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GODEN : As mainly dutch bands, Goden is a discret one in the metal sceene. But it's really not a fault. Goden plays an intellligent thrash death metal strenghthen by technical guitar solis. Goden is also the first release of the new label called Agony records ( See in labels page for details). For a first release it's a very good one. At first, it's a mCD & not an album & that's really a pity because there's no major weakness on this CD. Cover is very good & attractive. The production is also better than the average. & the technical level of Goden is also better than the average. The band likes to play a thrash death metal full of long & melodic solis. There's also sometimes guitars duels!!!! Of course, Goden is not a beginner in the metal sceene. They started in the early 90's & have already made 3 demos (available at Agony records). They also give tittle for 2 compilation CD this year. In fact, Goden remains me a mix between the first Exodus Lp (for the rythmical parts), Chastain & Manilla Road ofr the solis (great technical & epic). Goden has also made a great effort on vocals. SO it's not linear growls but a voice full of variations : from death to "gothic". So, this band is a real discovery & a really good debut. I think that Goden will truly become a referencee. & this mCD willl surely become a collector. SO....

GUTRIX : Bio - review

Gutrix is a 4 piece heavy-rock band formed by two members of Mercyful Fate, guitarist Hank Shermann and drummer Bjarne T. Holm. After finishing their US-tour with Mercyful Fate in February 1995, they teamed up with bass player Claus Weiergang and vocalist Richard Plougmann, to form the new band Gutrix. Shermann, Holm and Plougmann had already been playing together in the band Zozer Mez, who released an album in 1991, also featuring guitarist Michael Denner from Mercyful Fate. Gutrix's music encompasses light and shade, climax and emotion, heavy and metal, which is delivered explosively on stage. Their roots are digging in the 70's gold era, and the songs are clearly influenced by the most heavy bands from that period.

This is a truly masterpiece released by Gutrix. The kind of album that you still play ten or twenty years after its release. The reason for that is simple. The band created & united all elements that belong to metal music. The first track of the albul is very powerful & aggressive & you think that you'll listen to a good heavy metal album played by talentuous & famous musicians. & it's even better than that! It's true that "Mushroom songs" is a heavy metal album, but it's also more than that. in fact, Gutrix could have named this Cd : "Back to the roots" or "the essentials". Hank Shermann remains us that his influences come from the 70's with bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, & Judas Priest. More over, the sound & production also smells the 70's ( but don't be afraid, it's powerful enough , hear "Out of control") . 2 covers are played on the album : "move over" from Janis Joplin & "Exciter" of Judas played live in a club. All musicians in the band works for the quality of the whole tracks. Hank proves or remains us that he's not only an excellent heavy metal guitarist playing in Mercyful Fate . He's really different from what we used to listen to with him. That's why this Cd is impressive. As i said, some songs will strongly remains Judas Priest ( "out of control" or "Hell to pay" ) but some others are more atmospheric with cool surroundings ( "crazy" or "bolivian mountains" , "The mushroom songs" with a good participation of Andy La Rocque). The singer has got a really original tone in his voice . He brings a special color to the songs. So, even if influences are piece of evidence, it's sure that this album is a quality work & more, it sounds very original & different from the common bands . "Mushroom songs" is a convincing & captivating album . I really take pleasure in discovering again the origin of metal music played with the technology & technical level of the 90's. I hope that a second CD is scheduled 'cos Gutrix proves that it's still possible to write excellent metal songs full of melody, feeling & power. Really indispensable!!

This CD is also a CD rom where you find a biography of all Dzynamite's production with musical excerpts. A good way to discover one of the best record company & bands that come to earth these past years.


Self productions - style : power thrash death - demo : welcome to the suffer age & mini CD "welcome to the sufer age" -

Web site : - Band E mail : or

Gooseflesh features as one of the heaviest swedish bands unsigned yet! After 2 demos tapes that are now sold out, Gooseflesh is back with a third demo called 'Welcome to the suffer age'. The first thing to say about this tape is the high quality of its osund. Rarely a demo has been sounded so good. It'd have been on a Cd without any problem. Havin g a good reputation as a live act too, Gooseflesh won't have a lot of problem to find a record company. These companies have to know that the band is now working on a first CD, after only 3 years of living. The style of the band is quite simple : strong & heavy guitars, weighty drums parts & powerful singer. It's loud, very loud & can by some ways remains Metallica with the 'black album' but with this so caracteristic swedish touch & sound. But this style of music never means that Gooseflesh forget to deliver strong melodies. There is some on each songs & they're really heavy too! For some of these reasons, Gooseflesh can be compared to another promising swedish band called Mental Crypt. This last one is now signed on Black Mark & prepares a first album too. Gooseflesh , this time again , proves the high quality of the swedish scene. This one is probably the most living one. I highly recommend you to get their 3d demo tape before ruunning after the first CD.You'll find one of the heaviest sound ever heard.  

Label : Goldtrack records - style : power thrash death - mCD : welcome to the suffer age

Web site : - Band E mail : or management : or Label : http :// -

« Gooseflesh features as one of the heaviest swedish bands unsigned yet! » thatís how i begun the presentation of the last demo released by Gooseflesh a few months ago ! Itís now past history ! Gooseflesh has been signed by Goldtrack records, one of the most promising record company from Spain. The bandís history is quite simple : Created in 1995/96, Gooseflesh had to wait its 4th demo to be signed. After « Gooseflesh », « The wraith », « glow » ( that was recorded by roberto Laghi, the producer that recorded B-Thong, Trnasport league, ...) & finally «welcome to the suffer age ». This last demo is now available in Cd format. The 5 songs are here & dnít worry about sound quality ! The demo had a killer sound & the mCD is quite better & clear ! Often compared to bands like Black Sabbath, Machine Head, Sepultura, Gooseflesh also appears in the sampler ĎSepultural feast - A tribute to Sepultura Ď. If youíre kind of strong & heavy guitars, weighty drums parts & powerful singer. Gooseflesh will surely kick your ass ! My favorite tracks remaisn « Seeds of terror », maybe one of the heaviest song they made. For me, Gooseflesh can easily be classified between Sepultura & Metallica. First one for powerful side, 2d one for having kept enough melodies in music. & itís certinaly because of this last point that Gooseflesh sounds so unique. Even if you get their last demo tape, you can order your own copy of this Cd to Goldtrack records, Ďcos Gooseflesh will surely become a major act in a few coming years.


Label : Bestial records - Style : Atmospheric Doom/black metal - Album : from the moldavian ecclesiastic throne

E mail :

God is a 6 piece band which includes keyboards & a viola player. Coming from Roumania & signed on a Romanian company, God trys to develop the local scene there & to prove that the romanian scene can be as interesting as other ones. After a long & oriental -styled intro, God starts by a mid tempo song were violin takes a large place as well as melodies. God doesnít seem to fall into simple brutality. The band trys to develop some surroundings with the help of keys & violin but definitly not in a « My dying Bride » style. The music & especially vocals (which are blend into black metal ones & gothic ones) seems to come from the black metal scene, even if God is not really one of this typical black metal band. With sometimes a gothic approach or a doom one, God diversifies its song & themes . Thus, God can appear like a Romanian version of bands like Septic Flesh or Nightfall with some touches of old Moonspell. Itís quite interesting& thecorrect production of this album makes it better. More gothic than really black metal , God can be an alternative to this scene provided you like to discover new & real underground bands.


Label : Bestial records - Style : Atmospheric thrash metal - Album : The Darkside

E mail :

Grimegod is a 3 piece band, still coming from Romania as the majority of Bestial records production. Facing the other releases of this company, Grimegod has got a weaker sound escpecilaly for guitars & itís a pity becuase thereís good ideas developped there. I say that because this tape sounds better like an home-made release than like a studio album, so donít await for a huge production. Thereís also some home-made programmings & arrangements like for drums which are made with the help of a rythm machine. But despite this, itís really interesting to hear this band. This time again, itís hard to describe Grimegod. Music is often slow with a lot of guitar melodies, & vocals alternates between some death growls & some shooting-spoken-whispered voices. Itís sometimes really heavy & itís sure that with a better production, Grimegod could convince a lot more about its talent. More over, Grimegod is not this kind of band that trys more to show its technical level than its musical sense. Thatís why, songs are built in a simple way to be more efficient but a certain effort has even been made for arrangements. The predominating climate are very dark & for some reason, it sometimes makes me thing about Forlorn Emotion, even if Grimegod is more aggressive. Some songs really worths & Ií m sure that Grimegod has a good potential to express in the future.


Label : Forbidden records- style : Rock - album : A place in time

Web site : E mail :

this album is a creation of a guy that is in the business for ages!! Mike Gibbins has played for more than 4 decades. He 's the original drummer of Badfinger but he played too with The Beatles, Bonnie Tyler, George Harrison, ....Mike Gibbins plays a lot of instruments on this album : piano, keys, drums, percussion, vocals line. He's the only composer, producer too. He recorded its album alone too! It's a proff that this musicain is an accomplished one!  Musically speaking, this album will satisfy all fans of bands like Yes or Genesis 'Rocking the boat' as well as those who appreciate The Beatles ( like on 'layaway' or 'Time in ' for example). There's some rock (hard?) songs like 'Sue me' or the excellent 'Warcloud' but main songs are played at a calmest tempos. There's a lot of keys parts like for the ballad 'Picture of you' or 'time in' for example. One of the best song of this album is the blues rock 'Bad boy blues'. It 's a good way to appreciate blues rock music. Guitars licks are really good. On the song 'a place in time' & 'day after noght' , Mike Gibbins also proves that he's a solid composer. These tracks are more than 7' long. Surroundings is very close to what Pink Floyd was doing in the 70's. It's atmospheric songs with a good guitar solo. Mike gibbins voice can easily remain the one of Paul Mc Cartney or Lennon. It's piece of evidence that The beatles is one of the most important influences of Mike Gibbins & it could be hear in the main songs of this album. It's quite pleasant. It's sure that there's some songs that could easily feature as hit song in many charts. To resume, it's not heavy metal, it's rock but it's a very good rock album. 


Label : Forbidden records- style : Rock/HARD - album : Dreamcatcher

Web site : - E mail :

band web site :

I think it's useless to present Ian Gillan. Here's the formerly singer of Deep Purple, ex singer of Black Sabbath ( born again'), Episode 6, The Javelins, ...Ian is back not with its band Gillan ( 9albms released from 1976 to 1982) but he's back under his own name. He 's released 2 album sbefore : 'Naked Thunder' & 'Toolbox'. 'Dreamcatcher' is his third solo effort.  Don't expect a copy of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath or gillan. Ian Gillan is here ot let all of his musical influences burstin' out. As Deep purple cannot released all ideas he got, he did it in each of his solo effort. So, you'll find some hard-fusion song like 'hard on you', which begins the album. But this is not really in this style that Ian Gillan is at his best. When he sings blues song or country music like in 'You sold my love for a song' or 'that's why God is singing the blues' Ian Gillan is really impressive. He proves that he 's still an excellent singer & the one that creates a unique style, mainky copied! Facing blues song, there's also excellent rock songs like 'Sugar Plum' with an powerful guitars parts played by Steve Morris. If you listen carefully to all guitars parts, you'll see that sometimes it's very heavy . only arrangemetns & mix of the song makes it more commercial or less heavy than that he should have sounded. 'Gunga din' shows also another face of Ian Giullan . this song seems to have been taken from folklore. It's a good folk song with excellent vocals line like only Ian Gillan knows how to do. Teh last song is there to remain that Ian Gillan has listened to a lot of 60's osng. It's a 60's influenced ballad where Ian gillan sings like a crooner. In definitive, this album shows various faces of a heavy metal icon. It's also a proof that someone can be influenced by several styles without losing his soul in his own band. It's very interesting!


label : Axe Killer records - Style Hard rock- Album : Great Zeppelin - A tribute to Led Zeppelin

« Great Zeppelin » is the title of the new album of GreatWhite, the famous American band. But this album is some special because it 's also a live album & especially a tribute to Led Zeppelin, one of the precursors of the hard rock scene and one of the main influence of Great White. The task could have appearred arduous but Great Whitemakes itt with honors. Standards of Led Zeppelin are covered with a great talent and a mastery that testify the technical level of the musicians . Irreproachable , this live album, recorded in December 1996 and available in a luxe version is a testimony and a homage to the rock 'n' roll played by Led Zeppelin. Jack Russell confirms furthermore his scenic affluence. We all knew him as very skilled but he complety atonished r me by his capacities to sing to the perfection titles as « Stairway to heaven » or « No quarter ». And when the band get into a blues as on the magnificent « Since I've been losing you », a great shiver covers our spine. Led Zeppelin was indeed a great group but Great White demonstrates with brio and great class that it stays too as one of the most interessant band of the s American heavy rock scene. Only available on Axe Killer records, this album is essential to all those that adore Led eppelin, Great White or very good rock'n roll in general.

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