do you define your style ?

Who knows? If we call ourselves Black metal, some European will get all bent out of shape over it. On the other hand, the same is true if we label it Death Metal here in the states. You be surprised just how many people whined when we described ourselves as "black-influenced death metal" At this point I just don't care anymore. In truth all of us in the band listen to all the differently labeled forms of extreme music and were/are influenced by all of it!

>4 You're signed on The end records which gets more &more credits in the underground. Can you explain how you finally sign with them? What does they propose you more than other companies?

Apparently someone at Metal Maniacs recieved a copy of "Black & Crimson Glory" (I think it was Marco). We pressed about 500 copies of it ourselves and sent out a ton of promos. They liked it so much that they passed it along to Andreas at THE END records and the rest is history. They offer excellent support for their bands and treat you on a more personal level rather than as a business.

>5 Tell us more about the recording of your last album?

The CD was recorded at the Sound factory studios in here in Memphis. We basically took our time and tried not to rush things while we recorded in order to get this best sound. We brought in the Engineer that recorded the "Black & Crimson Glory" CD which was also aided in the recording process.

>6 Your album blends Death metal but for some parts, there's like black metal elements that can be heard too. Do you appreciate both style? & what sort of difference do you made between them?

As I said before, everyone in the band apreciates both forms of music. As long as its its extreme and and memorable we're into it. (I think some bands today forget that while brutality or image is cool...the art to writing a memorable riff is the most challenging aspect of the musicianship.)

> 7 What are your projects for 1999?

Currently, we are writing new material for the next album. We are still in the process of locating a new second guitarist as well.

>8 A last word?

Thankyou for the interview and all the support. Although our touring schedule is quite limited, we were confirmed for the 1999 Milwaukee Metal Fest and the Michigan Death Fest. For anymore band info I can be reached by email at tlosicco@cc.memphis.edu. Also, the band's web site can be found at: http://www.people.memphis.edu/~tlosicco/EOU.htm

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