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1 Last time we made an interview, it was about the release of 'Welcome to the suffer age". What happened for you following this demo ?

Some of the songs from the demo “Welcome To Suffer Age” was picked to appear on different compilation albums, one being a compilation for Grinder magazine in Chile. Repulse records in Spain were producing this compilation. One of the A & R staff on Repulse was also involved in a new record company called Goldtrack so he took the song to them and they decided to offer us deal for two records. Gooseflesh (as usual) was in no hurry to sign so we agreed on putting out Welcome… as a mini-cd for a start.

2 it's so Goldtrack records that offered you a deal. Is it a long-term deal or just for a Cd reissue of your demo?

As I mentioned before they offered us a two full-length album deal, which we didn’t sign, so the contract with them is just for the mini-cd “Welcome To Suffer Age”.

3 Does this Cd contains new released tracks from the demo or is it just the same than the demo,

One of the songs “Suffer Age” is a new mix, a bit different from the one on the demo-tape. The rest of the songs are quite the same but with a lot better sound since we’ve been into a mastering studio and done total refreshment on the overall sound.

4 This mCd is now out since several months. What does it bring more to you than for the demo tape?

It has raised the interest for the band indeed. And we’re still seeing the result of that. We’ve been doing quite a lot of interviews both on radio on for a lot of zines and so on. More and more Metal fans are being aware of Gooseflesh and that’ll help us to reach out to more people when the full-length album sees the day of light.

5 What's now the future for Gooseflesh? If there's an album expected can you tell us more about it ( songs, release date, studio, ...)

We’ve just finished recording a full-length album with the working title “Chemical Garden” It’s been recorded in Oral Majority studios in Gothenburg with Roberto Laghi (B-thong, eleven pictures) as a producer. We’ve recorded 14 new songs on which probably 10 will make it to the final album. For the moment we’re looking for interested parties to put the record to the market. Some have shown interest but nothing is decided yet so I think it’s better to wait a little with more information on this matter. Anyhow we hope that the album will be out some time during the early spring. I think it’s one Hell of an album that will kick some serious ass.

6 What do you think about the work made by Goldtrack records to promote you?

I think Goldtrack has been great. I mean, they’re a small label and yet they have managed to promote the mini-cd in quite large numbers. All with color posters, photos etc. That is not usually common when we’re talking about a mini album. They have also been listening to the band when it comes to cover artwork and so on. In fact there’s was a personal friend to the band who made all the artwork. And the band management Phantom had a great say when it came to were to send material etc. So, great hails to Goldtrack and for that kind of people who has the heart in the right place.

7 A last word?

Just let us hope that we’ll be able to tour Europe in support of a new album. Then we will put our money where our mouth is.

/ Answers by: Tommy Scalisi Svensson

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