Contact : Gang / Underground Investigtion c/o Sylvain Cotté , 5 rue du pot d'étain, 51170 Fismes - FRANCE

Tel : 03 26 48 88 96

Interview :

1 Gang seems to be a different band in french underground sceene. Do you feel the same & can you explain this?

In underground area, there's lot of bands. Those who follow trends & who often split very soon & those who try to playt the music they feel whoo stay longer in the sceene & so are different from the main bands. Gang is one of these bands. We play & write without worrying about the trends & just follow our own feelings. That's wy you think we're "different". I would prefer to say that we 're in.

2 In your music, I find lots of influences coming from eighties' bands (85-90) & most often american bands. Is this musical style one of your influences? What are they really?

I think that your looklike with american thrash bands from mid eighties is because ilke them, we 're inluenced by heavy metal, punk & hadcore bands. Bands from the eighties have also a big influence on us because we were teenagers at this time. But now, we listen to lots of diversified styles : rock from the sixities -seventies, 90's metal, some jazz, blues & classical music for some of us.

3 for now, what are the differences between the 1st & 2d album? What are the evolutions, the mistakes that you made?

Our first album was recorded very fast in a "punk spirit" with songs that were probably not as well done that it should have been. For "Unknow...but surely evil" we wanted to propose more developed songs, more heavy songs too. We worked for one year to did it. This one is more complex, perhaps too much!! & if we record a third album, it will surely at the cross of these two albums. For our mistakes, the only one is to put our confiance in a bad studio & to pay a fortune for only 500 CD's.

4 Tell us about the recording of "Unknown...but surely evil".

We recorded during one week. In a first time in live to record drums parts. Then, Philty re done his bass lines. I add my guitar & then, in a different order, Cliff made his solis & Bones his vocals parts with sometimes all of us for backing vocals. At the end, we stop for 10 days to make a break & return to the studio for the mix. Mix was made during one week where we complete some vocals parts & add some effects to create a concept.

5 Can you take stock of Gang's carreer?

The life of the band has always known some new facts : line up changes or Cd's releases. But we succed in keeping our motivations, our passion in metal music; because sometimes, it was hard for us & it's difficult to face the deception we had. But when we thought of the time we passed to make things better for Gang, it's more the positive aspects that we remains & that's why we' re still here. I think that it's called "Rock'n'roll".

6 What are your newt projects, for now & for the future?

Once again, we 're seeking for a new line up to go on . Our last members split up after the rcording of the album. we found a new guitarist but always need a drummer. For recording, we prepare a new video which present Gang from his early beginning (Gush X) to now. So evryone will be able to see Gang's carrer.

7 What's the kind of help brought by underground investigation to Gang (Underground investigation is a zine realising compil'tape & sometimes Gigs & festivals )?

In fact, it's Gang who created Underground Investigation & it's Gang who make this association work. At first, we 're metal fans & we want that our experience to serve other band that have not hte possibility to create their own structure to promote them. So, Underground Investigation is the official management of Gang but it's also a way to put bands, associations, zines, labels, radios, relation. If we can help someone we must do it.

8 What's your place in french sceene & your relations with other bands?

We 're not of the most known band or one of the most appreciated one. But we exist, we make things & have very good relations with the main french bands because of our work with Underground Investigation. I don't want to give name of our appreciated bands in underground area ( french & worldwide) 'cos it's too numerous & i 'll forget some. this time again, i can say that we 're like fans & we want to find again new bands that burst our ears.

review :... I don't know the first album, but "Unknown..." is a really good surprised. Described as a thrash core band, Gang shows lots of good influences in this CD. Vocals are made like hardcore-thrash bands, very brutal & primitive. But music is more influenced by heavy & thrash bands from the eighties& that not means that Gang is a band coming from the past. Songs are well structured. They uses lots of slow tempos to include melodic & technical solis. Musically, Gang remains me bands from Bay area with lots of energetic guitars part. The rythmical section do a fine job. A real discovery that this band who shows that metal was existing before the nineties & is still not old fashioned. ...
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