Web : http://www.fragment.com - Email: pbrocca@infomaniak.ch

Label Contact : Cotes de Montbenon 24 - 1003 Lausanne - Switzerland - phone/fax 021 320 52 58

label E mail : headstrong@infonie.ch


Can you tell us more about your band ?

FRAGMENT was born in Geneva (Switzerland) in 1995 on the ashes of different thrash metal, new wave and grunge bands. After several months trying to imitate SOUNDGARDEN (Badmotorfinger), FRAGMENT change his mind and found is way. A brutal and dark metal hardcore with abrupt and torturous structure, the line up is : Bassir Yunus, drums/ Patrick Brocca, guitars and backing vocals/ Gabriel Farine, bass and lead vocals.

What are your most important influences ?

When we wrote the songs for "Flux" our influences were mostly : MESHUGGAH, FEAR FACTORY (without the kitschy choruses), PANTERA (without the rock’n’roll style), DEATH (without the solos) and death metal in general. But now although we still like MESHUGGAH, we feel more affinities with some bands of the new Hardcore Scene like COALESCE and CONVERGE.

Can you present and tell us all about your album ?

"Flux" has been recorded in December 1997 in Uppsala (Sweden) by Daniel Bergstrand (MESHUGGAH, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, STUCK MOJO). It is the result of one year of relenless work and hold ten songs as aggressive as hell (thanks Daniel !!). The great digipack artwork was made by Nicolas Robel from BULB GRAPHIK.

How do you define your style?

To achieve a more brutal and dark metal we cleaned it off all his useless feature like solos an pompous parts, keeping only the essential near to the core. Right, that’s it we play "severe metal", maybe because Geneva is the Calvin’s City!!!

Do you have already schedule some tours to promote "Flux"?

About twenty dates are planned in Switzerland in the beginning of 1999.

Why you decided to sing in french?

Metal Hardcore is about music and attitude, it doesn’t matter which language you choose (french is our native tongue, so it was natural choice). When we write songs we never think in terms of market, our music is raw, underground and without compromise, people will listen to them ‘cause of their integrity, and because it sounds like nothing else…(Fontaine je ne boirai pas de ton eau).

Can you tell us more about your lyrics?

How our life and personalities are pre-determinated by education, culture, medias, … and how can we escape from this alienation. How we feel helpless in front of the humanity suffering. How we lie, cheat, use violence and how the flesh is weak. And of course : what the hell is the fucking meaning of life?

What’s for you the most extreme music now?

"Most extreme" means nothing to us. Metal music is not a bodybuilding contest ! (Yes, we know sometimes it is, but it sucks !!)

What do you think of the other bands signed on Headstrong?

They all definitely suck! (laughs) Seriously : Hare is a good band but their music is a bit too mainstream for our taste, Sludge is more underground and play a kind of dark metal which fit to us, except that their bassist wear Kiss marchandising, but nobody’s perfect (laughs). What’s your opinion about bands blending metal & techno ? We never heard a really convincing metal and techno blend, it seems that a heavily distorted guitar sound leave not enough room for techno sounds which are huge to, furthermore techno time signature is almost always 4/4 and what is precisely interesting in metal is the switch between different time signature, so, pure techno and pure metal are in most case better than the sums of the two, but who knows maybe soon someone will find the perfect blend.


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