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Interview with Fred Rochette

1 Hello Fred, youíre back with 51 Ďs. Can you present the band & the album ?

I. 51ís is the result of the gathering of professional musicians with various origins and sensitiveness who live in th Champagne area, especially in the county of Marne, which gave birth to the bandís name (51ís). The songs released on Big time are mainly autobiographic. Itís some kind of personal experience of life.

2 You worked with the best artists in various scene. You were also there in the frnch metal scene of the 80ís. What is your best remembrance ?

II. Iíve got so much to tell... We were quite young and our heads were just filled with dreams. Itís during this period that I learnt my job. This was also my first tour, my first shows in front of an audience of more than 15 000 people, my first TV shows, etc... Just like any other musicians.

3 Whatís your analysis of the french musical situation ( hard rock exclusively) ? What are your favorite bands or the most promising ones ?

III. I think that this kind of music has not much future anymore, and France did not keep up with the race in the early eighties. At the time, bands (and I was a member of one) could not manage to get in touch with professsionals. Moreover, the sales in France at that time only represented 2 to 3% of the world market. No comment !

4 51 Ďs singer is also Regency singer. But in 51ís it sounds more like rockíní roll, itís funnier & sometimes inspired by bands like Aerosmith. Is it something that you particularly try to transcribe ?

IV. Whenever I compose and create arrangements, I do it as a whole : melodic line, choice of instruments, recording technique... Itís very important to put together sounds and syllabes on the melody. There are so many people who are fond of Anglo-Saxon music but who donít understand the lyrics !

5 Can you talk more about the recordings of the album ?

V. The album was recorded in my own studio with the mobille section. Drums and acoustic instruments (violins, brass, piano) were recorded in Reims, whereas bass lines, guitars and vocals were recorded in Chalons-en-Champagne. We had very little time for this, that is, a couple of weeks, mixing included. I dealt with the recordings and the executive production as a whole. But t took one year to write the songs and to deal with the pre-recording.

6 What sort of advices would you like to give to young musicians, guitarists or even bands ? It can be advices regarding the play on instruments or the way to record an album.

VI. Itís important to play well, but you should keep in mind that technical skills should be in the service of music, and not the other way round. Technique only represents one third of the job, you have to learn to communicate and to promote yourself. In any case, you have to keep sincere, because it just comes out from your music.

7 What are your hopes & your projects with this album ?

VII. This is the album Iíve always wanted to make. It has been released too late, but I made it with sincerity, and in the way I wished to.

8 How do you explain the relative fail of your past projects ( like Epsylon for example). Can you tell us how 51ís & your new album can make difference between the past projects you get ?

VIII. There are only very few professionals in the microcosm of French Heavy Metal, and this applies to any field of activity. That is the way it was in the 1980ís, and the situation has remained unchanged ever since.

9 A last word ?

IX. Only Rockín Roll !

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