Contact: GOTHIC / PO Box 60 / 9 rue A. Lahaye / 93170 Bagnolet - France


1Youíve a new album no ? Can you present it ?

Itís a new world for us. Itís a new step. It was important to achieve it & i think that we do our best. This album contains 5 new trax, still recorded at our « mentorís pace » Didier Teillit at the ĎBout studiosí. Teh sound is, i would say, powerful & intense & for the songs itís all the same. We Ďre very proud of it & personally, i hope we get the recognize that we should have since our beginning. If itís not the case, itís not a problem, we will continue .... But itís true that this new Cd is really well worked.

2 What sort of differences do you make between the 2 albums ?

Itís like the day & the night !Itís ĎGothicí like we was before but fuckiní, iíd say, i donít know,thereís more réflexion in it, more mature. Teh factr we get a better budget than for ĎBCFEAí makes a lot...Itís diffucult to make an analysis but I think that thereís there a big & important evolution for us. I feel it, thatís all !

3 on this album , all is worked at its best : sound, but also the play of songs...

Yes, itís natural. We grow & we Ďve lived bad moments et now, like before we know that nothing can stop us. The work was hard. All these years we get bad problems...But it had helped us finally. Weíre proud of all our productions (4 ones). They all are representative of one period of our lives. Itís like a movie & with ĎPrelude to Killingí, itís a new episode....

4 When you look at your carrer, what do you see ?

6 years of experience, 4 recordings et a lot of headaches ! hereís too a tragical evolution.

5 On the album, it seems that the sound of the drums were sampled. Is it right ?

Yes & no in fact . As we wanteda very clean drums sound, we recorded on teh drums parts of Wax his parts with a numeric software. But the parts are Ďtrueí. Itís only new compositions of Wax which is one of the best drummer i met. Bands liek Fear Factory uses the same way to record their drums, i think.

6 In this new album, it seems that the influences of the band are nt larger than before, from Paradise lost to grind core, ...

Yes, itís all of that in the same time. Weíve always listened to a lot of differents music ; from Reggae, hip hop, traditionanl music, ... &itís true that all of these music can influence us & especially their surroundings. I have a lot of friendds that isten to Rap & they Ďve learnt me a lot of things... »BCFEA » was made for us to be known. « Prelude » has been created to assert ourselves ! OK ?

7 Do you have some projects, now ?

Some projects ? We donít do one anymore. Teh beginning is really positibve & for what will arrive, weíll see. Before we used to be speed & to always want all as fast as possible. Now, we still have this hateful, this rage & we still care about & the recognize of teh underground scene is the best we can have. Weíre not this kind of bands created for record companies. You see what I mean ? The main important is to sell enough to do another record another one, ...Thatís all, itís the only project, to continue ....

8 With time, what do you think of « BCFEA » ?

« BCFEA » was really important for us after our 2 first demo tapes, it was like a burst. WE thought it was possible to come but we donít thionk we cold sell thousands of CDís. Weíre really proud of « BCFEA »We had nothing, we took some risks & we won. It was really exciting.

9 Do you search for distribution & where ?

Of course, we still search for some, even if we find some distrition everywhere. & if therís a possibility for us to be distributed in the planet Mars, itíd be cool !But contact us to work with us. Weíve got really interesting prices for companies & little distributors.

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