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Full Moon prodcutions is an extreme metal record companies that was created in 92. It's also a famous one in the underground scene & one of the most reputed. FMP supports 'til the beginning black metal bands & if there's a trend on this scene, may be it's with the help of them!

Releases :

FMP012INDUNGEON "Machinegunnery Of Doom" CD '98---------------------------------------------------------------------

FMP013 LORD WIND "Forgotten Songs" digipack CD '98-----------------------------------------------------------------------

FMP014 BLACK FUNERAL "Empire of Blood" CD '98---------------------------------------------------------------------------

FMP015 DIABOLI "Towards Damnation" CD '98---------------------------------------------------------------------------

FMP016 A TRIBUTE TO HELL Double Compilation CD '98 - out Feb --------------------------------------------------------

FMP ----ACHERON Those who have risen CD-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

FMP----PILEDRIVER : Metalinquisition/Stay ugly split CD ----------------------------------------------------------------------

FMP----CENTURIAN : Of purest fire CD

FMP666 MYSTICUM "In the Streams of Inferno" CD '96------------------------------------------------------------------------

FMP001 BURZUM "debut" tape. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

FMP002 HADES "...again shall be" CD '94 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

FMP003 ALGAION "Oimai Algaiou" CD '95--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

FMP004 SWORDMASTER "Wraths of Time" MCD '95 --------------------------------------------------------------------------

FMP005 BLACK FUNERAL "Vampyr - Throne of the Beast" CD '96 --------------------------------------------------------

FMP006 OCTINOMOS "On the Demiurge" CD '96-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

FMP007 EVERDARK "Armageddons Birth" CD '96-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

FMP008 ARGENTUM "Ad Interitum Funebrarum" CD '97------------------------------------------------------------------------

FMP009 ABRUPTUM "Vi Sonus Nigrae Malitiaes" digipack CD '97 ----------------------------------------------------------

FMP010 HADES "The Dawn of the Dying Sun" CD 97-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

FMP011 PRIMIGENIUM "Art of War" CD '97---------------------------------------------------------------------------


FMP004v SWORDMASTER "Wraths of Time" LP '97---------------------------------------------------------------------------

FMP010v HADES "The Dawn of the Dying Sun" LP '97


APOLLYON "Diaboli Gratia" MCD '98--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

SOULREAPER "debut" CD '98-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Releases :


Black Funeral- ---Apollyon-----------Piledriver --------Centurian-------Acheron

DiaboliBlack FuneralIndungeonLord Wind

Diaboli - --------Black funeral- -----Indungeon------ Lord Wind ------Mysticum


Album : Diaboli Gratia - Style : Black metal

Created in 1992, Apollyon released its first demo in 1993 ("Creators of Evil Thoughts") & a second one in 1995 ("Troldeskovens aander") with a new line-up. Playing at first a slow & atmospheric black metal, Apollyon has quite evolved now. Diaboli Gratia is their first officail release for Full Moon productions. It's a 5 tracks mCD. It starts with a slow dark intro with keyboards & then, it's a real deluge of violent black metal. It's prue dark music but with good melodies. More, the production is excellent with a huge & personal sound. Teh best points in Apollyon's music is their ability to blend furious parts to more atmospehric ones ("when coldness wraps this suffering day"). Then, it makes the music more attractive. "Diaboli Gratia" is the meeting between Beauty & Evil, Darkness & Salvation. This debut mCD is very good !


Album : Moon of Characith - Style : Dark avant-guard music

Band : nachttoter@hotmail.com

The 2 piece band is back but in a new form. Black Funeral plays no more its violent black metal as it used to be on "Empire of Blood". On this new album, the band has totally changed its music into a more ambiant tune. This new orientation is quite bizarre, 'cos the band was really good in its old vampiric black metal style. But this rebirth brings a fresh attitude to ambiant music. It's like a pure dark enchantment, an oppressive fairytale. This album could easily become a painting that enters human souls. This is a collection of dark invocations to a funeral travel.


style : Heavy speed metal - split CD : Metal inquisition/stay ugly

Piledriver is not really a new band. They came from Canada & teh band's first album was released originally in 1984. Full moon productions decide in 1998 to release again & in Cd format both of Piledriver albums fom 84 & 86 . 'Metal inquisition' was issued in 84 on cobra records. this album wa blending 2 elements that matter a lot at this time : heavy metal & Satan. It was very provocative & may be shocking at this time ! Tracks like 'Sex with Satan', 'sodomize the ded' or 'Piledriver' have established Piledriver as one of the craziest band of this period & one of the best one in the underground scene. Songs on this album are quite long & it really sounds like a piece of heavy metal music. Some tracks are really loud & reflects precisely the state of mind of several bands of this period. 'Witchhunt' is one of their best track on this album with a genuise chorus( that could have suit in a Motley Crue or Skidrow album ! ).

'Stay ugly', the second album of Piledriver was originally issued in 1986. With a better production & some modern influences (in 1986!) Piledriver creates a fantastic album of speed metal. unfortunately, this album has not meet a huge success in Europe ( & less success in France!). but if you've appreciated 'kill 'em all' of Metallica, this album will surely pleased you with its fast & crushing guitars, its harsh melodies , its chorus as good as on a Judas Priest album & its solis that could have been played by an hysteric Kirk Hammett! songs are shorter but really more aggressive, kinda speed metal with just enough melodies to make it more powerful. 

So, it's 2 different albums released by Piledriver & fortunately, Full moon productions offer both in a split CD. So this band is often mentioned as one of the reference for extreme metal bands, it's worth to get it as soon as possible!


style : Death metal - mini album : Of purest fire

Centurian released 2 demos & one CD called 'Walpurgis - sabbath of lust' under the name of inquisitor. But due to lineup problems & differences of opinion, the band splitted up & reborned later under the name of Centurian in the beginning of 1997. ( Their past guitarist joined the belgian band Ancient Rites). Playing fast & brutal death metal, this band coming fom netherlands is influenced by band slike Morbid Angel, Immortal & Deicide. At the end of 1997, the band entered a studio to record 8 songs, including one cover from Inquisitor & one from Morbid Angel (Blasphemy). All these songs has been released in CD format but for th eband it's more a demo than a begniing album despite a very good & loud sound ! However, it's sure that 'Of purest fire' is really the kind of album that will suit to all Morbid Angel , Angel Corpse, Deicide fans. There's monstruous riffing parts ( like on 'Beter off burning' for example). Centurian is really composed of skilled musicians. Their technical level is up to the average. Their mini Cd sounds like old technical brutal death metal but with 2 different vocals. The first one is loud like in death metal & the 2d one is harsher like in black metal ( maybe due to their black metal influecnes like Immortal). The death metal scene is slowly but surely growing again & bands like Centurian could probably become one of the leader of this scene.


Band Web site : http://indungeon.home.ml.org ***E mail : thorda@algonet.se

( http://www.algonet.se/~thorda/primordial.htm http://www.algonet.se/~thorda/indungeon.html )

Project created by members of Thy primordial & Mythotyn, Indungeon has been created in 96. Ater some rehearsals, they recorded a 5 tracks demo tape including a cover version of Bathory 's 'Die In fire'. When Full Moon prods received this tape, they wanted to sign the band. As they accepted, it was no more question of a demo & just of an album. 2 songs also featured in compilation CD . In 97 is released 'Machinegunnery of doom' , their first Cd

Can we consider that Indungeon is a black metal band? Not really even if vocals can be compared to this style. Indungeon proposes a music that takes its influences from the 80's metal band, especially the thrash metal & early death metal scene. Like Bewitched but in a more thrash version, Indungeon creates a fantastic melodic thrash metal album with som eblack metal vocals. Anyway, these kind of vocals can also remain the one used in old Kreator & teh band also seems to be influenced by this band. in comparison with the classical thrash metal fom the 80's, Indungeon adds melodic elemtns : guitar duets, melodies, that can sometimes remains Iron Maiden! The bass player is excellent & brings a lot to the quality of this album. Soe rythmic guitars parts also remains Metallica (when this band was the best thrash metal band in the metal scene) with some riffs that look like to 'Creeping death'. 

'Machinegunnery of doom' is an excellent surprise from Full Moon productions. More than war metal as they said in the bio, Indungeon means total head banging. In fact a very refreshing album & a return to the roots!



Created in 92, Diaboli is a finnish band & started its carrer under the name of Sigillum Diaboli. Their first demo was released in 92. Then, the line up changed & a second demo was released in 94. Thiese 2 demos are now sold out & unavailable. In 95, they changed their name into Diaboli & then it became a one man band. A first album was also released in 96 'Mesmerized by darkness' fror unisound records.

'Under a blood red sky' is the new album released by Full Moon productions. Through a good production, Diaboli represents a good surprise with its quite classical black metal. Some keyboards are included , as it used to be fro surroundings. Main songs are aggressive & there's a good work on songs' arrangements. It's the kind of album with 1 riffs per song but arrangements & structure of songs makes them not boring. More, some classical heavy metal references can be found in music. Diaboli can also remains a french black metal band : Blut Aus nord which has 2 album released by VMI. 3 tracks of this album have been released later & it gave another sound & another direction to this album. Diaboli is really a classical but solid black metal band. 


black funeral

Described as a fast grim & cold black metal band, Black Funeral released already 2 others productions before "Empire of blood" . Vampyrism, shadowside, magick are the main themes of their lyrics. Musically speaking, Black Funeral stays in the total underground of the black metal scene. The production of this album remains the first productions of the new black metal increase. The sound is quite simple & ultra speed tempos are not the more used one. It's better mid tempos songs.  There's no references to old heavy metal like in Indungeon for example. Some keyboards are even used to enrich surroundings & to bring the main dark parts. 'Empire of blood' is an album devoted to the real black metal fans, that still want to be in the underground : no melodies, no technical arrangements. All music has got the aim to deliver a pice of dark ness & to frighten the audience. It's quite a come- back to the roots of this movement. 


style : Black folk metal- Album: Forgotten songs

Lord wind trys to develop a new brench in black metal. This one man band doesn't sound like anyone. No ultra speed tempos, no crushing guitars parts every where, no harsh voices at all. The main inspiration of Lord Wind is folk music. So, guitars are really melodic, drums are often more percussions & voices are often spoken instead of sung. There is also a lot of keyboards, which allows to strenghthen music. The result is quite original. It sounds more like hymn songs. It's epic & remains some war songs. Each one is its own story of medieval battles & then it results to a conceptual album. So 'Forgotten songs' is more a surroundings album & it takes a lot of time to appreciate all subtleties of this style. It's totally different & unclassifiable & original. But it's also devoted to open minded people!


style : Black metal- Album: In the stream of Inferno

This album has been originally released in 1996. So, it'd be amistake to believe that Mysticum is trying to take advantage of the increase of Black metal scene. More, the band proposes a quite good music facing the main production in this style. Mysticum develops various surroundings within their songs. Main tempos are quite speed but the band is also able to break the rythm to play a slower part ('winter mass' & its oppressive rythm). This gives a more darken color to songs. Mysticum music feels very unhealthy & it's strongly enriched by their arrangements ( 'Let the kingdom come'). Some parts are quite anguish ( 'where the raven flies') . The production is up to the average & this is relly a good point because a lot of productions in black metal scene are often poorly produced & it always ruins the quality of songs & music. 2 years later, this album still sounds well & never gives the feeling of being overcome. Some keys enriched msuci on some parts. So, 'In the stream of Inferno' contains all elements coming from Black metal & that has allowed this huge success. 


style : Death metal - album : Those who have risen

Acheron is a band that has been created 10 years ago. The band is back with a new album & on a new label. Leaded by Vincent Crowley, Acheron described its music as 'apocalytic hyms' of black death metal. This conceptual album has been built among the 'ancient summerian vampiric rites'. To complete the rpesentation, i must add that there's some guests appearing on this album. David Vincent, the ex leader of Morbid Angel & formerly with Genitoturers & georges 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher from cannibal Corpse plays on some songs. A north american tour is scheduled, check out the FMP web site for news!

Musically speaking this album will surely surprised a lot of people. Acheron is simply the only band able to unite black metal & death metal. This is due to th eblend of various vocals line, frm black to death metal. But don't expect for ultra brutal rythms of guitar parts. All is more atmospheric & surroundings are strengthen with th ehelp of omnipresent keyboards parts. the result is a fascinating album with a clear & powerful production & performed by excellent musicians ( solis from  'out of body' are o the best example!). Structures of songs have really been thought at their best. It's really efficient. To the atmospheric parts, powerful ones often appears to counterbalance them. then, it's absolutly no boring & it results to a richness that only belongs to a few extreme bands. Acheron reaches woth 'Those who have risen' a level of quality that lead it among the best productions of 1998 . A msut have !

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