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Adress : Forbidden records inc. - 1713 Acme Street - Orlando, florida 32 805 USA

Forbidden records is a company that is really leaded by open minded manager. They do not hesitate to sign bands coming from various musical area : from rock to heavy metal! Forbidden records do not either hesitate to sign famous artists like Ian Gillan or Mike Gibins than young bands like The Kill.


style : Rock - album : A place in time

this album is a creation of a guy that is in the business for ages!! Mike Gibbins has played for more than 4 decades. He 's the original drummer of Badfinger but he played too with The Beatles, Bonnie Tyler, George Harrison, ....Mike Gibbins plays a lot of instruments on this album : piano, keys, drums, percussion, vocals line. He's the only composer, producer too. He recorded its album alone too! It's a proff that this musicain is an accomplished one!  Musically speaking, this album will satisfy all fans of bands like Yes or Genesis 'Rocking the boat' as well as those who appreciate The Beatles ( like on 'layaway' or 'Time in ' for example). There's some rock (hard?) songs like 'Sue me' or the excellent 'Warcloud' but main songs are played at a calmest tempos. There's a lot of keys parts like for the ballad 'Picture of you' or 'time in' for example. One of the best song of this album is the blues rock 'Bad boy blues'. It 's a good way to appreciate blues rock music. Guitars licks are really good. On the song 'a place in time' & 'day after noght' , Mike Gibbins also proves that he's a solid composer. These tracks are more than 7' long. Surroundings is very close to what Pink Floyd was doing in the 70's. It's atmospheric songs with a good guitar solo. Mike gibbins voice can easily remain the one of Paul Mc Cartney or Lennon. It's piece of evidence that The beatles is one of the most important influences of Mike Gibbins & it could be hear in the main songs of this album. It's quite pleasant. It's sure that there's some songs that could easily feature as hit song in many charts. To resume, it's not heavy metal, it's rock but it's a very good rock album. 


style : Rock/Hard - album : Dreamcatcher

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I think it's useless to present Ian Gillan. Here's the formerly singer of Deep Purple, ex singer of Black Sabbath ( born again'), Episode 6, The Javelins, ...Ian is back not with its band Gillan ( 9albms released from 1976 to 1982) but he's back under his own name. He 's released 2 album sbefore : 'Naked Thunder' & 'Toolbox'. 'Dreamcatcher' is his third solo effort.  Don't expect a copy of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath or gillan. Ian Gillan is here ot let all of his musical influences burstin' out. As Deep purple cannot released all ideas he got, he did it in each of his solo effort. So, you'll find some hard-fusion song like 'hard on you', which begins the album. But this is not really in this style that Ian Gillan is at his best. When he sings blues song or country music like in 'You sold my love for a song' or 'that's why God is singing the blues' Ian Gillan is really impressive. He proves that he 's still an excellent singer & the one that creates a unique style, mainky copied! Facing blues song, there's also excellent rock songs like 'Sugar Plum' with an powerful guitars parts played by Steve Morris. If you listen carefully to all guitars parts, you'll see that sometimes it's very heavy . only arrangemetns & mix of the song makes it more commercial or less heavy than that he should have sounded. 'Gunga din' shows also another face of Ian Giullan . this song seems to have been taken from folklore. It's a good folk song with excellent vocals line like only Ian Gillan knows how to do. Teh last song is there to remain that Ian Gillan has listened to a lot of 60's osng. It's a 60's influenced ballad where Ian gillan sings like a crooner. In definitive, this album shows various faces of a heavy metal icon. It's also a proof that someone can be influenced by several styles without losing his soul in his own band. It's very interesting!


style : Rock - album : don't play with matches

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Tabitha's Secret is really a strange band. after a single '3am' that was gold, platinium & then double platinium, & another single 'tired', they released the 'don't play with matches' album. A 12 songs albums including their past hit singles in original version ( there's 2 versions of '3am'). This album has to be put with the best rock album released in USA. Typically influenced by all us rock albums, Tabitha's Secret has really nothing to learn in this style. Don't await for crushing guitars parts, rumbling drums & things like that. Songs have been worked a lot to offer the best structure, the best chorus, the best vocal line to each of the song. Musically clos to Bryan Adams latest albums ( so with a lot of ballads), Tabitha's Secret can also create songs that could have featured into Kansas album. 'Dear Joan' is per example a superb ballad as equal as the Kansas 's hit single 'Dust in the wind'. The main force of this band is the singer. He's got a very good voice & always find the good melodies. But if there's a lot of ballads, there's a few songs that remains that Tabitha's Secret is still a rock band like 'Tired', High' for example . in some way, the band also remains me nirvana like for the intro of 'swing'. there's quite a sad feeling. this song is built with an opposition between slow & dark parts with some more aggressive like for the chorus. Be careful because there's hidden tracks including so play it 'til the end!


style : Heavy metal - album : superdragsmackheadpsychoplasticgogopunk

The Kill is really an innovative band, even if it's also a band evolving in the heavy metal scene. This proves that this scene is still alive & pretty well! It starts like a slow version of last Anthrax album. ( may be because of the chorus & the 'hot' voice of their singer). but in the same time, there's some elements that could be find too in Motley Crue 's albums ( like the chorus of 'I wanna know') . Melody sense, quality of songs & production, skilled musicians... are some of the best trumps that can be find in The Kill. In fact, The Kill is one of the rare band able to unite all metal fans from every style : from melodic thrash metal to heavy rock & sometimes punk rock like for 'All tied up'. Enriched by a high level production, The Kill proposes 9 unstoppable tracks ( & some bonus one!) . The quality of their arrangements , the powerful side of their riffs make them as one of the best metal bands from USA. May be one of the most talentuous there. Their guitar sound & some riffs are really really heavy ( hear the riffs of ''speedin' to Oblivion')! Close to a band like Cipher, The Kill is really a band to mention & to support. It's excellent & high level heavy metal. This band really works for the renewal of this style.

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