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Contact : Ludo "Evil "Lejeune - 31 rue de longpré - 62 152 - FRANCE - Phone/ fax : 33 3 21 32 72 58 (other ones : Fax : 33 3 21 83 89 65 or phone/fax: (+33)

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History : Evil Omen records is a quite young label that came to earth qwith the help of Ludo "Evil" Lejeune. His will was to promote extreme bands & not only in a black metal style. Ludo is also knwon as the creator of ritual indus band called Melek Tha ( see the interview) that released on Adipocere records a first album. Anther one is planned for 1998 on french label V.M.I. & a third one is still prepared. 

Growing years after years, this label see regularly its bands signed on famous label . For example, Enthroned has been signed on Blackend,  Mythos on Ktoc , Demoniac, after 2 albums has been signed by osmose productions ( Evil Omen often works with this one). It's a real proof that bands are really good & that the record company makes a good job for them.

See the news to know the coming soon releases

Here's the list of Evil Omen releases ( prices are 18us$ for CD & 9 for a tape):

Decayed : The book of darkness

Majestic Midnight A Travel To Dark... - EOR007 - coming soon

Conqueror : War Cult Supremacy - EOR006 - coming soon

Demoniac : Stormblade EOR005 -

Enthroned : Prophecies Of Pagan Fire - EOR004 -

Demoniac :Prepare For War - EOR003 -

Mythos : Pain Amplifier - EOR002 -

News :

Evil Omen Records are about to sign Decayed from Portugal. This band plays Black-Metal and has already released two albums and a CD with remixed songs. The book of Darkness will soon be released with a 7 songs which the first oen is +20 minutes Some bonus songs will be included. It'll be cove songs from Celtic Forst ( into the crypt of Ray), Bathory ( call from the grave & return of teh darkness & evil) , Venom (inleague with satan), AC/DC (touch too muh), ...Evil Omen will also release their first album

A darkness shirt ( 2side) is also out for 18$,there's also a single available for 7$ if you catact the band at this adress :

Decayed - s jose - rl camoes at arcos, penedo 2775 S.Domingos rana - Portugal. 

Evil omen also works for the re release of cult thrash death metal band : Vulcano from Brasil

Evil Omen Records will soon release Majestic Midnight's A Travel To Dark.... Hailing from Spain, this quintet plays majestic Black-Metal !

Evil Omen Records have signed a new band. Hailing from Canada, Conqueror play bestial Death-Metal, inspired by Slaughter, old Razor and old Sodom...

Demoniac's new album Stormblade will soon be out on vinyl picture-disks. This release will be limited to 300 or 500 copies, all numbered by hand.

Releases : Demoniac , Enthroned , Conqueror , Mythos ,

Bio , Review :

Demoniac came into being in May 1993 amongst the urban decay of Wellington, New-Zealand. United by one ideal, to make music that would shatter the soul of anyone who would listen, and write in mankind's pain and suffering. Demoniac within five months had released a five-song rehearsal tape.... After changes in line up, Demoniac got together a new lot of songs and recorded their self-financed mini album entitled The Birth Of Diabolical Blood. This release sold over 600 copies in the first six weeks of being released. A 7"ep titled Moonblood has been released on a small label United Blasphemy Records and Demoniac appear on a various compilation CD called Sometimes There To Death volume 2...

In November 1994 Demoniac entered a studio to record their full-length album Prepare For War out on the French label Evil Omen Records. Demoniac musical inspiration comes from bands such as Bathory, Impaled Nazarene, Emperor, old Venom, old Sodom and old Celtic Frost. Most people will put Demoniac on the black/death-metal heap, which Demoniac does not want. They consider their music as "pure hate-the-world evil dark hell-metal"... Then in the end of 1996 Demoniac propose their new album Stormblade, showing with this new opus that extreme music can be mixed with heavy-metal parts and also melodic and dark music.

Stormblade is really a surprising album. After seing the band on stage during the world domination tour, it's evidence that these guys have the attitude of metal bands of the 80's. Demoniac, is not really a black metal band, like it's defined todays (except for the hidden tracks of the album). It'd be better to define them as a heavy metal band with old school black metal influences. Only the voice remains todys black metal bands. Guitarist is really good in his style : good riffs, great solis like in "Red light". On some songs, Demoniac sounds like old songs of Judas Priest & even Maiden for some guitars melodies ("into the cavern light") . I really think that influences of this band are quite large from Maiden ( "Fight the war" with its intro like "Run to the Hills")to Twisted Sister( Hatred is purity), Celtic Frost to Bathory, ...The tittle "Red headed maniac" reamins a metal version of a scottish hymn!  But don't worry, they always succeed in keeping their hateful in songs with the help of singing & lyrics.

The sound of this album is also good. it sounds very refreshing with its references to the 80's.  More over, the cover is really fantastic, as you can see. As a proof of their growing talent, Osmose productions has now signed the band & a new albuym will surely arrive in the 1998. But it's really not a reason to forget this one. 

: Prophecies of Pagan Fire


Enthroned was formed in December 1993 by three musicians whose former bands had split up. They draw their power and hatred from their extreme, diabolical and twisted minds to generate Enthroned's raging music. After having rehearsed intensively for nine months, they enteresd a studio in August 1994 to record a promo-tape featuring five tracks of pure extreme black-metal. This tape was first destined to labels but ended to be commercialized. In September 1994, Afterdark Records released a split 7"ep with Enthroned and Ancient Rites. In April 1995 they recorded their full-length effort entitled Prophecies Of Pagan Fire on Evil Omen Records in October 1995. in 1997, Enthroned's drummer, Cernunnos, has committed suicide. Nevertheless, Enthroned will record another album & on a new label. 

Through the vision of an excellent cover, the surprise continues! This belgian band is very good & proposes with this first album a quality standard which will surely become a cult reference in the black metal scene. The productions is at first totally professional ( the album was released by Andre Gielen in Hautregard studio where several major bands have already recorded their albums)& shows that for a young & little indie label, Evil omen records don't hesitate to give it all means to do a good job. that 's also why Osmose productions gives it a real suport! Musically speaking, Enthroned is a mature band, with a technical level that allows to play on various surroundings, from ultraspeed to majestic slow parts. The band also uses some keyboards parts to enrich their sound& their songs. This band evolves close to the leader of this scene & it's sure that they have the possibilities to assert themselves in the scene, because of their qualities : good level, good sense of composition ( a good mix of melodies & aggressivity) & a professional attitude. So, 'Prophecies of pagan fire' is definitly enjoyable for black metal fans. , it's sure that this album is already well known into this scne but for those that gives more & more ionterest in it, it's may be a good think to get this one. 

: War Cult Supremayc - coming soon !!!!!!

BIO : Conqueror was formed in 1992 under the name Domini Inferi. In 1994 a promo-tape was recorded and traded in the underground & the name was changed to Conqueror. Conqueror play bestial Death-Metal in the Canadian tradition and is inspired by cult Canadian bands such as Slaughter, old Razor and Blasphemy as well as real Death-Metal bands like old Sodom and old Sarcofago. In 1996 the Antichrist Superiority demo was recorded and released. This demo got the band immediate label interest and a deal was signed to record the War Cult Supremacy debut CD for Evil Omen Records from France.

MYTHOS : Pain Amplifier

Bio : Mythos are from Finland and play a kind of "sado dark-metal" in the vein of Impaled Nazarene. They've recorded their first album, Pain Amplifier in September 1994 and released it through Evil Omen Records. Mythos are now on Ktok Records, a Finnish label.

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