Contact: band Adress : Eddystone - 39 Rue Henri Martin - 94 200 Ivry sur seine - France -

Label : Alain ricard / 5 rue de Lixy / 89140 Villethierry - France tel / Fax : 33 3 86 66 51 41

Web site : http ://www.id-net.fr/musea or see my presentation of only Brennus productions

E Mail : Brennus.hardrock@wanadoo.fr


>1 Can you describe your album? 

1 Taling about the content of this first album, it could doubtless be classed as Prog/FM/Hard rock. If it seems a little narrow to us, that's the way columnists often brand our music. The album contains 11 tracks, engineered & mixe in our own professionnal studio, what have allowed us full scope to experiment all kinds of arrangements, orchestrations & mix...

>2Did you recorded some demo tapes before being signed? How do you explain the fact that the band has get a contract "so fast"?

2 It didn't seem so quick to us, indeed..; Hauteville wa born in 1994..a firs "calling card"/maxi single CD has been released in 1995, giving rise to good feedbacks from music magazines, radios, etc...but not enough, anyway, to prompt any record company to offer a deal. 

Hence, we decided to go further by ourselves, creating our own society (Eddystone) in 1996 which operates the studio & everything concerning the band. Didier (keyboards)who is producer, managed to oversee recording, & mixing the eleven songs with all of us...We took the time to get the biggest top-rated sound, what seems defining to us from the moment we knew the CD would be marketed in the record counters, between Hugues (Glenn), Heart, Honeymoon suite , & so!!!

We've worked with professionnals for photographs, booklet design & funded the record manufacturing. With the whole package, we met Alain Ricard (Brennus records) who had already got the maxi CD in 1995 & who had seen the band on theArapaho's stage.

Actually, between the creation of the band & the album's issue, 4 years have gone by...

>3 What are your influences ? 

3 Miscelleanous, wether you talk with VIncent, Laurent, Lydie, Cyril, Didier or myself. There's an obvious "metal" bedrock in Hauteville's music (even if it affects mainly some of us) : we like Aerosmith, King's X, Queensryche, etc. But other bands, too, who's repertoire, if not branded as pure raw metal, is not so remote from that music : Queen, Yes, Rush, Toto, Saga, Journey, Mister mister. & at last, all of us do like many of non metal artists , such as Seal, Cocteau Twins, Peter Gabriel, Tori Amos, King Crimson, Laurie Anderson, etc, etc...

>4 What are your goals with this album ?

4 Moving forward. To my -immodest- opinion, this album is a really good one, with good compositions & big sound...Nevertheless, given the means available to promote this album, & the narrowness of the market for that type of music, it would be illusive & conceited to hope we could win , right here & now, mass audience appeal. thus, we view this album as a milestone. 

>5 On Brennus recods, what is the band that you really like more & why?

5 Hauteville!...for the good reason we don't know the other bands. the opportunities to meet , in clubs or festivals, or so...other bands in the same kind of music are much too few in France to allow a true "french scene" to rise up. The 2 groups we've played with & keep in touch are Jannylee & Cafeine, a progressive rock band. 

>6 What are the best french bands, those that have the most impressed you?

6 Trust, as far as I'm concerned, but I think that most of the french bands that can have impressed us are out of the "metal" family : L'affaire Luis trio, Les Innocents,for melodies & arrangements, etc...

At first hand, & as a guitar player, I did like the last albums of Patrick Rondat & Rudy Roberts.;;I think these 2 guys have really outdistanced the cloning level, the "would-like-to-be" syndrom...

>7 the trend is now to reissue albums. Your opinion?

7 Fine!...there are so much old records you love & only owe in the vynil versions! It would be a pity not to be allowed to enoy the better features of moderne HI-HI technology & to miss out on remastered CD sound.

The music fans ans enjoy it, & record companies' income increase. On the flip side, that focus on the "oldies" can lead the music industry to neglect searching for new artists & it could wind up eventually in weakening the musical creation. The spurt of "compilations of compilations" is maybe one of the first hardbingers of that trend.

>8 Do you have some coming projects or a carreer plan that is already defined ?

8 No, it would be conceited to say so...It depends so much on the magazines & radios reaction, on the sales scores of the album in France & abroad, on our ability to tour, on people you can meet, etc...You know, sometimes a DJ that plays one of your tracks can change the fate of the band.

That's why our vision is restrained to short term...trying to play live on thenext months, while preparing the next album...Several new songs are already well on the way...

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