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Label : Thunder productions


1) Your album is quite different from the in ones because it's the reissue under CD format of your demo? why did you decided to release it under this CD format?

The first goal was to have a good format to present to the labels. We wanted to have a demo-CD for the labels, but in fact, we never pressed anything until we contact the french label Thunder Productions.

2) More, a company proposes you to make its distribution? How do you explain this interest in the band & in your music? & then, why don't you release some new tracks?

Yes, before pressing by ourselves our demo on CD, we decided to send a copy to the french label Thunder Productions, which was immediately interested to distribute and promote our demo. I think FAIRLIGHT's music is quite original, and that's probably why we found so easily a label. But we chose this label, we thought we would have a real chance to be signed on this label, that's why we just contact this one. As the demo was recorded and the sound was correct, it didn't make problem to release this demo on CD for the label. Another reason was that we didn't have other tracks ready to be recorded for a real first album !!

3)Tell us more about the recording of this album ?

We recorded the 5 tracks (lasting 38 minutes) in 4 days, and mixed them 2 days long, so we had to be speed !! But as it was a demo we financed ourselves, we couldn't spend more time in studio. The studio we chose was the studio where KALISIA recorded its "skies" demo, and the band, whom members are really good friends of us, advised us to go and record to this studio. It is a 24 tracks studio with only one sound engineer but he really helped us as we were unexperienced.

4) What are your influences ?

Instead of using the word "influences", I'll prefer dealing with bands we like, because we listen to a lot a different bands, in a lot of styles. But the most important for us are DEATH (the last "Sound of Perseverance" is really great), CYNIC, DREAM THEATER, IRON MAIDEN, SLAYER,SAMAEL, NOCTURNUS (they were one of the first band to include a keyboard as a real member), and for the french bands, LOUDBLAST and SUP which are both really interesting bands.

5) "Le Bal des Eternels" was recorded in the same studion than Kalisia, another band which demo was reissued under Cd format ( & this time by Adipocere records) . But the 2 bands & their style are different & the sound is really different. What sort of difference can you make between Kalisia & Fairlight & between your 25 albums & your sound? 

I am happy to hear this from you, even if we are really good friends with Kalisia and if we like their music very much, because a lot of reviews compare us to Kalisia. However, both bands have their own style, even if we listen to common bands. I think Kalisia is more into a progressive way to play music, and we use different kinds of style to underline the melodic aspect and the feeling we want to create in our music.

6) Is the label progressive music the good one for Fairlight ? If yes/no, why?

As I said in the previous question, we try to explore all kinds of style to put the feeling and emotion of our music forward. Sometimes, progressive parts are used, but it's not by purpose, and, except Dream Theater, we listen to very few progressive bands.

7) You blend tongues, by using frnch & english words without problems , why?

We do not mix languages, all our tracks are sang in english, but the title of one song, which is also the title of the demo-CD is in french, because we like the way it sounds, its the only french reference of our demo-CD.

8) Your hope with this reissue & your projects? 

Our only hope is to be known in the underground scene, and thanks to this new edition, Fairlight begins to be known in France, but we're totally unknown abroad ! Now Thunder Productions stopped its activities for all its bands, we try to promote this CD by ourselves in the wholeworld, which is a really hard work ! It's a pity because we had tons of good reviews for this demo. In fact, we will very soon manufacture new copies of our demo-CD and we hope we'll found new foreign distributors, because so far, nothing was made to promote our demo abroad.

We will also begin to work for a real first album, with our new female keyboard player who is both skilled and motivated, which is good for the future of the band.

9) Your favorite bands in the french underground ?

We can't say Kalisia because they are good friends, so one can say it isn't objective, but I thought before knowing them that they represent the most important chance for a french band to be signed and appreciated in the wholeworld because they are really skilled musicians and their style is pretty good. I also bought the new Dementia CD which is quite good, but perhaps it lacks of a real identity. Mercyless is also a band which deserve a better support than they have, they could be as known as Sup and Loudblast, which are both really good bands and leaders of the french scene. However they deserve a better acknowledge abroad. Your Shapeless Beauty can also be appreciated thanks to its forthcoming CD distributed by Adipocere.

10) what's your analysis for the french scene? What are your best points & our weaknesses facing foreign bands?

I am optimistic for the future of the french scene because the new generation of bands is more original and skilled than the prior one, and it is probably due to influences of skilled bands such as Dream Theater, which is really appreciated in France.

Our forces are also our weaknesses. Most of french bands are original, but sometimes to much for the internatinal scene, which is more interested in true death-metal or black-metal bands. France suffer from a bad view from the foreigners, perhaps because we do not have a band really known abroad, but I am optimistic and I think when one french band will be internationnaly known, other french bands will be signed and promoted. The wind will change !!! (I hope soon !!)

11) A last word ?

Thank you for your interview and support, I invite all foreign internet users to be more interested in the french scene because new bands will rise. We are looking for foreign distributors for our demo/CD, so if you're interested in, feel free to write me !! Our web-site is still under construction so be tolerant !!! See you ...

 ***** SALUT ET MERCI !!!!!!!!!!!!! *****