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MUST HAVE MUSIC c/o Jym Harris PO Box 69351 Portland, OR 97201

Here's a new US company. Their first release is a reissue of a 80's standard. The ban dis called Sacred Child . It should be surprising if you've not heard of this band before. Chuck Rosa, the guitar player- producer worked in the past with LA Guns, Vinnie Vincent, Laaz Rockit, ...

E mail : harmst@snowcrest.net - musthavemusic@uswest.net


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DoubleAlbum : Vengeance i smine / shock the world - Style : Speed metal

Must have Music has got the good idea to reissue the 2 albums of Cruella which were originally released in 89 & 90 by CLM in Germany. Cruella was playing speed metal in the early 90's. But trend was more into death metal, so Cruella has disappeared despite evident qualities. At first, guitar player is really intesting. He plays fast & makes good technical & craziness solos. Then, the singer is melodic with a high pitched voice which can sometimes becomes very aggressive. Of course, Cruella hasn't create something new but it plays its metal with a lot of conviction. Their second album doesn't show a big evolution but the sound is much more heavier & Cruella changes more its tempos, from mid ones to speed ones. For those that like heavy & speed metal, Cruella is maybe a really good invest, provided you like reissue albums. The recent sucess of bands like Hammerfall, Nocturnal Rites, Ö proves that the interest into this music still exists.

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Style : Heavy rock- Album : Sacred Child

E mail : harmst@snowcrest.net

Here is the reissue in Cd of the album of Sacred Child , originally released by Black Dragon, the French label, in 1987. This reissue is made by Harm Street records. One can tell that this company has done it very well. Because,teh company has not only released the same version of the vynil in CD, they added bonus tracks : 7 titles with the original singer of the group : David Reece (ex Accept, Stream, ...). These songs had been recorded by the originel line-up and had to be released by a company. But ahead the delay taken with the label that was concerned in the period, David Reece has preferred to qui t the band & to start a solo carrer! Then, the group had found a new singer whose particularity is notably to be the sister of Neil Young ! Musically speaking, Sacred Child evolves in a style close to Heavy rock, & it sounds very melodic. Astrid Young, the singer, has got a beautiful vocal organ ( on the contrary of her brother !) and she uses it as wonder as possible. Chuck Rosa proves to be a very gifted guitarist ( he is also a famous & fine producer! He had worked with bands like LA Guns, Vinnie Vincent, Lazz Rockit, ...). It is sure that the success of a group as Guns & Roses must have been a problem for young bands like Sacred Child. It is sure that the group was mainly compared with it. Songs sung by David Reece have not apparently been remastered and it sounds older ( especially for the snare drums). If one compares the 2 chants, it is necessary to admit that the 2 versions are excellent ! David is indeed an exceptional singer, with an undeniable charisma, but Astrid Young isnít the one that will imitate David! On the contrary, she gives to songs another dimension, she sometimes brings them a different color. And by moments, the difference between 2 voices is practically null ! To conclude, pieces as « Wagons of fire», «Electric Thunder» or again «Alive in steel» can always be listened to with a lot of pleasure ! it is easy to criticize this style of music, but, it is necessary to be honest ! The good songs never become old & out of time ! The majority of the songs of this album are a flagrant proof of it!

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