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Goldtrack records is a new Spanish company but it's also a really professional one.  Devoted to all kind of metal, from thrash to prog metal, this company will surely be on eo fthe most importnat one in Europe in the coming year. they've already achieved an excellent work in Europe.

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 Album : the time to be immortal -  Style : Melodic Death  Metal -
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L'excellent label goldtrack records nous délivre là une nouvelle perle de Death metal mélodique. Venu de nulle part, Deathless parvient sans soucià se démarquer de la masse. il faut dire que le groupe possède un son qui lui est propre(made in sulinght studio by Tomas Skogsberg). Deathless se détache de ses suiveurs en adoptant un son plus clair plus aigu, qui rappelera plus les groupes de heavy classique. De plus, avec un niveau technique plus élevé que  la moyenne, le groupe distille des riffs et des solos à faire frémir. Parfois, le groupe nous ramène aux débuts d'Helloween, période Walls of jericho. Le groupe possède cette flamme, cette vigueur qui fait mouche lors de l'écoute de cet album. Deathless est un nouvel espoir du Death metal, assurément un groupe à suivre et à encourager.


Album : 1999 -  -  Style :  Heavy metal

Everybody have already heard about Goldtrack records. This Spanish company has become in a few years a huge référence in the metal business. Is Pain is their new sign. This Spanish band has been formed in the late 90ís. After some demos, the band get the opportunity to share the stage with Stratovarius in Madrid. Then, they continue to do intense rehearsals before the recording of « 1999 ». Recorded in Spain, this album has been mixed by Timo Tolkki himself (Stratovarius) & mastered by Mika Jussila. These first elements are maybe suffisant to prove you that Is Pain is really an interesting band. But I think you need a little bit more !
So, at first, itís obvious that this is a melodic metal band. But Is pain is not really a progressive one. The band works a lot on simple but efficient structure. Then, itís not long time song, but it has been condensed to the esesntial. Based on melodies, the band kept powerful guitar parts, created & composed by the excellent Paco Agra. Heís both exhibit & agile. This is a brilliant guitar player that will soon become one of the most famous one in Europe, thatís for sure ! More, with an excellent singer that found great melodies, thereís no doubt that each songs get this unique touch. Thus, this kind of album remains in memory for a while. The next step is probably teh stage & itís sure that intense touring is the only thing that needs Is Pain, because musically speaking, the band gets really nothing more to prove. Remember their name !


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Album : Xura -   Style :  Gothic Heavy  metal

Ruination is back after a promising first album. Now that the band was strongly awaited, everybody expects the best from these fine musicians. After  a long intro, everybody can be satisfied, Ruination makes no changes & just gets a natural evolution. As soon as "Souls on fire" starts, it's piece of evidence that Ruination makes the good choice. The sound is perfect, the songs are very good blending entertaining parts with glommier ones. Ruination could be compared to old Paradise Lost in the past, but nçow, the band has developed its own way of making music. Aggressive vocals, soft ones, guitar melodies are elements that give the baiss to this music. With excellent vocals line, Ruinatin proves that a abnd can be both extreme & melodic. "Xura" overcomes "Visionary Breed". it's their best piece to date.


Album : Equilibrio - Label : Goldtrack records - Style : Power groove metal

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Goldtrack is now a well known company which released very good independent & undergroudn bands from every style : progressive , Heavy gothic, power thrash & now what belong to the modern metal scene. Skunk D.F. is one of them. Having a very powerful face, Skunk D.F. can also become more melodic. To compare them, I'd say that Skunk D.F. looklikes a bit of Watcha, the frehcn groove band but with a more powerful & violent approach. That's why some songs will remain bands like Pantera, Sepultura or better Machine Head (Ultima Oportunidad") & next song will remain Korn, Infectious Grooves or Primus. There's absolutly no major weaknesses in this production. More, this kind of album can easily seduce a large range of audience because every one can find what he expects from a new band : a bit of musical classicism associated with a large part of originality. A last thing to convince you, this mix of various musical elements is really enriched by enlighted arrangement.


Album : Symmetry -Style : Power metal

This Spanish band was created in 1996. 3 years later, the band is signed on one of the most promising record company & is delivering one of th ebest power metal effort to date. Allison will strongly remain bands like Fight, Pantera, sepultura & all those brutal but melodic metal band. With a perfect production, allison features among the good surprises of this year. With excellent vocals parts which blends furious voice with more melodic one, Allison brings a lot of originality in this song (listen to the break part of the first song or the intro of the tittle track & its breal part which is rap influenced). Those who like heavy guitar parts will really be satisfied with victor Garcia's work. The bass parts are really heavy too & the drummer combines technical parts with powerful ones. Including a keyboard player ( which is quite discreet), Allison proves brilliantly their incredible evolution since their beginning. Like Gooseflesh ( which were signed on Goldtrack records & now on High Gain records like Pink Cream 69, Ö) Allison will probably get tons of deals proposed by bigger companies follolwing this impressive album. This is a really inventive & powerful music.


style : power thrash death - mCD : welcome to the suffer age - Interview

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« Gooseflesh features as one of the heaviest swedish bands unsigned yet! » thatís how i begun the presentation of the last demo released by Gooseflesh a few months ago ! Itís now past history ! Gooseflesh has been signed by Goldtrack records, one of the most promising record company from Spain. The bandís history is quite simple : Created in 1995/96, Gooseflesh had to wait its 4th demo to be signed. After « Gooseflesh », « The wraith », « glow » ( that was recorded by roberto Laghi, the producer that recorded B-Thong, Trnasport league, ...) & finally «welcome to the suffer age ». This last demo is now available in Cd format. The 5 songs are here & dnít worry about sound quality ! The demo had a killer sound & the mCD is quite better & clear ! Often compared to bands like Black Sabbath, Machine Head, Sepultura, Gooseflesh also appears in the sampler ĎSepultural feast - A tribute to Sepultura Ď. If youíre kind of strong & heavy guitars, weighty drums parts & powerful singer. Gooseflesh will surely kick your ass ! My favorite tracks remaisn « Seeds of terror », maybe one of the heaviest song they made. For me, Gooseflesh can easily be classified between Sepultura & Metallica. First one for powerful side, 2d one for having kept enough melodies in music. & itís certinaly because of this last point that Gooseflesh sounds so unique. Even if you get their last demo tape, you can order your own copy of this Cd to Goldtrack records, Ďcos Gooseflesh will surely become a major act in a few coming years.


Album : between passion & madness - Style : heavy prog metal - Interview

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Created in 1993, Overlife is a band composed of 6 members & it was at first a heavy metal project that evolve with the departure & arrival of new members. Formerly known under the name of Deathless, the band recorded « ideales muertos », a demo in which they put a lot of illusions. But, the band had to wait 1997 to get a solid line up. So, they decided to enter a studio again but not to record a demo. The aimwas to make the mos professional recording possible. It ends with « Between Pssion & madness », their first album . Goldtrack records was really intersted by this recording & so, they signed the band but meanwhile, Dethless changed its ame into Overlife. Overlifeís album can probably remain the same interest than Angra created with its first album « Angels Cry ». Iíd even say that Overlife can easily be compared to first Angraís appearance. At first, Overlifeís sound is pretty good & clear. Then, musically speaking, thereís a fantastic work made by guitars like on one of their best track « the last martyr ». Blending involving chorus, speed guitars parts as well as emotionnal acoustic ones, the work of the 2 guitarist is fully complete. Facing most progressive bands, Overlifeís song never sounds like a collection of riffs or parts even if all musicians in the band are really up to the average. Itís certainly because they were at first a heavy metal band. The singer use a large range of his voice , trying to diversify his vocals appearance. Backing vocals are really good too & they bring a lot to this richness music Overlife has to be classified between Rhapsody & Angra & itís sure that the band have all means to convince all fans of melodic & progressive metal. In 7 songs (including one intro & an outro), Overlife appears like a very promising band & maybe among the rare one in the underground able to compete with the most famous acts worldwide. Itíd be really a pity to ignore them so far !


Style power doom metal - Album : Visionnary Breed - Interview

Created in 1992 in Lithuania, Ruination evolved at first in a doom death metal before finding its unique style of music. In 1995, « Rest of Beauty » their first dmo received a great underground success , the band was invited to several important shows in their countries. But in 1997, Ruination wanted to reach a new level. Thatís why they went to the famous Abyss Studio with the famous producer Peterr Tätgren to record their first album. Itís after this recording that the band completed their line up with a permanent keyboards. Ruination is now composed of 6 members. Goldtrack records is really making a huge & fantastic work around its band. Itís sure that with so much qualities bands they signed, Goldtrack records will soon become a référence & a model for starting-young company. Ruination, their new sign is a real achievement. Itís impossible to say Ruination is a heavy metal band, a doom band, a power metal band or whatever else. The band takes elements coming from the whle metal scene & then they created their sound & style which is really unique. The most evident in Ruination Ďs music seems to be their membership to the heavy metal scene. The main riffs are strongly coming from this scene & itís really eniched by excellent solis & guitar melodies. Vocals are sometimes loud like in gothic music (« back of dreams ») but the singer uses differently his voice, depending to the effects he wants to create. Thatís why to this loud voice is often blended a more aggressive voice that could come from Paradise Lost . So, with such various elements described, maybe itís easier to have an ipression about Ruination. & with their excellent & totally professional recording, Ruination appears like one of the most awesome bands from Lithuania. With such an excellent debut album, Ruination with the help of Goldtrack records will certainly assert itself rapidly into the metal scene & convince a lot of people ( audience & some « biggest » record companies).

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