Contact : Season of mist - 24 Rue Brandis - 13 005 Marseille - FRANCE - Phone /fax 33 3 491 8000 37- Mobile 33 660 180 221 -

>> 1 What's the story of your band
Well we started in 93 (approx.) with 4 guys and released a demo called "Starside" to which their was huge reponse. The style was raw and aggresive yet  athmospheric Black metal very much in the immortal/ darkthrone vein, with no clean vocals. But in 97 we lost our Guitarist and singer due to difference in opinions of style. Myself and Phili became the new members on Guitars and Draighean assumed vocal responsibilities. The sound we do now is a better representation of Geasa than before. We were offerd many deals yet opted for Season of mist due to many kind words spoken to us on his behalf and flew to Tico Tico (Finland) to Record our Debut CD "Angels Cry"

>> 2 What are your influences?
We have so many we cant really say but basicly We all love Bathory and other epic emotional majestic stuff. Lots of Dead can Dance, and Coctaue Twins, Iron Maiden, Irish band Shane Mc Gowan and the Pogues, Old Irish folk stuff, and then Death metal like Morbid angel and Cryptopsy, and Immortal, Burzum etc.

>> 3 How do you define your style ?
Well on the CD I suppose its like Epic, yearning, desire filled melencholic, athmospheric black metal (but its not Satanic so can we call it black?) pagan, celtic Metal!!! But subtle ...not obvious like much other shit around. We dont set any limits on ourselves so we have no set style. Once it remains metal and true to us, I suppose we will play it eventually. We all come from extreme Black/Death backgrounds so I suppose it will allways be present in our music.

>> 4 In your style of music, bass guitar is rarely heard. in your album, it's got a huge sound. Why?
Well I presume you mean our style is Black metal or something, so I think because we love Iron Maiden and we have a good Bass player and a lot of good bass lines then it should be heard!! Otherwise we should not bother with a bass. Dont you think. I hate Black metal production anyway.

>> 5 Tell us more about the recording of your  album?
we spent 2 weeks with Athi in Finland. There was lots of snow, strange beer, strange people. We worked well in the studio. I think the best place for Geasa to be is in a recording envioroment as the best always comes from us then. It was a pretty much standerd setup. Everyone was relaxed and just played to the tape. Athi was a good engineer for our stuff. We taught because we only heard his extreme stuff Like Impaled Nazerene etc he could not do us but he was pretty good in the end. We had a great time over there and Finnish people are very....interesting!!

>> 6 What are your projects for 1999?
Well we are building our own practise studio, writing new stuff, playing some gigs, Working with our 4 track and 8 track. Moving on anyway. We hope when the CD is out to get some tours or something abroad because we are getting bored here in Ireland.

>> 7 How is the Irish scene?
Its healthy with many signed bands like Primordial ( Celtic Black metal Misantrophy/ Hammerheart), Arcane sun (ars metali recs. Emotional doom/death). Our label mates and the fastest band on Earth Abaddon Incarnate(brutal satanic Death metal). WaylanderCeltic/folk metal Century media) and then some cool unsigned bands like Kingdom(swedish melodic death), Dreamsfear(thrash or something heavy?), Mourning Beloveth( really slow doom), MOONFOG!!!!(extreme black metal), there is a few Metal clubs, and lots of gigs yes it is healthy and strong!!

>> 8 Will you try to include more &more folklore sounds, instruments in your  music?
Yes probably. We will do more folk songs like Spansill hill, but instrument wise we just stick to our keyboard I think as we dont want to use those folk things live ( they allways look and sound shit). New songs will be a progression. But we wont know what everything will turn out like untill we get to the studio as Geasa has no boundries thats the magic of it. It changes all the time we have no limits.

>> 9 A last word?
yes goodbye, bye the album join the geasa army, see you soon on the Geasa world Domination tour and thanks very much for the interview.

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