Contact : Label : http://come.to/displeased - displeas@xs4all.nl

Band E mail : medibird@elender.hu

>1 What's the story of your band

The band was formed by Agnes, Gabor O. and Mihaly in the summer of '97. In September Gabor V. and Gergely joined the band and after a long time of rehearsing and some gigs in Hungary we went to studio to record our one and only demo 'Lost Tales'. We had some good reviews in Hungary and the name of the band became known in the Hungarian music scene. Then we decided to try our luck abroad as well and in the summer of '98 we got signed by Displeased Records. In September we went to studio again to record our debut album 'Path Of The Angels'.

>2 What are your influences?

Do you mean musical influences? We are influenced by a lot of musical styles from death metal to classical music.

>3 How do you define your style ?

I don't know how to difine our style. Some said it is gothic metal but I would rather say it is atmospheric metal filled with deep emotions.

>4 Displeased released more brutal metal albums that albums like yours. How do you explain their choice of signing with you?

Yes, they released more brutal metal albums then ours and it was very strange for us too that Displeased Records offered us a contract. Maybe they decided to open for a less brutal style too. Anyway we are very happy with this contract as they are a very correct and reliable label with good distribution.

>5 Tell us more about the recording of your album?

The recording took place in a Hungarian studio (Golden Sound Studio). In spite of the bad studio conditions here in Hungary it sounds quiet well.

>6 What are your projects for 1999?

We are planning some gigs in Hungary and abroad as well in the near future. Our new album is already in the making. We'll going to record it sometime in September in Germany.

>7 For those that want to order your album, what's the price & where have they to order it?

The album is available through Displeased Records. Unfortunately I don't know the exact price.

>8 A last word?

Hi from Hungary to all the French metal fans and thanx for the interview.

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