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Contact: GOTHIC / PO Box 60 / 9 rue A. Lahaye / 93170 Bagnolet - France

What's your main objective for the future? 

To continue in this way, since our "BCFEA"mCD, we are one of the most well known french death metal gangs in worldwde underground, so it's great, we hope our next CD "prelude to killing" will have same success around the world.

What's your main influences?

I don't really know, cos we're very old school. But we love techno, hip hop, classical, so I think our influences is a mix up of all these music styles & our fucking lifes there with criminality, pollution, & all this tension made us mad.

Gothic is definitly a brutal band. Do you think it's easy for your audience to remember songs? 

I don't know, cos when I meet a fan he says me "Whaoou! I love "ever free never die" or i like "beyond truth" ". SO i don't think, we try to have to most clean possible sound on our productions. Public is not wrong...

As some parts of your music are ultra speed & structures of the songs are often complex, how many time did it take to Gothic to create songs & to record it?

Well I don't think our music is so complex, with a lot of work, you manage playing so fast & brutal. Forr recording it's hard sometimes to reproduce your real live sound. So it takes the time, it takes sometimes long & sometimes short. But for our next CD, we thought do more audible songs & it takes us a long time to record it! & a biggest budget too!!

After a promising mCD which sold more than 1500 copies, the next step for Gothic is a sign with a record company or a full lengnth album ( or the 2!)?

To sign! We don't get a fuck with!!We want a total self control of our business, you know. We saw so bands be fucked by records companies...We don't want to live the same stories. For full lengnth CD i think about for 1998 or 1999. We prefer to do out a new mCD because we have a small budget. But we prefer to do out a mCD any years than to wait 2 -3 years for a full lenght CD"Prelude to Killing (the next mCD) is just for our fans & nobody else! For records companies, we work with them just for distribution & license, no more....

What's your opinion on the french sceene?

Boring appart some friends Inhumate, Scarve, Blockheads, Trponem pal, Execution, Droys. There's only trendies & mother fucking opportunists bands who want to sign with Holy records!!Fuck...

Review : "BCFEA":The band 's music is very brutal & the vocals are very loud, extremely grave. They call it "ultra brutal death core", i think it's a good definition of their style. If you like extreme music, as old Napalm Death (but with a better production), this band is really the one you need.
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