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Contact : 48 A rue Ferrer / 59135 Wallers - FRANCE

Contact label : Thunder productions / Jean Hervé Crépot / 10 rue d'Auvergne - Appt8 / 51200 Epernay

Tel/fax : 33 3 26 55 15 66

Forlorn emotion is a real discovery in the french musical sceene ( & also in the international one). You miw differents musical elements that are not always coming from the metal area. What are the bands & musical styles that have influenced you? 

Ph : We listen to lot of things & not only metal music. Bands like Daftpunk, Prodigy, NIN, Police, Zazie, Depeche mode, Ministry, Megadeth, Death , Morbid Angel ... Our goal is to create a powerful ambient metal. I think that with "The sweet decline" we succeed in it. 

Can you present the band 's history?

JC : We create the bnad in the early 94. With Frederic Fievez (bass), Jerome Blanquet (drums), Joel Gozet (guitar) & I (Jean Christophe) on guitars & vocals. We were playing industrial thrash. We made a first demo "Trance". Joel quits the band for personal reasons & Philippe Renautier enter Forlorn Emotion in july 94. W start to create new songs in a more ambient view, but we try to keep the powerful of heavy thrash that we used to do at first. To play all surroundingson stage, Karine Loez (cytharre guitar, keyboards & acoustic guitars) joins us in july 95. We released "FE" in september 95 & the demo tape "Farewell" in march 96. Then, come "The sweet decline" in the end of may 97. We do some gigs in north of France with Sup, Loudblast, Artsonic, No return, Corruption, ... & a final of "le printemps de Bourges" in the end of 95.

Even if your style is quite near from experimental music, your songs stay recognizable. Is it a chance or something you built?

Ph :We do not think that we're playing experimental music. I think we've got a different approach of music, facing the other bands (metal or ambient ones), especially in our way to mix powerful & melodies. When you hear all the songs from the CD, it's simple & efficient riffs & not never ending melodies. We love spontaneity even the melodic search that we make. I think that here comes the ambiguity of your question.

JC : When we make a songwe always have a metal view. I play alone what i find. I keep all the good riffs (energetic & efficient ones) & i propose them to the band. We built the songs together. 

The "thrash metal "label is on my aim too small to describe the band. How do you define your style?

Fr : We had to find a good definitionfor flyers & bios. I think that "cold metal " is the good way to define us.

Tell us about the recording of "The sweet decline"? What is your recording material that you use

Ph : We record with our own material : Yamaha drums, Zildjan & Sabian cymbals, Status bass & Trace elliott amp, Jackson, Esp, Gaudin, Wash burn guitars with marshall amps & boss od1 & zoom pedals. 

Jer. : The recording was made in the CMA studio (that has closed its door to bands non coming from their school)µ. Recording session take 7 days. We go to C23 in Bruxelles for the mix. Mastering was made at the electric city (Bruxelles)We choose to work with Brunon Donini ( we worked with him for the song "Long suffering progresss"for "Brutale Generation " compilation CD ). He have understood the band's aim & he is a fine worker. He 'has also invest a lot in this album & we thank him for that. 

Do you plan some tour? If yes with a band, where?

Fr. : We work for it. We may tour with Mercyless & M pheral , 2 bands that are also with Thunder productions   It should be in october 97. But we try to play as often as possible & to make some festivals.

You come from the north of France, where a lot of bands exist. What is your opinion about these bands? What are the differences between the other ones coming from France?

JC : In the undergroudn, north of France has got a good reputation with bands like Sup & Loudblast. there's not lot of bands that has become as big in this style in the other countries of France. The north of France 's sceene is very fertile & I think that some of these bands will soon be important. Unfortunately, France is a country where audience does not go to concerts if it's not a big american band playing. In Germany, the audience is more faithful & don't hesitate to see its bands on stage. When you see that Propain sells 140 000 CD's in the world, including 35 000 in Germany, it's incredible! (in France they sell only 3 000 CD's!!). you feel the difference!!

thanks for interview & come to see us in gigs. 

Review : With Forlorn emotion, Thunder productions has released an experimental band. The band is influenced by bands like Supuration (« A part of me ») but without the coldness aspect of this band. Songs & chant are obstinated like in « Farewell » for example. Thereís always break parts to bring the listeners to new horizons & counterbalance the repetition aspect of this style of music. The line up is enriched by keyboards & citharre player ( a female one) which brings something more in the music . The singer also uses different styles of chant : itís more often a clear voice at a low level like if it was a whispered voice. But for certain parts, the singer is crying out in pain or says his anger. Even if this style of music is quite complex & dificult for the audience, songs are easy to remain (because of the riffing parts & the melody lines). Forlorn Emotion is a band like Pink Floyd but in a heavy thrash version. Itís got an experimentation side where slow & obstinated surroundings are subtlety broken to let burst out a inner rage. Thereís on ly ine song which is structured in a more classical way :the instrumental « In trance ». For a first attempt, Forlorn Emotion makes a master stroke. Itís a high emotional metal. This time again, the production is excellent (itís rare for a first album). This album was also recorded by Brunon Donini. Forlorn emotion is a band for those who are open mind, for those who want to dicover a more emotional & intelligent way to make metal music : innovator & with a rare beauty. I really had pleasure to listen to it & be led by those competent & inspired musicians. « the sweet Decline » is very recommendable... See the distribution list...
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